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We are currently trialling a Maths website with some of our pupils for the next month. Letters have been sent home with an explanation, username and password. Please see the link below or in Useful Links on the right of the page.

http://uk.ixl.com appears to be a fun way to practise Maths, and allows pupils to log in at home or at school. The questions and problems are clearly presented though do allow you, if required, to have parts read out, and if you get them wrong it tries to help you. It also keeps a note of how pupils are doing and rewards them as they progress.

As a teacher I would envisage using this to practise and revise previous topics, in class and potentially at home – though only where access is permitted. In time, I think parents could log in with their child and see how they are doing in the different areas.

If IXL proves to be a hit, for all involved, and not a one night wonder, then we’ll need to look at funding. Watch this space.

Mr Archibald

Author: Mr Archibald

P4-7 Primary Teacher, Brydekirk Primary

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