P5-7 Holiday Homework

Today is the last day of a busy first term.

After discussing Holiday Homework, here are some ideas:

Reading: library books have been issued.

Tin Whistle: 2 new tunes have been issued to any class members interested.

Otherwise, we discussed doing something related to any places you visit, for example a diary or journal. Anything Nonsense related would be fine, for example writing and illustrating a story using characters from a Nonsense poem. As ever anyone else who wants to work on their own project should do so and all work can be presented on the first week back. Of course those who want to set themselves a challenge on iXL or anything else should go for that too.

Make sure you have a good break too and enjoy your holiday.

Mr Archibald

End of a Session

We’ve reached the end of a very busy year.

The P7s ended with a trip to Carlisle and were fab as they have been all year. Good luck P7, I’ll miss you all.



One last thing, holiday homework:

Reading: do a book study.

Maths: try to complete the IXL progress board (prizes will be awarded).

Anything related to topics covered this year: Microorganisms, WW1 and WW2, Electricity, Programming Micro:Bits.

Keep a nature/experiment/holiday diary.

And the usual: something about anything or vice versa.

Do something that you want to do and use your imagination and creativity.

As usual, we’ll share these when we get back.

Have a great summer!

Mr A





Last day of last session

It seams like a dream now however here are some pics from the last day of last session. Bird Spotting in the morning, a round of golf on our own course (see design video below) in the afternoon, some final awards and the usual farewells to the P7s.