PC Easthill Visit

PC Easthill came to visit Primary 1 – 3 to talk about road safety.  Here is a message from PC Easthill, some photos and reports of the visit:

Recently I have been giving Road Safety Inputs to P1-P4 and it was brought to my attention that in some, not all, cases that our young people are being transported in family cars without proper use of booster seats/seat belts. May I remind you that a failure to use these items correctly is an offence which may cost you dearly, not just financially, but also emotionally should something occur whereby a young person is seriously injured as a result of not using them correctly.

Even if it is just “Doon the road” please ensure we use booster seats and seat belts as the kids are yours and we need to keep them safe in all aspects.

PC 461 Stephen Easthill

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