5 activities you can try with your child this week 15.6.2020

  1. Click on the link below to listen to the story the bus is for us by Michael Rosen and Gillian Tyler. You can pause the video throughout and encourage your child to talk about what they see and what is happening. At the end you could ask your child what way they would like to travel the most from the ideas in the book. Listen to the story again if they can’t remember.
  1. Today’s story is all about enjoying going on the bus. Ask your child what does a bus have? Give your child an example ‘the bus has wheels, what else does a bus have?’ Sing the wheels on the bus together.  Encourage your child to say what could come next in the song e.g. the wipers, the doors, the horn, the driver etc.
  1. In nursery we do teddy time. We lie down, close our eyes and listen to some soft music to help us relax with a teddy placed on our tummy. When we do this our imagination can take us to different places. Like all the places they went to in the story, I wonder where your imagination might take you today. Click on one of the links below and encourage your child to close their eyes and lie down listening to the music. Play the music for a minute or two then pause it and you can talk about what you both imagined yourself doing whilst you had your eyes closed. You may find other relaxing music on Youtube.
  1. Play a feelings game together. Focus first on happy and sad. Show your child a happy face and ask them to show you their happy face. Now show your child a sad face. See if your child can show you their sad face. Talk about what makes you feel happy and what makes you feel sad. Encourage your child to do the same. If your child understands the concept of happy and sad you may want to explore worried and angry with them.
  1. Support your child to continue to develop their independence skills by putting the dishes away.


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