Wb 07/09/20


Robyn received star pupil for primary 7. She is the first star pupil of our P7 class.

In digital technologies Miss Smith has been showing us how to make virtual calls using teams. We have been coming up with idea for keeping in touch with the rest of the school without being in the same room. We have thought about having virtual assemblies. 

In maths we have been learning about mixed and improper fractions.  We have been converting mixed and improper fractions and drawing images to show how to represent fractions. Here is Ben and Millie trying to show an image of improper fractions.

In PE we have been working on our throwing and catching with Miss Smith, we have been trying out different ways of throwing to make the ball move the quickest possible way.

In topic this week we were learning about the layers of the ocean. We have discussed the names of all 5 layers of the ocean and spoke about why the ocean has layers.

WB 31/08/20

We were usign our skills to research the meanings of words that will help us have a deeper understanding about life in the ocean. We had to research about : Biodiversity. species, habitats and ecosystems. We then had to use those skills to create a PowerPoint presentation with transitions and animations.

In PE this week with Miss Smith we have been working on our throwing and catching skills. We played a game of rounders. This picture is Ollie making his first run to the base after hitting the ball really far.

This week we also took Literacy outdoor. Our short read ‘create something great’ we went outdoor to make a picture using natural resources. We had to create an image of a dog getting a haircut being held by his mother and his sister Ella.

In maths we have been looking at how to convert fractions to decimals that took some getting our heads around but we are getting much better at it. We are really enjoying numeracy we are learning different strategies to help us add and subtract with decimals.

WB 24.08.20

Primary 7 Have been exploring Oceans and Seas by learning what Biodiversity is. We have been linking our learning through digital technologies. We are researching using the internet to create a PPt that will include all the information ‘in our own words’ that we have found online.

In maths this week we started learning more about Fractions, we have been looking at simplify fractions. It was hard work remembering how to divide after being off for so long, but never fear we are amazing at it now after dusting the cobwebs off our times tables we are getting trickier fractions to simplify.




WB 17.08.20

After a very busy first week back to school Primary 7 have settled in great and have began to do some serious learning.

In maths this week we started off looking at decimals we learnt about place value using, tenths, hundredths and thousandths, we experimented using dienes materials to show what different decimals might look like. We looked at writing reading and drawing decimals to 1,2 and 3 decimals places.

In literacy we are exploring how to write acrostic poems, we though we knew exactly how to write an acrostic poem but Miss Smith said we had to have adjectives, similes and alliteration in our poem so we had to work a little harder to makes sure we had all the success criteria in our poems. As our topic is going to be about oceans and seas it’s only right that our poem has to have an ocean and sea theme.

In IDL we were learning about the names and locations of all the worlds oceans and seas. We worked with our learning partners to locate them approximately on a map then we worked as a class to find out exactly where thyey all are.

We have been learning to use Seesaw more to share our learning, here Kevin is using Seesaw, one of our activities was to show a reflection.

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