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This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have been really busy.

We have started our new Health and Wellbeing topic this week called Safety. This was a really good time to start as it was Internet Safety day on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we were learning about Online Safety Day. We were learning to read for information. We had to read a passage about online safety and then we had to answer questions. Did you know you have to be 13 years old or older to have a Facebook account (Tyler)? I thought it was challenging because it was hard finding the answers in the passage (Amy).

We continued our learning about the importance of being safe online. We used drama to act out a performance on how to be safe online. Go to twitter to view one of our videos, but REMEMBER to BE SAFE ONLINE (Alyxs)! I was successful in my performance as the Dad because I told the little girl how to be safe online with strangers (Mac).


In writing this week we linked with our Toys topic and we started to learn about how to write instructions. Our task was to write instructions for making a  paper snail. We explained the materials needed then we wrote out the steps in order. In  our instructions we had to use bossy verbs and time openers (Anabia, Eilidh H). I think I was successful because I had my writing in order (Anika).

This week for one of our topic lessons we were learning to make a timeline. We used past and present toys and had to display them on a line in date order from past to present. I was successful because I managed to put all the toys in the correct date order (Jamie). I found it challenging because we had to put the toys in order (Charlie).


We also started comparing toys from the past and present. We used words to describe our toys and put them in to a Venn diagram to display similarities and differences in how we would describe them. Lots of the toys from the past were wooden.



In Maths we are continuing to learn about fractions. We are learning to identify and colour fractions of shapes and share a single item equally. I was confused when working out fractions using word problems, but I’m not confused now. In my group we shared our strategies and I now get it (Nate)!

We hope you enjoy your week off!  Don’t forget to BE SAFE ONLINE!

We successfully followed instructions this week to make a flapping bird.

From P3/4LS and Miss Stewart




This Week in P6CCLJ

Maths – We have been busy doing lots of work on rounding this week. Group 1 has been rounding decimals to the nearest hundredth (Mia).  Group 2 have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number (Cameron).  Group 3 have been rounding to the nearest 1000 (Bronik).

ICT – On Safer Internet Day we learned about being safe on the internet.  We’ve been learning about asking permission (Ross).

Literacy/IDL/ICT – We have been using a green screen and learning about planets (Allana). In Art we started making drawings of the solar system using oil pastels (Charlie M). We have been putting our research about planets into a non-chronological report and will use these to help us make our scripts so we can present about a planet.  The green screen will make it look like we’re in space! (Addison)

Expressive Arts – In our chanter lessons we learned how to put all the notes together from low G to High A (Leah).

A Guide to Assessment at Sunnyside (click for more info)

Our guide to assessment at Sunnyside is now available under ‘Policies and Protocols‘.

Assessment is an important part of learning and teaching. It helps to provide a picture of your child’s progress and achievements. It
also identifies next steps in learning. Further details on how we collect and use this information can be found using the link above.

Thank you

This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4 LS we have had lots and lots of fun.

In Maths we have been consolidating our learning from October. We had different stations that we moved around at. We had an iPad station where we practiced tessellation skills, making patterns with 2d shapes. We also had a money station where we were practicing buying multiple items and working out the correct change. Lastly we had a building station where we had to make a huge 3d shape working as a team. I enjoyed making the 3d shape with the building kit because I was working on my team work skills (Anika). I liked using the tessellation game because it was fun making patterns (Layla).

In Literacy we have been learning to retell a story. We used the Christmas story as our text and made our own story board. We thought about the 6 main points of the story and drew pictures and sentences in order.  I liked putting the story into pictures because it was like making a screen shot of the story (Charlie).  I found it challenging keeping the story in my head and retelling it in the right order (Jamie).

In art we were learning to make a craft out of different resources. We made a beautiful and amazing Christmas cards. We used old Christmas cards and cut bits off to make new Christmas cards. We used silver paper plates as the base of the wreath and decorated it with pipe cleaners, sharpies, pom poms, green paper, ribbons, gems, pine cones and glitter.  I liked making the wreath, I made mines funny by writing Rudolph the red nose tiger (Michael).

Since we were so good at singing last week, we were asked to sing at a local home, Westlodge Gardens. On Monday we visited the home and sung Let it Snow, Walking in a Winter Wonderland and Faliz Navidad. We stayed a little longer and played numeracy and literacy games that we took with us. We shared these games with the residents of the home and found out interest facts about them. Me and Anika, met a Lady called Cathy, she has been there for 6 years, she went to St Mungos school when she was younger and used to work at a nursery (Eilidh). We cannot wait to visit again (P3/4).

Since it’s Christmas we all had fun at our parties, singing, dancing, playing games and eating ice-poles.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!

Write to you next year!


P3/4LS and Miss Stewart

This week in P3LH

This week in P3LH, we have been very busy. In writing, we have been planning a newspaper article about a very shocking event! A tiger had escaped from a zoo and broke into a classroom! We used the 5 W’s to make sure we included enough details in our writing and descriptive words to make it more exciting.

In reading, the Jaguars have been identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives in their reading book. They went on a word hunt to see how many they could find! Leopards and Butterflies were reading for information, this helped them answer yes/no questions and comprehension questions about their book. All groups were working together to read aloud, using my turn/your turn, this then helped us give each other feedback about our reading skills.

In maths, the mild group has been learning about multiples of 2. We have been practicing counting up in 2’s and using this knowledge to calculate the totals of equal groups. The hot and spicy groups have been counting in multiples of 2’s and 5’s and using this knowledge to create multiplication number sentences.  They also began to look at multiples of 3, we learned a cool way to count in 3’s by using our fingers, ask us about it!

In our IDL, we have learned about deforestation in the world’s rainforest. We were shocked at how many things we benefit from that are found in the rainforest, like coffee, chocolate and even medicine!! We were sad that deforestation meant that we would be losing out on these great things and we are determined to spread the word about saving the rainforest! We are also planning an experiment in P3LH, we discussed what plants need to grow and how we know this is true. We decided to prove this and we are going to grow cress under a range of different conditions. Find out on our blog next week, what happens to our cress!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog.

Mrs Hunter & P3LH