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This week in P3IL wb 7/2/20

We had a fun week exploring and investigating the Romans! We looked at how the Roman’s dressed and the different roles of peoples in Roman society. We then used our pictures of the outfits we created to inspire our mosaics! 

In English and Literacy, we researched the Roman army and created a report on a Roman soldier! We really enjoyed learning all about the different roles of the Roman soldiers and their armour.

In Maths, we have began working on fractions. We have began to investigate thirds and fifths as well as quarters and halves of a whole. We look forward to expanding on our knowledge as we are really enjoying the fraction problem solving!

Looking forward to the week ahead!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs. Jacobs

This Week in P5JS


We have been learning to create acrostic poems (Lilli).  We were writing our poems about Scottish inventors(Anika). We brainstormed words associated with Scottish inventors and created our poem using these. I liked writing the acrostic poem (Kesley). I enjoyed it (Maja).


In Numeracy we have been learning to find a fraction of an amount (Abbey). I enjoyed working from the textbooks (Marilena). it was really simple once you knew what to do (Thomas). It was easy (Zak). I enjoyed it (Abbey).

With Mrs Coons we were learning about area and perimetre (Abbey).  We had to design our dream house and then calculate the area and perimetre (Marilena).

Health and Wellbeing

We have been learning about the parts of the body (Sean). We have been naming parts of the body (Ciaran) We have been learning about puberty (Liam). . We have been learning about how your body changed during puberty (Kayley).

With Mrs Coons we have been learning about friendships (Liam). We learned that you should be kind, caring, helpful and, most importantly, respectful to your friends (Sean).  We wrote down our unique qualities that makes us good friends (Ciaran). I wrote that I am funny, helpful and honest (Liam).

Scottish Inventors

In our IDL we have been writing acrostic poems about Scottish inventors (Erin). We have continued to research facts about Sottish inventors and we put this into our poems (Layla).

Today, we were using drama to show our learning of Scottish Inventors (Colton). We were learning to create a character role (Colton).  We had to work in groups to create a short drama about the inventor.

I like learning about Scottish Inventors and what they made (Alyxs).


In P.E we have been learning about Volleyball (Alexandria). I enjoyed it because I am good at digging high (Ben). I enjoyed it because it was something new (Aimee). I enjoyed it because I like being active (Michael). I learned how to dig (Aimee).


We hope you all enjoy your February holiday! We can’t wait to learn more when we come back to school on Monday 24th February.


Miss Smith and P5JS





This week in P3/4NM

This is what we have been learning in Primary 3/4NM …

In Numeracy, some of us were learning about decimals.
– We learned that instead of using fractions, you can use decimals instead, like 0.3 (3 tenths).  10 tenths in decimals is 1.0″ (Callan)
Some of us were learning number sequences.
– “We learned about the number before and after.  We counted in multiples of 6, 7, 8 and 9.  We were practising adding 100 to numbers, to make number sequences.” (Emily)
– “We were counting in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s  and 10s.  We used odd and even numbers to make sequences.” (Adam and Cole)

In Literacy, we wrote our final report about animals.
– “We wrote a report about elephants.  I had to make sure that I had 3 facts in each section.” (Lola)
We also practised our note-taking skills.
– “We had to listen to Mrs Muir telling us information.  We had to write down the important details to help us to remember.” (Eli)
– “We looked up websites and took notes to help us make a poster next time.” (Halle)

In IDL, we learned about what the Romans did to relax.
– “It’s not fair that they used to hunt and kill animals for fun.” (Oscar)
– “They went to the theatre to watch the actors and musicians.” (Emma)
– “The audience would vote to decide whether the losing gladiator would live or die.” (Hannah)

In RSHP lessons, the P3s were learning about different families and talking about feelings and keeping safe.
– “Some children are fostered or adopted.” (Cole)
– “You only need 2 people to make a family.” (Nadia)
– “I trust my family to keep me safe.” (Rhys)
The P4s were learning about staying safe on the internet.
– “We learned that you don’t give out your personal information, like your name, address or school.  If someone asks you for personal information when you are playing a game, then you should leave the game.

Have a lovely week off next week!

This week in P5JS


We have been learning how to use subtraction strategies (Erin). We have been using part, part whole as a warm up activity (Colton). In Numeacy, we have also been learning to use different strategies for subtraction (Layla). In subtraction, I thought it was amazing (Alyxs)!


In Literacy we have been learning to use the correct punctuation in our sentences (Lilli). Miss Smith read us a book ‘Beyond The Door;’ (Aimee). We wrote it down in our jotters with the correct punctuation (Ben). It was a fun way to learn about punctuation (Aimee).  I enjoyed it (Ben).  I enjoyed it because it was something new (Alexandria).

We also were learning to create a blog (Ciaran). I thought this was really fun (Thomas). It was a good challenge (Sean). We created our on blogs about our chosen topic using headings and the correct punctuation (Kayley).

Health and Wellbeing.

In HWB, we started our RSHP topic. We discussed any questions we had and we will answer these in the next few weeks. I want to learn more about the body as I think it will be interesting (Nathaniel). I want to learn more about how bodies change (Abbey).

We watched P4/5’s assembly today. It was about being happy and healthy (Abbey). I thought it was really good as they expressed their feelings in their assembly (Nathaniel). They also told us about their talents (Zak). They did a good job at persuading people to be healthy (Jackson)!


In PE we have been learning about Volleyball and Badminton (Liam). We learned how to serve in badminton (Marilena). We practiced a lot (Maja). I like working in 3’s because there is a referee (Liam). I enjoy PE and I enjoyed putting the ball over the net (Kaleb).


In Art this week we learned about the famous graffiti artist ‘Banksy’ but he does not reveal his identity he keeps it a secret (Amelia). We were drawing outside with chalk. We wrote positive messages to the school (Murray), For example, “Believe in Yourself” (Kelsey). I liked doing this because my group used a lot of different colours (Anika). Come and see our messages while you still can! We don’t know how long they will be here for.

We are looking forward to next week. Please remember we have Bikeability on Tuesday 11th February.


Miss Smith and P5JS



Nut Free School


Dear All,

Please can we remind all that we are a nut free school. Some of our community have severe nut allergies and therefore we cannot have nut products or those containing traces of nuts within the school. This includes Nutella and similar spreads.


Many Thanks for your ongoing co-operation and support.

This Week in P5JS

This has been a very exciting week in P5JS.


In Literacy we were learning to retell a story (Jackson). Mrs Coons told us a story about ‘The Wee bannock’ (Maja). In groups, we retold the story using a story map (Amelia). We then retold the story but we changed the ending (Anika). Miss Smith can’t wait to read all of P5’s interesting alternative endings.

We have also been working hard learning about the Scottish language. We have been learning our Scottish poems with P4/5 (Amelia). We will be performing these in our Scottish Celebration Event on Friday 31st January.


This week in maths we have been learning about fractions (Marilena).  We were learning about equivalent fractions, using our times table knowledge to help us (Thomas).  We know that the denominator is at the bottom and the numerator is at the top (Colton). Mrs Jones helped us to compare fractions using the fraction walls (Ben). It was hard at first but I got the hang of it (Kelsey). I really enjoyed it (Colton). I thought the fraction wall was really helpful (Thomas).

Health and Wellbeing. 

This week for Health and Wellbeing we discussed different ways to keep us safe on our way to and from the engine shed. We talked about being safe near trains and got to practice our knowledge when traveling to the engine shed.


This week in art we have been busy learning about Scottish artists (Erin).  We were drawing and colouring in ‘Highland Coo’s’ in the style of Steven Brown (Alexandria). Some of us got a piece of card and drew flowers in the style of another Scottish man, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Kaleb). I loved doing the Scottish arts because you can use your imagination and also try out new Scottish styles (Erin).,

Engine Shed. 

We went to the engine shed in Stirling on Tuesday (Ciaran). We travelled to Stirling by train I enjoyed going on the train because one of our helpers was telling me about the different places i could see out of the window (Alyxs). When we got there  we had fun learning about energy and making a windmill (Abbey). I liked building the windmill too (Keiran).  I liked it because we got to go in the auditorium to watch a 3D video, I thought the horse was going to come out of the screen (Nathaniel)!


Primary 5 have been discussing what they would like to learn about this term. We have chosen ‘Scottish Inventors Past and Present’ and we cant wait to share what we learn with you.


Hope you have a great weekend! Miss Smith


This week in P3IL

We have had another brilliant week in P3IL.

In English and Literacy,  we loved having Fergus the storyteller come to visit our class and tell us all sorts of interesting stories! We then heard Whuppity Stourie which is a Scottish story. We went on to create our own story map and retold the story in our writing.

In Maths and Numeracy, we have been working on division. We have being learning many different division strategies such as repeated subtraction, using a blank number line, equal groups and arrays. We have worked very hard on this and are making great progress! Well done!

In our IDL, we have been working on our poems and learning more about Robert Burns. We have enjoyed reading some Scottish Fairy Tales and different Scottish poetry. We will be selecting the finalists on Tuesday  for our competition reciting the poem ‘Skatin’.

What a brilliant week!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs Jacobs

This Week in P5JS

We have had a successful week.


In literacy we have been working hard to improve our handwriting. A couple months ago our handwriting wasn’t so good but now we have concentrated on it and it has improved (John-William). We have also been continuing to learn how to summarise (Lilli).

In Writing, We have been learning to write letters. We’ve been writing a letter to our friends or family (Liam).

We have a new class novel, ‘The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch’. (Jackson). I liked the bit where the elves were singing a song (Layla). I liked the bit when they went to the forest of wishes (Ciaran).  I predict that the Winter Witch might destroy the North Pole (Abbey). We’ve not been introduced to the winter witch yet, but we are having fun predicting what might happen!


In Numeracy, We have stopped learning about decimal fractions for a bit and we have moved on to learn about money (Aimee). Today we were learning strategies to add money (Liam). We were counting the money we made at the Christmas Fayre (John-William and Alyxs).

Health and Wellbeing 

In HWB, we have been discussing what makes a good friend and different ways we can be a good friend to others.

In PE, we have been practicing our ceilidh dancing, so that we are ready for our Christmas party next Friday! (Aimee and Colton).


At the Christmas fayre, we sold our ‘Reindeer Chocolate Delight’.  Everyone got a shot to make the product and design the posters and the banner (Liam).  We have been learning about Fairtrade so we made sure to use Fairtrade hot chocolate! Our original idea of using red pom-poms for the noses didn’t work so we had to use some problem solving skills to come up with another idea (Abbey).   We made £66.56! Thank you to everyone who bought some of our ‘Reindeer Chocolate Delight’.  I enjoyed making them (Alexandria).

Miss Smith is so proud of the work P5 are doing and can’t believe we have two weeks left of this term!


This week in P4/5

This has been a busy week with lots happening, we have enjoyed it! (Charlie)

In numeracy we have started to learn our 7 times table (Eilidh), Miss Coons taught us a cool trick! (Kai) . We  have been looking at symmetry and find symmetry in a variety of 2D shapes and patterns( Amy and William).


In our writing we finished our Snowman stories. We started planning a new story called Mog’s Christmas Calamity (Anabia). It was an old TV advert and we had to write the story of the advert (Lucas).  I enjoyed writing about Mog. My favourite part was when the chestnuts exploded across the kitchen (Lewis). We also did some research about Christmas in different countries. I liked learning about what Christmas traditions are celebrated in other countries (Tyler).


We have been learning about The Apprentice. In PE we worked in our teams to complete challenges. There was Swimball, Blocks and Buisness, Child Company, World Wide, 4 Explosions and ABCD. We raced in different races. There was a skipping race, a running race, a burpee race and star jumps (Alexis).

We can’t believe there are only 9.5 school days left until the school holidays. Time is flying in!

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we consolidated our learning of number through various activities and stations around the classroom. We also started to use ordinal language (first, second, third etc.) when using our class Advent Calendar.

“We need to open number 5 because that’s the fifth.” – Oscar

“We need 2 more to make 5.” – Oliver

In Literacy, we learned the sound ‘ai’ and used our new Jolly Phonics computer software to introduce this . We read the story Rapunzel, as part of our IDL, and linked this into our literacy tasks for the week. We retold the story of Rapunzel in our writing and also did a visualisation task where we were able to draw a picture to illustrate a part of the story. We were introduced to a new reading strategy called Eagle Eye and had opportunities to whisper read our core reading books using this strategy.

“I was successful when I used the picture clues to help me read the words.” – Oscar

“I was successful when I spelled the word ‘cat’ because I said it out loud.” – Phoebe

“I liked it when I wrote in my jotter. I wrote about the prince climbing up the tower.” – Lily

“I liked the drawing I did of the tower.” – Finlay

“We self-assessed our writing.” – Phoebe

In IDL, we practiced our Nativity each day in preparation for the upcoming performance. We also learned about the story of Christmas to help us make links and to understand where the Christian celebration originated from.

 “I enjoyed when I got to be the star in the nativity because that’s a very special part of the nativity. Otherwise they wouldn’t have found baby Jesus.” – Faith

“The king wanted to kill baby Jesus so Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to Egypt.” – Oscar