In the water tray, a few children have been investigating different containers filling them up and pouring them out observing the water travel in different ways and transporting it from one container to another.


George has continued to explore fire fighter role-play in different ways.


In the garden, a couple of children used the blocks to create their own fire engine. They used hula hoops to represent steering wheels.

Some children have been developing their cutting skills using scissors to cut different materials.

A couple of children have been developing their fine motor skills through threading activities. 

A group of children played a listening game where they had to listen to the instruction and select the right picture putting it in the right place.


This week in ABC and beyond one group started to focus on a new story- The Elves and the Shoemaker. This week they were learning about the word stitch.

The other group have started to read a book about coronavirus. This week they were learning about the word virus.

A group of children have shown a real interest in floating and sinking selecting different objects both indoors and outdoors and investigating whether they float or sink.

In the garden, this group investigated the size of splash different objects made trying to find the object which made the biggest splash.

The interest in shapes has continued this week. Joshua used his checklist to identify shapes in the other garden. He noticed the puddle was a circle so he ticked this on his shape checklist.

Other children used the shape cards matching these to different items in the garden.

Other children have used shapes to create pictures and build towers.

A number of children have been exploring different materials for building creating different models.

Freddy built a jungle for the wildlife animals.

A group of children used loose parts to create their own picnic.

A group of children have shown a real interest in using clay and play dough to create a range of models. They have worked together to make the play dough and used a range of loose parts and herbs.

In the garden, a group of children went on a scavenger hunt to find some animal figures. The children extended this themselves finding other items within the garden and counting how many objects they had collected.

In the home corner, a few children have been engaged in cafe role play taking turns to serve food and be a customer.

This group of children worked together to transport water from one place to another.

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