The great adventurers week 21

This week the children’s ABC and beyond word was careful meaning watch out for any dangers. They were searching through pictures for anything they might have to be careful of.

In their groups children were focusing on counting out quantities and matching the quantity to the correct number.

The children have been focusing on a weekly social goal. Last week the focus was on joining in. Each group had a different activity to do and they had the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills.

The great adventurers enjoyed playing out in garden in the rain jumping in the rain puddles and using water to make their own puddles in other areas of the garden. They enjoyed being able to move freely between the two gardens playing with the little explorers.

Jessica showed an interest in water going down the drain.

Layla and Harrison did some great sharing keeping each other dry with the umbrella.

Other children enjoyed experimenting with the bungee cords roleplaying people getting stuck on a boat.

They experimented with different ways they could get out of the boat. Lewis tried to go under the cords and Riley tried to go over them.

The children had a visit last Friday from a police officer. She spoke to the children about keeping safe through the story she shared with them about yes or no. They also had the opportunity to ask any questions they had to find out more about the job of a police officer.

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