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Non Dalguise Happy Primary Sevens

Primary Seven who stayed at school during Dalguise Week working with Mrs. McKillop.
Monday morning a wet Monday morning we created a small community. Our learning outcome- I can select ideas and relevant information, organise these in an appropriate way for my purpose and use suitable vocabulary for my audience. The learning intention was to locate local amenities on our grid map using grid references using the success criteria as follows- work with a learning partner, name your island, create local services and amenities on your grid map. Set out out local services and amenities on our map. For example Brandon’s Isle of Sandy Grid Map- F4 Sandy School. Alas it was a wet playtime five of the Happy Sevens helped out in Primary One and two helped out in Primary Two. After morning break we visited the SFL room in the Annexe to discuss our next learning intention. Using the same learning outcome as mentioned above the learning intention is to make a Longhaugh Brochure to promote Longhaugh Primary School. Our success criteria is to discuss the aims and visions of our school and a walk around the school to look at the design of the building. Lay out of brochure also to be discussed. This will be continued all this week.

Day Two Tuesday’ Happy Sevens Sweet’, the happy group made a Banoffee Pie. The learning outcome was I enjoy eating a diversity of foods in a range of social situations. The group discussed eating at home, restaurants, fast food chains etc. Cleanliness and hygiene were also discussed. The recipe is as follows:

8oz Crunched Digestive Biscuits

5oz melted unsalted butter

Two large bananas

Two tins of condensed milk

1 pint of double cream

2ozs of castor sugar

Method: Add the melted butter to the crunched biscuits. Stir all together in a bowl. Place the mixture into a flan dish and smooth over with the back of a spoon. Allow to cool. Skin and slice bananas thinly. All these preparations are being done whilst two tins of condensed milk are in a pot of boiling water for an hour turning once in half the hour. Place the bananas into flan dish on top of cooled biscuit base. Once hour up, cool the tins of condensed milk under cold water, open tins and pour over banana and biscuit in flan dish. Cool in fridge. Then after 45mins whip double cream and add sugar and pipe onto cooled mixture. Add the remains of crunched biscuit to decorate.

In between baking the Happy Sevens went to Gym with Miss Crawford and myself. The apparatus was put out and here are some happy snapshots.

Day Three -Wednesday All School Assembly then our first visit to the new school library in the Annexe.’ Wow what a beautiful colourful library!’ as said by Brandon Birse. We sat on the colourful map of Fairy Tales and felt quite magical. We then discussed our Health and Wellbeing outcome-I know that friendship, caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships. As I develop and value relationships, I care and show respect for myself and others. The learning intention today was- How do I pay a compliment to someone? The sucess criteria was to use positive language -Your friend is wearing a shirt you like. What could you say using positive language? We made four compliments and noted these down in the booklet provided.

As it was a wet interval we helped out in the Primary Ones, Ryan and Brandon went to Mr Bluman’s class and read a story of The Wizard of Oz to Hollie. Caitlin and Aaron went to Miss Donaldson’s, they read number stories to the children. Aaron also helped the teacher to fix number sevens in the form of pipe cleaners. Chelsea and Jennifer helped Miss Bonar, they read Cinderella to the class. After morning break we returned to the library and discussed our healthy outcome of the day as mentioned above. We talked about respect and discussed and made rules on how to respect in the class, playground and out and about.

Then we talked about our new library and went to the listening centre and listened to the story The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss. We are really lucky to have such a lovely library, our class teacher, Miss Mackay, has made a beautiful art display around the room. Mrs Brady and her team have provided us with such a great resource.

Day Four- Thursday and it was sunny, no rain! Our learning outcome in Mathematics was I can use my knowledge of the sizes of familiar objects or places to assist me when making an estimate of measure. The learning intention was to go outside in the fresh air and use a metre trundle wheel and measure the distance around the school building and annexe building. The success criteria was to work with your learning partner, use the metre trundle wheel to count in regular intervals. Add the two distances together.

Chelsea and Jennifer went to Primary 3/4 to help out the children in the ICT suite and they proved to be of great assistance. After interval Brandon and Craig went to help Primary 3 in the ICT suite they were of great help to the younger children and used their ICT skills. The received two house points each. The rest of the Happy Sevens finished their brochure on Longhaugh Primary. Here is Aaron with his finished product-

Day Five -Friday the last day of our activity week with Mrs. McKillop. With our health and wellbeing outcome of the week and talking about health, hygiene and cleanliness the learning intention was to make to make Rocky Road Tiffin! The recipe and success criteria :

20 digestive biscuits crunched

4ozs of melted butter

4ozs of drinking chocolate

1 can of condensed milk

1 packet of marshmallows

Method: Melt butter and add condensed milk, drinking chocolate, crunched biscuit and marshmallows, stir into a thick paste. Mrs. Jenkins joined us for a stir of the mixture. Place mixture into dishes and smooth into an inch thick layer.

The boys Aaron, Craig and Brandon were called upon by SMT to help with some clerical duties.

We have had a lot of fun this week. We hope you enjoy reading about our week. We welcome back the rest of our class and our class teacher Miss Mackay. We thank Mrs. McKinney for allowing us to use her cooking facilities in the Jigsaw Room.

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