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This Week in P5JS

We have had a successful week.


In literacy we have been working hard to improve our handwriting. A couple months ago our handwriting wasn’t so good but now we have concentrated on it and it has improved (John-William). We have also been continuing to learn how to summarise (Lilli).

In Writing, We have been learning to write letters. We’ve been writing a letter to our friends or family (Liam).

We have a new class novel, ‘The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch’. (Jackson). I liked the bit where the elves were singing a song (Layla). I liked the bit when they went to the forest of wishes (Ciaran).  I predict that the Winter Witch might destroy the North Pole (Abbey). We’ve not been introduced to the winter witch yet, but we are having fun predicting what might happen!


In Numeracy, We have stopped learning about decimal fractions for a bit and we have moved on to learn about money (Aimee). Today we were learning strategies to add money (Liam). We were counting the money we made at the Christmas Fayre (John-William and Alyxs).

Health and Wellbeing 

In HWB, we have been discussing what makes a good friend and different ways we can be a good friend to others.

In PE, we have been practicing our ceilidh dancing, so that we are ready for our Christmas party next Friday! (Aimee and Colton).


At the Christmas fayre, we sold our ‘Reindeer Chocolate Delight’.  Everyone got a shot to make the product and design the posters and the banner (Liam).  We have been learning about Fairtrade so we made sure to use Fairtrade hot chocolate! Our original idea of using red pom-poms for the noses didn’t work so we had to use some problem solving skills to come up with another idea (Abbey).   We made £66.56! Thank you to everyone who bought some of our ‘Reindeer Chocolate Delight’.  I enjoyed making them (Alexandria).

Miss Smith is so proud of the work P5 are doing and can’t believe we have two weeks left of this term!


This week in P4/5

This has been a busy week with lots happening, we have enjoyed it! (Charlie)

In numeracy we have started to learn our 7 times table (Eilidh), Miss Coons taught us a cool trick! (Kai) . We  have been looking at symmetry and find symmetry in a variety of 2D shapes and patterns( Amy and William).


In our writing we finished our Snowman stories. We started planning a new story called Mog’s Christmas Calamity (Anabia). It was an old TV advert and we had to write the story of the advert (Lucas).  I enjoyed writing about Mog. My favourite part was when the chestnuts exploded across the kitchen (Lewis). We also did some research about Christmas in different countries. I liked learning about what Christmas traditions are celebrated in other countries (Tyler).


We have been learning about The Apprentice. In PE we worked in our teams to complete challenges. There was Swimball, Blocks and Buisness, Child Company, World Wide, 4 Explosions and ABCD. We raced in different races. There was a skipping race, a running race, a burpee race and star jumps (Alexis).

We can’t believe there are only 9.5 school days left until the school holidays. Time is flying in!

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we consolidated our learning of number through various activities and stations around the classroom. We also started to use ordinal language (first, second, third etc.) when using our class Advent Calendar.

“We need to open number 5 because that’s the fifth.” – Oscar

“We need 2 more to make 5.” – Oliver

In Literacy, we learned the sound ‘ai’ and used our new Jolly Phonics computer software to introduce this . We read the story Rapunzel, as part of our IDL, and linked this into our literacy tasks for the week. We retold the story of Rapunzel in our writing and also did a visualisation task where we were able to draw a picture to illustrate a part of the story. We were introduced to a new reading strategy called Eagle Eye and had opportunities to whisper read our core reading books using this strategy.

“I was successful when I used the picture clues to help me read the words.” – Oscar

“I was successful when I spelled the word ‘cat’ because I said it out loud.” – Phoebe

“I liked it when I wrote in my jotter. I wrote about the prince climbing up the tower.” – Lily

“I liked the drawing I did of the tower.” – Finlay

“We self-assessed our writing.” – Phoebe

In IDL, we practiced our Nativity each day in preparation for the upcoming performance. We also learned about the story of Christmas to help us make links and to understand where the Christian celebration originated from.

 “I enjoyed when I got to be the star in the nativity because that’s a very special part of the nativity. Otherwise they wouldn’t have found baby Jesus.” – Faith

“The king wanted to kill baby Jesus so Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to Egypt.” – Oscar


This Week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been busy learning new things, as we missed a lot last week due to Max in the Middle.

This week in Numeracy we have been to subtract. Some have been learning how to subtract 2 digits by 3 digits and some 3 digits by 3 digits (Georgia). We have been using the chunking method to help us subtract mentally (Maria). One day I will have to learn how to do the chunking method in my head so that I don’t have to write it down (Georgia). I think I was successful because I used the decompose and compose method to subtract (Lachlan). I was successful at partitioning my numbers (Finlay).

In IDL we have been reading extracts from a new novel called The Boy and the Striped Pyjamas (Sean). We were learning to explore characters in a text (Umar). We had to fill in a grid about the characters we had met in the first chapter. We had to write about what we knew about the characters and then our opinions on the character (Aila). I thought it was challenging as we didn’t know a lot about all the characters, we had to use inference to work things out (Summer). I quite enjoyed the chapter so far because it was interesting and I’m excited to see what else goes on in the story (Aila).

This week in writing we were learning  to use  description in our writing. We were to write  a descriptive story about the holocaust (Euan) I think I was successful because I was able to use lots of figurative language (Umar) I feel like I was successful because I used lots of ambitions vocabulary  (Seren). I feel like I was successful because  I used lots of figurative language (Neive).

From P7LS


Cost of the School Day – New Website Section

We at Sunnyside, believe that all children should have access to a broad variety of learning experiences at school, and within our community. To help us to achieve this we consulted on the Cost of the School Day and are launching a new section of our website under “Parent Guides”, You can find links to our consultation summary as well as some helpful advice on how we can support families with the Cost of The School Day.

Last week in P3IL wb 11/11/19

Apologies for our late post from last week!

In literacy and our IDL, we had a busy week researching  Australian animals. We were learning to create a piece of functional writing so we researched facts on the ipads then wrote out our facts in our jotters. Then we worked in pairs to plan and create our poster. We also drew the animals and worked together to put together the poster in a way that would be interesting for our audience.


In Maths and Numeracy, we were learning to multiply. The strategy we have been practicing is using arrays. We have been working very hard at this and are beginning to understand multiplication more.

In art and design, we finished off our pudsy faces that we began last week. We were exploring the use of colour and pattern with this activity.

Another fun and busy week in P3IL!

Miss Low, Mrs. Jacobs and P3IL

Clackmannanshire Council School Holiday Consultation

Clackmannanshire Council are looking for your views on changing the school holiday pattern, which would involve taking the last week off the summer break with pupils returning to school in the second week in August and having a 2 week October holiday.

Please follow the link below to have your say…

Thank you

This week in P3/4NM

Hello from P3/4NM and Mrs Muir!  Here is a snapshot of some of our learning this week.

In Literacy, we were learning to read and spell words with a variety of sounds, as well as some common words and project-related vocabulary.  Between the 3 different spelling groups, we covered the ‘Magic e with u’, ‘ew’ and ‘oi’ sounds.  We all made a wordsearch containing words with our own group’s sounds and challenged each other to find the words that we had hidden.
– “It was really easy to find the ‘ew’ words in Emma’s wordsearch.” (Emily)
– “It was quite tricky to find the ‘Magic e’ words in Oscar’s wordsearch.” (Eli)
In our writing lesson this week, we continued to learn how to write logically-sequenced instructions.  We had to use a range of sentence openers, to move on from just using First, Next, Then and Finally.  These instructions were designed to teach people ‘How to Wrap a Present’.
– “Begin by rolling out your wrapping paper and place your present in the middle.  Cut the wrapping paper where you rolled it out to.” (Beth and Nadia)
– “After that overlap the paper and stick with tape.  Fold the flaps into triangles and tape them down.” (Ava and Tyler)
– “Once you’ve done that tie a ribbon starting at the bottom of the present.” (Hannah)
– “Lastly, write the gift tag and stick it on the present.” (Eli)

In Numeracy, we were combining many of the skills that we have been learning over the past 8 weeks.  We revised how to round 2- or 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100, depending on which group we are in.  We used these rounding skills to estimate the answer to addition or subtraction calculations.  We then had to use the addition and subtraction strategies that we have learned to work out the actual answer, before comparing it with the estimate, e.g.
– “69-12 is almost 70-10 which equals 60.  69-12 is actually 57, which is almost 60” (Oscar)

In IDL, we were learning about different careers and professions that people can take up when they leave education.  We also spoke about the different education opportunities that are available after leaving secondary school, including going to college, university or becoming an apprentice.  We all had to give an opinion about what we aspire to do when we grow up, and were encouraged to provide a reason why.
– “I want to be a police officer because i want to drive the police car.” (Adam)
– “I want to be a train driver because I love trains.” (Rhys)
– “I want to be a football manager because I am interested in football.” (Emma)
– “I want to be a dancer because I like dancing.” (Karina)

In Art, we designed pictures which showed our understanding of ‘perspective’.  We cut out and added patterns to tree shapes, which we had to arrange so that some were in the ‘foreground’ and some were in the ‘background’.  Look out for our photos on Twitter!