Learning at home 1.2.2021

  • Ensure you are having fun with your child whilst learning.

  • Children learn through interacting with you and other members of the family.

The activities down below are all ideas if you need them. Remember to always follow your child’s lead and interests. If you have an idea for learning at home, we are always looking for new ideas.


1. Another Julia Donaldson story your child might like is ‘Room on the Broom’.
2. When you are outdoors with your child, listen for different sounds. Ask your child what can they hear? Can they hear the wind, a bus, the birds? Help your child to identify what it is they are hearing.
3. Encourage your child to put their clothes/pyjamas/coat on themselves. Give your child time to problem solve and give them clues without intervening.
4. At bedtime give your child plenty of cuddles and discuss your day together using feelings. What made your child happy today? What made your child sad? How else did they feel throughout the day? What was the best bit about today? What could have made today better?
 5. Throughout the week gather some of your empty food containers such as cardboard boxes, milk jugs, packets, toilet roll holders and anything else you can find. Together, encourage your child to use their imagination to create a model of their choice.
If you can send in photos to the nursery of the learning at home you are doing, our email is:
If you are unsure how to send photos to our email or how to attach the photos, phone or text Sasha on 07717807916 for guidance.
Please try and follow our Twitter page @StPiusXPSDundee for updated guidance and additional information.

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