P2-4 Life Skills

Now is a great time to teach your kids about the world outside of school and clubs. Please take this opportunity to promote activities that will help them in everyday life, for the rest of their life. Important life skills – like how to put the washing on and make parents a snack!

It helps everyone at home in these challenging times and it teaches them to be more independent – win, win.

Ideas for some life skills  activities are:

(flexible timings)


At your own discretion!

RRS Project

Miss P has set children an RRS project. This has been posted under files in the Microsoft Teams page. Learning about rights teaches children how to protect themselves and others – an excellent life skill.


I know lots of parents cook with their children already as the kids love telling me about it when they do. Get them to help with tea, maybe try a “ready steady cook” challenge, bake if you can or maybe start a family recipe book.

Touch Typing

We have been doing some touch typing in school. This helps children build up their keyboard skills. The kids love it, it is really beneficial and it keeps them focused. Computer based skills are going to be even more important going forward so it is good practice.  I know some pupils may not have access to a keyboard at home so this is just a suggestion. 

Dance Mat Typing

Health/Fitness Project

Going forward we are going to be creating a “lasting health legacy” at Brydekirk Primary School through Aldi. Something to look forward when the kids get back to school! It would be great if the kids achieve a goal in relation to this. I suggest children set themselves a fitness goal to achieve and keep a record of how they are working towards it.

Some examples could be –

  • Learn a healthy recipe off by heart
  • Be able to do X keepy uppies.
  • Be able to do a push up from toes.

It is up to you.