P2-4 Free Choice

I encourage pupils  and parents to have some choice in choosing what they want to learn about.

Whether that be trains, horses, football, medicine, animals, orienteering, farming or dinosaurs! Pupils learn best when they are interested in the subject and I’m sure parents have some great knowledge and skills they can share with their children.

I have provided suggestions for activities in art, music, religions/cultures, French and STEM as this is what we would normally cover in school.

This may change in the coming weeks to more specific ideas with structured guidance from myself however at the moment I am leaving it to open interpretation.

If you have a specific thing your child would like to learn about and  you would like some guidance please email and I will try my best to offer any advice.

Art (30min – 60min)

Activity Village 

Pinterest – search for “arts and crafts kids”

French (about 20mins)


French with Alexa – The children have been using this in French lessons.

Our current topic is pets/animals and next term we are focussing on food.

Music (20min-60min)

Classics for kids 

Get the kids singing their favourite songs, practicing any instruments they have or share with you what they have been learning with Miss Davis!

Religions/Culture (approx. 30min)

Twinkl – Search RME

The School Run – Religion

BBC Bitesize  

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) (approx. 30mins)

Get your kids building at home – use lego, blocks or whatever they have available.

Barefoot – great for “unplugged” activities. Getting kids to use STEM skills without sitting on a computer.

Scratch – create stories, games and animations using code.

Tynker – programming made more easy