Activities you can try with your child this week 8.6.2020

  1. Click on the link below to listen to the story Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann together. You can pause the story and encourage your child to talk about the characters and what is happening.
  1. Talk to your child about included. INCLUDED is one of our SHANARRI words. At the start of the story Leaf the polar bear was not included by the other animals as they thought he behaved in a strange way. Talk to your child about how they can make others feel included at home or in nursery.
  1. Talk to your child about their likes and dislikes. Play a game to find out what they like the most. You could get them to go to one side of the room for one option and the other side of the room for the other option. Do you like playing inside or playing outside the most? Do you like pizza or chicken nuggets the most? Do you like Paw Patrol or PJ masks the most?
  1. Set time challenges to complete together. This could include who can stand on one leg for the longest, who can run on the spot the longest, who can stay quiet for the longest etc.
  1. Support your child to develop their fine motor skills. Encourage them to help clean the counter top or table.
  1. If you can take your child to a local green space, practise throwing and catching with a ball, a pair of socks or anything you can find in your home. When speaking to your child model language such as ‘my turn’ and ‘your turn’. If there is siblings taking part use their name for their turn also.

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