5 activities you can try with your child this week 1.6.2020

  1. Click on the link below to listen to the story Goat’s coat by Tom Percival and Christine Pym together. You could pause the video or at the end talk about the kind of character Goat is.
  1. Talk to your child about Respected. Respected is one of our SHANARRI words. In the story Goat shows great respect to the other animals helping them out and looking after them. In return they show respect to him by helping him out. We often talk about respecting our resources at nursery and each other. Encourage your child to respect their toys at home by putting them back where they belong and respecting other people at home. Tweet us, email or text us and share examples of your child respecting their home and others they live with.
  1. Play a guessing game together which focuses on listening. Ask your child what animal might make the noises “woof, moo, meow etc”. Give your child clues so they can guess what you are thinking of. e.g., “it’s an animal with 4 legs and it goes woof.” You could use animals from todays story. If your child is able to, encourage them to give you clues about an animal. Take turns to give clues and guess the animal.
  1. Use plastic tubs, containers, cups or anything you can find in the house to fill up in the bath or when washing the dishes with your child. Demonstrate to your child what full and empty look like and what heavy and light may feel like whilst modelling language using the words full, empty, heavy and light. Take turns to do this together.
  1. Support your child to continue to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Whilst making your child’s bed encourage them to join in asking questions such as where does the pillow go? Do the buttons of the cover go at the top or the bottom of the bed?


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