A few of the children continue to show a real interest in firefighter roleplay.

They used paint to print and create imaginary fires.

Some children collected leaves from the garden and also used pumpkin seeds to create their own works of art. 

Logan has shown interest in roleplay in the home corner.

Some of the children used loose parts to create an obstacle course for them to move around the room.


Some of the children have shown a real interest in numbers. They have been trying to identify numbers and put them in order. They have also been hiding them around the garden for others to find.

Joshua noticed some of the shapes on the signs inside and outside of the nursery. Other children began to show interest so they have been drawing shapes and going on shape hunts around the garden using their checklists.

They have continued this interest inside playing shape and pattern games on the interactive board.


A few children have set up their own cafe in the home corner taking orders and serving food.

Harley has been comparing the weight of different household items.

A group of children were exploring chalk outside using brushes to spread the chalk to create their own fireworks.

In Word Aware group the children have been learning about the word empty. Lyall showed us an empty basket he found in the nursery.

In Numeracy group time, children have been playing games which help them to practise counting and recognise numbers and shapes.

A few children have shown an interest in building their own tracks for the trains to travel on. They have been problem solving to make sure the train can move all the way around the track.

In the garden, a number of children have been investigating the sand adding water to it to change the consistency of the sand. Some of them have been building sandcastles.

A few children have been exploring the clay developing their fine motor skills as they mould it in to different creations.


In the water area, some children have began to show an interest in floating and sinking observing and discussing what happens when they put different objects into the water.

Danny and Aarron were using the measuring stick to measure how tall they were. They then transported it around the garden to measure different items. They looked at the numbers recognising those they know.

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