The little explorers week 23

The little explorers enjoyed creating a den together and all going inside to sing some of their favourite nursery rhymes.

Oliver and Lyall experimented with the rope taking one end each, pulling it and following one another. They had to problem solve when it got stuck on parts of the garden.


Riley and Lyall enjoyed doing some digging.

Some children enjoyed taking part in the obstacle course developing their gross motor skills and balancing.

Lots of children enjoyed experimenting with sound using their voice to talk into a large empty metal tin.

Deryn enjoyed serving people food in the café.

Orlah and Riley enjoyed doing some mark making.

Some children enjoyed building with loose parts in the garden.

The children made their own sensory bottles choosing the colour they would like and practising their pouring skills.

They also enjoyed playing in the garden experimenting with water, bubbles, tubes and balls.


They also used soapy water to wash the wellies.

Some children enjoyed experimenting with paint using their hands and mixing two colours together.

They had great fun making their own smoothies.

Others also enjoyed playing in the sand.


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