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New Digital Mental Wellbeing Service Launched

Dear Parents/Carers,

Clackmannanshire Council has launched new Mental Wellbeing Services for our pupils and their families. Please find information attached:

  • Shout – Available for anyone aged 5-26 by texting ‘Clacks’ to 85258, 24 hours a day. Common issues include feeling sad, lonely, anxious, bullying, relationship problems, self-harm and suicide, but any issue can be dealt with.
  • Togetherall – Safe online community that is moderated by trained clinical staff. Available for anyone aged 16-26. 

Further information can be found on the attached interactive PDF, or by following Clacks Education Psychology Services on Twitter (@ClacksEPS)


This week in P7D

Literacy- In literacy this week we did a reading comprehension assessment. One was a fiction piece about a tragic love story and the other a non-fiction text about Brazil. We used scanning and skimming and constructed structured answers for the questions

Other Curricular Area- In our Task Master afternoon we took part in activities to test our -co-o-ordination skills- we had to transport as many objects as possible across an obstacle course in teams. We also played bean bag golf.

Numeracy- This week we revisited the 4 processes of add, subtract, multiply and divide and did our Daily Mental Maths as well as a lot of mental maths games like, Guess my Number, Around the World and Dice games

This week P7B

This week we have been learning to skim and scan for information using the Brazil reading assessment and the news articles about Leisure Bowl closing. We found out that the Leisure Bowl has been open for 35 years, and will cost over 650,000 to replace and upgrade. We wont have a swimming pool and classes.

We researched swimming, and found out that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, its affordable, a valuable life skill, can save lives and reduces stress and anxiety!

We have been learning about Google-sites, it lets you make your own website, about anything. On Google-sites you can input pictures, information and videos.

At lunchtime on Thursday we started our first writing group where you can write, edit and improve our writing. Here is an extract from one of our writing pieces:

“I had woken up late, so that meant I wasn’t going to get to school on time. Hesitating I leaped out of bed and picked up my clothes that I had ironed the night before from my desk. After getting dressed I ran downstairs and saw soggy cornflakes on the kitchen table, that my mum or dad must have made for me thinking I would be up on time. I ditched the cornflakes and got my pre-made lunch out of the fridge put it in my bag, I grabbed my jacket and house keys shoved my shoes on and sprinted out of the house struggling to lock the door and put my jacket on at the same time.”

This was written by KS P7B

Week beginning 15.3.21 P4D

We have had an excellent first week back after the lockdown.

The weather has been beautiful and we have been outside most days for our daily mile and some other types of learning too.

Today (Friday), we created art work based on ‘The Scream’ by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. We used pencils or pastel crayons to colour using a mixture of hot and cold colours.

We listened to a story called ‘Anna’s Apples’ and came up with some ideas of how we could take our learning forward with our STEM work. We have a mind map on our display now full of ideas: our favourite one was a calming garden which we could fill with beautiful things like lights, plants and fountains.

See you next week!

Provisional Enrolment for Primary 1 in 2021/22

If your child is 5 years old between 1st Match 2021 and 28th February 2022 please enrol your child at your catchment school.

The deadline for enrolment of pupils for the 2021/22 session is 29th January 2021.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, enrolment procedures will look different this year. To ensure we reduce the risks of community infection please click the link below:


Thank you