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This week in P3LH

This week in P3LH, we have been very busy. In writing, we have been planning a newspaper article about a very shocking event! A tiger had escaped from a zoo and broke into a classroom! We used the 5 W’s to make sure we included enough details in our writing and descriptive words to make it more exciting.

In reading, the Jaguars have been identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives in their reading book. They went on a word hunt to see how many they could find! Leopards and Butterflies were reading for information, this helped them answer yes/no questions and comprehension questions about their book. All groups were working together to read aloud, using my turn/your turn, this then helped us give each other feedback about our reading skills.

In maths, the mild group has been learning about multiples of 2. We have been practicing counting up in 2’s and using this knowledge to calculate the totals of equal groups. The hot and spicy groups have been counting in multiples of 2’s and 5’s and using this knowledge to create multiplication number sentences.  They also began to look at multiples of 3, we learned a cool way to count in 3’s by using our fingers, ask us about it!

In our IDL, we have learned about deforestation in the world’s rainforest. We were shocked at how many things we benefit from that are found in the rainforest, like coffee, chocolate and even medicine!! We were sad that deforestation meant that we would be losing out on these great things and we are determined to spread the word about saving the rainforest! We are also planning an experiment in P3LH, we discussed what plants need to grow and how we know this is true. We decided to prove this and we are going to grow cress under a range of different conditions. Find out on our blog next week, what happens to our cress!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog.

Mrs Hunter & P3LH

This week in P4/5EG!

We have had a busy week of learning in P4/5EG!

This week during IDL we have been learning about food chains, we learned about what animals eat (Alexandra). We made our own food chains out of paper plates (Brandyn).  We finished our adverts this week, they were about global warming (Emma). Our adverts were to try and stop people damaging animals homes (Keira).

In numeracy this week, the extreme group have been learning how to write numbers up 100,000 in words (Hassan). To make sure we don’t forget about our last topic, we revised rounding by playing rocket rounding (Jaxon). We also played ‘who wants to be a hundredaire’, this game helped us learn about place value(Jaxon).

In numeracy this week we also have been learning about pie charts, we asked 16 people what their favourite foods and animals are (Lacie).

In literacy we done hot seating, our class members were turning into ‘the grandmother’ from ‘the witches’ (Aaron). We asked ‘the grandmother’ questions, to learn more about a character in our story (Ruvimbo). In reading we finished our book and moved onto a new one, our new book is called ‘mission victory’. Haris thinks that the characters in the story will think they have caught all the Virens, but there will still be some hiding.

This week we wrote a report about fresh water or salt water habitats (Eray). Eray done a report on fresh water, he learned about some animals that live in fresh water.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog!

Our Week in P4FM!

In maths this week, we have been learning to subtract 2 digit numbers from other 2 digit numbers using jump strategies (Colton) At first, we found it a bit confusing (Ciaran) but as the week went on it got easier to understand (Abbey) By the end of the week, we’d got used to it and just cracked on with it!  (Aimee) Next week we are learning about time. I feel confident about it !(Liam).

In our rainforest topic, we grouped animals according to their characteristics. We learned about Vertebrates (animals with a backbone, including us!- Abbey) and Invertebrates (animals without backbones – Liam) We sorted pictures of animals under the correct headings -( Aimee) and were amazed at all the different types (Lilli).