A few children have shown interest in cooking pasta in the home corner.

To develop this further, the children learned how to create their own sauce and added this to some cooked pasta. They watched as it was cooked in the microwave then they had the opportunity to taste it.

A few of the children have shown interest in gardening.

This week they have planted seeds which they will look after and watch them grow.

They have also been developing their physical skills by riding on the new balance bikes and ball skills.

A few children have been exploring loose parts using their imagination and building with blocks.

Both indoors and out, a few children have been mark making with paint on different surfaces.

A couple of children have also been exploring different materials using their senses.

The children are developing their independence skills when tidying up by matching objects to pictures.



This week, the children in Bubble B started their new ABC and beyond story- We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

This week the children were learning about the word wavy. In the story the family had to go through the long wavy grass on their bear hunt. A few children have been using the wavy scissors to cut paper whilst others have followed wavy lines using straight scissors.

In the garden, some children have been following wavy lines by travelling over them in different ways. Others have used chalk to create their own wavy lines.

A few children continue to show interest in exploring magazines and catalogues. Together with others, they discuss their likes and dislikes.

In the home corner, children have been developing their independence skills by cutting up potatoes and vegetables.

Here are some of the children putting their skills into practice as they have lunch together.

A few children have been developing their finger and hand muscles by using pumps for painting. They mixed together different colours predicting and investigating what colour it would make.

There has been a continued interest in digging this week. A few children said they were digging tunnels to their house. They created their own maps showing how they would get to their house from nursery.

We had a delivery of bark to the nursery this week which we are going to use to enhance the nursery garden. A number of children showed great interest in watching the bark being delivered and were keen to learn how the machinery was operated.

A group of children took on responsibility for developing the music area in the garden. They shared their ideas together and found and created different objects which make sounds. They problem solved to get these to attach to the fence using string and cable ties.

A number of children have shown interest in using tools. This week children have been using the hammer and screwdriver working with wood. We talked about the importance of safety and how to hold tools to make them easier to use.

As some children have shown an interest in learning how things work, we also investigated padlocks and keys. Children engaged in problem solving as they tried keys in different locks and worked out how to unlock and release the padlocks from the wire rack.


Big Noise music sessions

Usually the children participate in Big Noise music sessions in nursery but unfortunately the team are unable to come in to nursery at the moment. They have some videos of their music sessions which you can participate in with your child by accessing the link below and typing in the password or you can go to the Big Noise Douglas Facebook page where they post the videos every Friday at 11am.


Password:  BNDnursery

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