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Important Update on Schools and Nurseries

Please see the latest update from Clackmannanshire Council:

19/03/20 –

Schools and Nurseries

As you will be aware, the Scottish Government has made an announcement that schools and nurseries across Scotland are to close after tomorrow (Friday, 20 March). We appreciate that this will cause understandable concern and anxiety not only to parents and carers but also to pupils and staff. 
As a Council, we are facing unprecedented times, however we  are well prepared in meeting the challenges and critical provision set out by the Deputy First Minister in his statement to the Scottish Parliament today.   
We already have well developed plans for Educational Continuity, and in particular to ensure pupils in S4-S6 can complete course work for national qualifications, now that  the SQA have confirmed cancellation of the examination timetable.  This will be a priority for Alva Academy, Lornshill Academy and Alloa Academy who are putting in place immediate measures for pupils in these year groups.
Learning and teaching for the majority of children and young people will continue remotely using online learning spaces  and materials which have been developed.  
We are planning provision for children and families where it is most needed.  This includes ensuring that children of key workers have access to learning and childcare.  We will be working with private and third sector providers.  A questionnaire has been sent out to parents and carers today.  
Further details of the plans we are developing will be shared over the coming days and will be updated on our website. 
Thank you for your patience and support. 

Home Learning Resources and Opportunities.

As part of ongoing preventative measures Clackmannanshire Council, in partnership with Tablet Academy, has begun to develop Learning Hubs for pupils of a wide variety of ages. As this grows it will be available via the link below:

Whilst this is under development, please review the Supporting home learning sections of our website for handy ideas and links to activities to support your child during any period of absence.

Many Thanks.

Primary 1EC Week beg 09.03.20


This week we learned the sound ‘z’ The action is a bumblebee.

Our shared text this week was Someone swallowed Stanley. Stanley was a plastic bag. The sea creatures thought he was a jelly fish. A turtle, a whale and the seagulls tried to eat him.

The Turtle started to choke on the bag. A boy helped the turtle. He said that plastic bags d not live in the ocean. They can kill animals.

In our writing this week this week we wrote about Sea turtles:

“Sea turtles have 4 flippers’ Melissa

“Some people try to hunt the sea turtles’ Isla

“The leatherback turtle is the biggest turtle” Celestan

“The hawksbill turtle is the only turtle that can eat the coral sponges. The coral sponges are toxic to other turtles.” Callen

“The Green sea turtle could not retract their head into its shell” Angus



Our focus this week has continued to be money and fractions. In money we looked at how we work out change from 10p.

“You have to do a take away sum, 10-4=6” Miley

Next week we are going to extend our learning and look at adding coins to 20p.

We revised our knowledge of fractions ½ and ¼ of an amount this week. We are learning that if it is ½ then the cubes are divided into 2 groups and if it is a ¼ the cubes are divided into 4 groups. Some of us are trying to learn our doubles and halves mentally

“a half is 2 equal shapes” Darcie

“a quarter is 4 equal parts” Cooper

“Half of 8 is 4” Celestan

“We played Hit the Button to help us with our halves and doubles” Cooper

“Half of 10 is 5”

“Double 10 is 20” Celestan

“Double 20 is 40” Ryan McInally


In IDL we have continued to learn about under the sea creatures. This week our focus was on Sea Turtles. We learned lots of facts about them and we wrote a fact-file on Thursday during writing. Mrs Cuthbert was very impressed with how hard we were working.


“There are 7 different species of sea turtles” Darcie

“Green sea turtles cannot put their heads into their shells” Andrew

“The leatherback turtle is the biggest of the sea turtles” May

“The loggerhead turtle eats jellyfish” Angus

This week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS…

This week in Maths we have been learning to interpret data (Jayden). Relating to our topic we made a line graph to compare rising water levels between land and sea (Aila). We have also been learning about the Mean, Median, Mode and the range (Sean, Jayden, Max). It is challenging remembering all the data handling words (Sean). I enjoyed making the bar graphs and linking this to our topic (Aila). I thought it was challenging making the bar graphs because you have to get all the numbers and the labels in place (Max).

Yesterday we went to the science centre in Glasgow. This linked to our new topic (Nieve, Georgia). We learned about fossils fuels and what they are doing to the Earth’s atmosphere (Georgia, Finlay, Nieve). We also learned about other energy sources that could replace fossil fuels (Georgia, Nieve). It was fun because, we got to see a lot of things (Scott). It was interesting because there are lots of things to do and information about cool stuff I never knew about like a magnetic train that floats (Finlay). My favourite part of the science centre was watching David use liquid nitrogen to make magnets float (Georgia). I liked it when David put methane in a bottle then he added fire and it exploded (Nieve).

This week in PE we have been learning how to work together as a team (Josh). We were given objects and had to make a tower out of them (Umar). We were given spots and we had to get from one side of the gym hall to the other (Summer). We were also given cones and one person in the group had to walk across the cones using the path the rest of the group drew (Josh, Umar). I think my team worked well as a group because we got to the end of the cone successfully (Cerys). I think my group was successfully because we have been working better as a group by listening to each other and sharing ideas with each other (Summer).

From P7LS

Sharing the Learning Events

Dear All,

Our Sharing the Learning events are taking place next week.

At Sunnyside we aim to ensure you are fully informed about your child’s progress through the Broad General Curriculum, and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th March.

Please ensure that appointment forms have been returned ASAP.

Many Thanks.