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Uniform Exchange now open!

To help promote sustainability and environmentally friendly behaviour we have set up this Uniform Exchange.

Please take what you need and exchange what you can. Uniform, clothing and costumes welcome!

We only request that donated uniform is washed.

The uniform exchange is open to all and located in reception

What’s on (Week Beginning 18th November)

This weeks events are:

Mon – Supper Club @3:15-5:15pm (All welcome)
Tues – Parent’s evening @ 3:30-6:00pm
Thurs – Parents evening @ 5:00 – 7:30pm
Friday – Badminton Leagues Final @ 12-2:30pm , Alloa Academy (Mr Foley organising).
Friday – P7AG Max in the Middle Parent Showcase at 11:15am.
All week – Book fayre and preloved book swap.
Thank you

This week in P3/4NM

Hi from all of us in P3/4NM!

In Literacy, we were writing instructions all about how to ride a bike.  We were being challenged to use more sophisticated language to hook the reader, so we were trying not to use First, Next, Then and Finally.  Instead, we used some different sentence openers …
– “Begin by holding the handlebars.” (Callan)
– “Don’t forget to put on your helmet.” (Emily)
– “Begin by sitting on the saddle.” (Nadia)
– “Don’t forget to put your hands on the handlebars.” (Hannah)
We were learning different spelling rules this week.  Some of us learned how to spell words with the ‘aw’ sound, some were learning ‘soft c says s’ and some were learning ‘magic e with o’.

In Numeracy, we finished off our recent block of work about subtraction.  Some of us were learning how to use the written algorithm to show how to subtract 3-digit numbers, with exchanging.
– “You can’t do 4-8, so you have to exchange 1 hundred for 10 tens.  You cross it out in your jotter. ” (Halle)
Some of us were learning to take a teens number away from a 2-digit number.
– “58-15= 58-10-5=43” (Oscar)

In Health and Wellbeing, we were discussing different food and drinks.  We had to say whether we liked, disliked or had never tried various food and drinks.
– “I have never tried coffee.” (Callan)
– “I’ve never tried aubergine.” (Nadia)
– “I like Fruitella.” (Declan)
– “I like the taste of haggis.” (Cole)
– “I don’t like chicken pasta.” (Emma)
 – “I don’t macaroni because it is too cheesy.” (Karina)

This Week in P5JS

This week in P5JS has been a busy week.


This week in writing we were writing a newspaper article (Amelia). We wrote about Bonfire night (Anika). We planned out what was going to go in each paragraph.

In our reading groups, we learned how to do hot seating. You ask one of the characters a question and they have to answer correctly (Lilli). I liked it because it I liked asking people questions and pretending to be a character (Lilli). It was fun (Layla).


In maths this week we are learning to use division strategies with remainders (Marillena).We enjoyed the division but when it came to remainders it was hard (Abbey). I really enjoyed it (Marilena). We are also learning to measure in millimetres, meters and centimetres (Abbey).

Health and Wellbeing.

We have been learning about our schools vision and values. We talked about respect, being kind to others and not leaving anyone out (Lilli). We also talked about resilience and that it is important to keep trying and never give up (Abbey). I worked my socks off and put in a lot of effort into my literacy. Miss Smith was so proud of the effort I put in that I got to show off my work to Mrs Penman (Liam).

It has been great to see P5 showing the school vision and values in the classroom.


We are beginning to learn about fair trade. I saw the fair trade sign on a KitKat wrapper I didn’t know anything about fair trade and I want to learn more. (Layla).


In PE we have been working on balances and strength I liked using the ropes to climb (Kaleb) there was six different stations. I enjoyed jumping on the spring board (Liam). On the gymnastic mats you could do whatever moves you would like. I liked doing partner balances (Kayley).

P7 – Max in the Middle Showcase

Over the next two weeks our P7’s will be engaging in a Health and Wellbeing programme called Max in the Middle.

They will be showcasing their learning and would like to invite their parents/carers to join them on the following dates:

P7LS – 15th November at 11:15-12:00

P7AG – 22nd November at 11:15-12:00

We hope you can join us then!