A couple of the children found stones in the garden. They brought them inside and decided they would like to decorate them. Other children thought this was a good idea and joined in too.

A few children have been exploring different forms of construction problem solving to make their towers and models balance.

Georgie sorted the blocks into colour groups pointing to and identifying each colour.

Kiera is beginning to make patterns with the blocks following and copying pictorial instructions.

A couple of children have been investigating different media which can be used to make marks.


In Bubble B, the children have been continuing to explore the Bear Hunt story. This week they went on a bear hunt in the garden retelling the story in their groups.


They learned about the word under this week. In the garden they travelled under different pieces of apparatus.


This week, some of the children have shown interest in learning more about what dinosaurs eat. They have been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and have been sorting dinosaurs into these groups.

Oscar has been setting up the house with the furniture making a plan of where everything should go and engaging in role-play using the people figures.

Ayva used different parts of a flower to create a piece of transient art.

A group of children used Duplo to create towers and measure these against the dinosaurs comparing sizes and developing their counting skills by counting how many blocks high the dinosaurs were. Others used the blocks to create their own models.

In Bubble A, they are continuing to read the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Due to this, they have been learning more about planting in the garden. They have taken on greater responsibility for looking after the plants and their garden.


A group of children have also shown interest in learning more about bugs finding these in the garden and learning more about them by exploring books.

A group of children continue to show interest in learning more about space. This week they have been exploring this in different ways including learning about the solar system doing puzzles and learning how to use a telescope.

Freddie and Jaye worked together to create a model using the magnetic shapes.

Sophie has shown great concentration and control when using scissors this week.

Fatimah has been working with others to make playdough following pictorial instructions.  She moulded the playdough to make different models.

A few children have been using the computer to learn more about shapes and develop their counting and number recognition skills through games.

Big Noise music sessions

Usually the children participate in Big Noise music sessions in nursery but unfortunately the team are unable to come in to nursery at the moment. They have some videos of their music sessions which you can participate in with your child by accessing the link below and typing in the password or you can go to the Big Noise Douglas Facebook page where they post the videos every Friday at 11am.


Password:  BNDnursery

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