It’s the Summer Holidays

A final post to say that our school and my P5-7 class are finished for this session.

We had a Leaving Ceremony on Tuesday and the P7s and Staff came into the playground on Thursday, our last day, and said goodbye.¬†When putting together the videos for the Leaving Ceremony I thanked all our staff, however this was all cut as the video was running too long. I managed to pass my thanks onto some staff but for the others I’d like to just say a big thanks for all your help this year to Mr Wylie, Maureen, Tracy and also our volunteers Mr Fitzgerald, Ms Fisher and Mrs Gow.

I’d also like to thank the Parent Council and the Parents in general. Never have schools asked you to do so much.

Finally, I’d like to thank my class. Once again it has been a privilege to teach you all. Since lockdown it’s been an enormous challenge to try to continue education provision. There have been some extraordinary efforts made here, well done. I like a challenge and have never worked harder and am now pleased to be on holiday. I’m going to switch off the tech and try to recharge my batteries for next session.

I hope everyone gets a break. I’ve missed you all and am looking forward to seeing everyone safe and well in August.

All the best!

Mr A



Thanks also for the very kind gifts given to the staff.

Author: Mr Archibald

P4-7 Primary Teacher, Brydekirk Primary

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