Chapter 27 The Caged Man

AA Ch27

If you enjoyed Amazon Adventure why not continue Hal and Rogers’ adventure in the rest of the series of books.

To mark the end of Amazon Adventure and the last week of the holidays, I’d like to set a competition for any members of P4-7 (including Teri, Callum etc.), that want to enter, here it is:

Create any piece of work about Amazon Adventure (book review, cartoon, your own story about the boys, drawings, paintings or indeed anything else you can think of – book jacket, play), using paper and pencil, pens, computer, yourself or whatever you need, and the most impressive and imaginative wins:

Ledopard Adventure, released last month from a new writer taking up the story in the 21st century.

Good luck!

Author: Mr Archibald

P4-7 Primary Teacher, Brydekirk Primary

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