In the garden, the children continue to develop their gross motor skills through jumping and moving equipment in different ways.

Hallie and Reggie recognised their photos on the wall showing what they have been learning.


A few children have shown interest in exploring stories.

A group of children have also shown interest in the animals problem solving to fit these into the right spaces.


This week, the children in Bubble A started their new ABC and beyond story Jack and the Beanstalk. This week they were learning about the word sell meaning something you give in exchange for money.

In Bubble B, they continued to read We’re going on a bear hunt. This week they learned about the word over meaning on top. In the garden the children were going over different pieces of equipment and using the word over in their play.

This week we had a delivery of tyres to the nursery. A few children in bubble B have been using these in different ways. Some have piled them up and climbed on top of them whilst others have created tunnels or rolled them around the garden.

Lyall was comparing the heights of different towers of tyres and counting how many tyres were piled on top of the other.

In Bubble B, they have also started to do some planting this week. They talked about what plants need to grow and learned how to plant flowers and some vegetables. They are taking on responsibility for watering the plants.


A few children have shown interest in mark making and sharing books with one another.

This week the children received a letter telling them SHANARRI octopus would be joining our nursery looking out for all the kind things we do. Harley and Jude noticed an octopus picture had appeared on the wall one morning. They looked at the picture and talked about it together.

In Bubble A, they have been checking on their plants making sure they water them and observing and discussing any changes they have noticed.

Some of the children have been developing their skills in counting and recognising numbers by playing games on the computer and using calculators.

A group of children continue to show an interest in space. They have been exploring books and puzzles and learning about different aspects of space. They have taken this into the creative area  making models to represent planets and rockets. Through this they have learned new vocabulary about space.

In the garden, a few children have been exploring construction in different ways . They have built up towers and used blocks as apparatus to jump off.

They have also been investigating and mixing different materials observing and discussing what happens.

Freddie has shown a great interest in building castles. He has revisited this daily building the castle in different ways adding additional features and details.

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