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This week in P5JD

Numeracy- We have been learning about different ways to multiplying numbers- some of these have been strategies use to find time tables and some have been methods to calculate larger sums like algorithms and partitioning.

Literacy- We have been learning cursive handwriting with Miss Belford. We class read a picture book called ‘Microbes’ and had options of follow up activity. Some of us expressed what we had learned in a poem or rap, others visualised  and wrote down facts they had discovered.

Health and Wellbeing- This  week we learned about period poverty. We did a true or false quiz and then were able to ask questions afterwards

This week in P2/3W….

Literacy – This week in Literacy, we were writing about finding a haunted house. We had to include full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Why don’t you ask me what happened in my story.

Numeracy – We were analysing data this week. We were using tally marks to interpret and record information. We used this information to find an overall total which made our organising of data a lot easier. Ask me what we do when we have 5 tally marks.

IDL – This week, we finished our IDL topic off with some play stations and a rainstick craft activity. Our play stations involved designing a rainforest book cover, building a rainforest home, creating a rain forest animal from play doh and using stick puppets for role play at the tuff tray. Ask me what my favourite station was and why?

This week in P3/4M

We have had a lovely last week of term in P3/4M!

Numeracy – We were learning about weight this week in numeracy. We loved the cutting and sticking activities and using the scales and balances.

Literacy – This week we were writing about our first term of P3/4M. We loved discussing about our favourite moments this term. We also wrote about what we would like to do next term.

IDL – For art this week we created sunset paintings. We had so much fun painting and using our blending skills to create a realistic sunset.

This week in P5JD

Numeracy-This week we have  have been working on number processes, focusing on reading scales and multiplying/adding multiples of 10, 100, 1000.  Some of us have enjoyed using textbooks to consolidate our understanding.

Literacy-In literacy we have read a class picture book. It was called rabbits and was a parable about the colonisation of Australia by the British but was also an enjoyable story about different types of rabbit. We then selected a follow up task which was either, visualisation, summarising or rewriting in our own style.

Art- In art this week we have been learning about different textures. We painted a picture of a field of grass using different lengths of brush stroke and different shades to create an impression of depth.

This week in P3/4

Literacy – This week we really enjoyed our writing task. Miss Mackay gave us a starter sentence and a picture to help us with our imagination. We had a lot of fun thinking of the different story lines we could create!

Numeracy – We were looking at using litres and millilitres this week in numeracy. We loved being able to use our estimating skills from last week to guess whether different items held more or less than a litre.

P.E. – This week we continued working on our basketball skills. We had a basketball tournament which was a lot of fun! We worked really well in our teams!

This week in P2/3W…

Literacy – This week, we were learning about the short ‘a’ sound. At our rotations, we used mindmaps and elkonin boxes to practice our spelling, reading and writing of this sound. Why don’t you ask me to find something at home that begins or ends with an ‘a’ sound?

Numeracy –  Our Numeracy lessons this week have focused on the topic of addition. P2’s were investigating doubles and near doubles within 20. We used unifix cubes and tens frames to support our understanding of what doubles/ near doubles look like. P3’s were exploring adding from a decade number at the beginning of the week, and continued this by learning to count forwards in 2’s and 5’s towards the end of the week.  Next time you need to count some objects at home , can I help you?

Health and Wellbeing – This week in H & W, we have continued to explore the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators. This week our focus was on the indicator Respect. As a whole class, we discussed the importance of showing and receiving respect at school and at home. We spoke about what respect looks like, feels like and sounds like. We also looked at some different scenarios to identify people showing respect/ disrespect. Ask me to give you an example of how I show respect everyday.

This week in P3/4M

Maths – This week in maths we looked at rounding and estimation. We really enjoyed estimating, especially the magical estimation class activity!

Literacy – We loved our reading group work this week. We read in pairs and helped each other out!

IDL – This week we had a really good discussion about climate change and how we can do our bit to help the planet. We had lots of questions for Miss Mackay and found this really interesting.

This Week in P5JD

Numeracy- This week we have continued in our groups with our daily mental maths- It gives us the chance to practice quick questions from across all areas of numeracy and gives us confidence. We also used textbooks to practise what we have learned about place value.

Literacy- This week one of the Short Burst Writing activities was to create a fact file about a subject of our own choice. Some of us got so involved that we asked to continue it during library time and even during lunch!

Other Areas- STEM- In STEM this week the big idea we voted for was to design/model a flying car of the future. We had the options to draw, write about, or model out of Lego, Bauplay, K’nex or Junk model- Most of use chose to use the junk to create models and made some fantastic designs

This week in P2/3W…

Literacy – This week in Literacy, we have been learning about the sound ‘oa’. We had four rotations which gave us the opportunity to write, read and spell ‘oa’ words. Why don’t you ask me to give you some examples of words with the ‘oa’ sound?

Numeracy – This week we have been learning to measure time. We discussed the different resources we can use to help us tell the time and what the hands of a clock is called. We P2’s have been exploring o’clock and half past. We P3’s have been developing our knowledge of quarter to on analogue and digital clocks. Maybe I could help you tell the time at home?

IDL – In IDL, we have been continuing our rainforest topic. We have been looking at the devastating effects of  deforestation and investigating rainforest food chains. In addition, we used musical instruments to  make rainforest animal sounds. Ask me what instruments we used to mimic each animal?