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This week in P2AG


This week in literacy:

Writing – This week we continued develop our ability to write imaginatively. We used our IDL farm context, and wrote a story titled “An Animal Adventure!” (Ruva). Our stories had to include at least two WOW words in order to make our writing more interesting for the reader. Some examples of the WOW words used in our writing were: humongous (Oscar), enormous (Reggie), amazing (Krivi) and super (Abbaigh).

Phonics – We have been revising the ‘aw’ sound this week (Cole). We know the following word have the ‘aw’ sound: law (Miah), lawn (Oscar), dawn (Ellie) and paw (Lily).


This week we have been learning about symmetry during our maths lessons (Millie). We have been able to identify symmetrical patterns and create our own patterns both in the classroom and outdoors (check out our Twitter page to see some pictures). We also learned how to use a mirror as a tool to help complete a symmetrical picture and pattern.

Health and Wellbeing

This week, we have been learning to manage our own emotions (Callum). We discussed various situations and how these would make us feel, and we also discussed what we do to make ourselves feel happy in these situations. We also learned new breathing techniques as a tool for regulating our own emotions,. We particularly liked the ‘buzzing bee’ (Rhys) breathing technique! We also discussed other coping strategies such as smiling at others, bouncing a ball, reading a book and listening to music, before discussing why these strategies would help us feel calm.


Primary 2 and Miss Gillon would like to wish you a lovely bank holiday weekend! We look forward to updating you on our learning again next week.

This week in P2AG

What a quick week we have had this week!



This week in literacy:

Writing – We have been learning to write a story setting using our new IDL context of farms. We looked at pictures of farms to help us describe what we would “see, hear, smell and feel” (Nadia). For example “I could hear the cows mooing” (Evin) and “I could see the black horses running away” (Callum).

Phonics – We have been revising the ‘are’ sound (Beth). This sound sounds like ‘air’ (Craig). We know the words care (Oscar), share (Rhys) and square (Abbaigh) all make the ‘are’ (air) sound.


This week we have revised previously taught ideas such as data collection and competed bar graphs after collecting date using tally marks. We also began to develop our ability to “identify odd and even numbers” (Miah). We now know that a number that ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 will be an even number and numbers ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 will be odd.


On Monday we started our new topic titled “The Farm” (Harry T). To begin our topic we discussed what we already know about farms and what we would like to know. We then began to look at the types of food farm animals eat, before developing our knowledge of food chains (Harry N). We learned the words producer and consumer and made out own farm animal food chain.

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon would like to wish everyone a lovely Easter weekend!

P4FM – Our Week

In Literacy this week, we have done many different types of activities. We have been inferring using animated shorts (Amelia); describing characters appearance and personality (Michael, Abbey, Colton); using visualisation skills to create a drawing, using as much detail as possible (Katherine, John Wilson) and we were introduced to story hands, where we had to decide on the 5 main events which we then drew into each finger.


The story we were read was The Willow Pattern Story which we all really enjoyed (Aimee, Abbey, Amelia and Lilli). We are still reading our class novel, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone”. We have been totally transported into Harry’s world and can’t wait to find out what adventures he’ll be up to next (Thomas, Callum, Alfie, Marilena, Abbey).

In Numeracy, it has been a week of doing different subtraction strategies. Some have been revising, whilst others were doing written subtraction algorithms (Erin, Ciaran, Callum, Katherine, Abbey, Colton, Marilena and Thomas).

In IDL, we created our own magnetic maze games. We designed and created a poster to persuade people to buy our games (Kayley, Zak, Rebekah, Michael, Murray and Kelsey). Our next step will be to make a video advertisement using Spark video.


This week in P3/4LS…

It has been an amazing week.

This week in Numeracy we have been continuing to learn about subtraction. Lots of us have been successful with our learning so we have moved on to new challenges. The Jaguars have started to learn how to use written algorithms (Chimney Sums) using 3 digit numbers. I think I have been successful using algorithms because I remember to start with the units column and work my way along. If there is more on the floor then you need to go next door and take 10 or 100 (Michael). The sloths have been learning more new strategies. I liked decomposing and composing because it’s not too complicated and easy for me to work out the answer (Tyler).

This week in Literacy we have continued with Literacy rotations. We are starting to improve being more independent and using our initiative (Nate). We have been learning how to use apostrophes. I can put an apostrophe in the correct place to show possession (Nate, Anabia). We have been learning to create a rhyme like the ones in our class novel. Saucepan man often comes out with silly songs that he says are easy to make. We followed his rules to create our own version. Here are some of our examples:

Two girls for a pie,                                                                                                                 Two trees for a bird,                                                                                                            Two monkeys escaping,                                                                                                       Why Why Why?  (Layla)

Two bars of chocolate,                                                                                                        Two kids in the sea,                                                                                                               Two people in the park,                                                                                                     Hi- tiddley-hie! (Eilidh H)

I think I was successful because my second and fourth line rhyme as they both end with the same sound (Eilidh). I found it challenging even though I was successful because it was hard to think of two words that rhyme (Layla).

This week in IDL we have started to think about and design toys that we are going to make. We have been learning to use the visual elements in art to draw and design our toy ideas.  Look at our designs below. We will keep you updated on our Toys’ progress.




We were also learning to program electronic toys as we are developing our coding skills. We programmed BeeBots to move on a mat to get to a certain picture on the mat. I thought it was fun, we had different levels we had to work through and my team were on the challenging level where we put objects in the way and we had to go around them (Anabia).




We are still linking our toys topic to Shake it Up.  This week we were learning to build on our sequences from last week. We had to choose two toys and make up movements for 8 beats of the music for each toy. I liked this week’s lesson because we were being very creative and our movements were unique (Nate). I think it was a little bit challenging because It was hard linking the movements together (Innes).

    This is my teddy bear pose.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about what we have been learning this week.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart


This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have had a magical week.

Firstly we want to say a big WELCOME to Dennis who has joined our class this week and to his sisters who have also joined the school!

We have had lots of different Literacy tasks this week.

On Monday we were learning to write a personal piece of writing. First we interviewed our friend about what they done during the February holiday. Then we wrote about our February holiday. I was successful because I wrote in first person and I wrote in past tense. I need to remember to add in my thoughts and feelings (Layla).

This week we were learning about adverbs, an adverb describes the verb. We had lots of different stations. At one of the stations we had to change adjectives in to adverbs. The rule is you add  ‘ly’ at the end of the word. I was good at sorting adverbs and adjectives and putting ‘ly’ on the end (Anika).


In writing we were continuing to learn about writing instructions. This week we wrote instructions for ‘How to play snakes and ladders’. To be successful we need to write in order, we also to use bossy verbs at the beginning of each step. It is also important to use connective openers. I found it tricky to get the bossy verbs at the beginning of my steps (Nate).

This week we had a special visitor, Fergus the story teller. He taught us a song and read us lots of stories. I liked the story about the little girl with the shoe, who became famous for her singing because it was an inspiring story (Amy). We hope that Fergus comes back (P3/4LS).


In Maths this week we have been learning to calculate durations of time in whole hours and half hour intervals. I found this a bit challenging, I am successful at counting forward but I need to practise counting backwards (Ben).

We have started to learn about coding. We have been learning to create algorithms (an algorithm is when you give a computer a set of instructions). We  took pictures of Lego to make a set of instructions for another team to try and follow. We also played games and gave the computer simple instructions, like move forward, turn left and right. I have found this easy to start with and I hope it gets harder (Charlie).


This week in our toys topic we started off by learning how to identify and describe materials. We had different stations with toys made from different materials, we had to think about what they felt like and how we would describe that. We then had to write, draw and label our favourite toy describing what it is made of. I was successful because I had good adjectives to describe the material of my favourite toy (Michael).


You can see all our amazing work when our snapshot jotters come home next Friday.

We hope you have an amazing weekend.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart