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Provisional Enrolment for Primary 1 in 2021/22

If your child is 5 years old between 1st Match 2021 and 28th February 2022 please enrol your child at your catchment school.

The deadline for enrolment of pupils for the 2021/22 session is 29th January 2021.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, enrolment procedures will look different this year. To ensure we reduce the risks of community infection please click the link below:


Thank you

This week in P2D….

We have been really focussed on talking about our feelings and building emotional resilience. Many of us struggle with getting upset and not knowing how to calm ourselves down. We have been doing lots of fun and interesting activities such as circle times, mindfulness colouring, meditation, yoga and discussions around what we can do to make ourselves feel better.

We have also had some Christmas fun such as making Rudolphs and our amazing Christmas party where we played pass the parcel, musical statues and Christmas corners!

We’re all quite tired and looking forward to a well deserved rest!

Merry Christmas!

This week in P7D

In numeracy this week we were working on financial skills. We learned about bills, taxes, income and expenditure and other things that make being a grown up fun!
In literacy we used our Slow Writing skills to write a story called ‘Alien Abduction’ about 4 teens who encounter aliens. We are now able to use the Slow Writing prompts and create our own word bank independently.
On Thursday afternoon we displayed skills in team working, communication and problem solving during Taskmaster Afternoon. We did a Name that Tune balloon challenge, a balloon relay and a team drawing challenge. The Irises team won with 10 points.

This week in P4M

This week, we have been learning some Christmas spelling words and creating some Christmas paper chains which were linked together round the whole school. This was Miss Belford’s idea and they look beautiful. For our Christmas spelling words, we made posters, wrote sentences on whiteboards and used Look Learn Cover Write and Check to learn the words. (Erin)

We have been developing our writing skills by creating a piece titled ‘My Perfect Christmas’. We made sure our punctuation was correct, we spelt our words correctly and checked over our work. Mrs Penman even came up to the class to say well done as she was so proud of us! (Tia)

Today in PE, we were developing our team work with Mr Foley. Although it was cold we had lots of fun! (Archie)

In numeracy, we were working on balancing equations. Some people were working with numbers to 10 and others were working with equations to 100. We were able to show our working in our jotter which made Miss Darcy really happy. (Amber).


This week in P7D

In numeracy this week we have started to look at financial education. We looked at the history of money and how it changed from bartering to shells, gold and silver and now to cashless currency. We also brainstormed the different ways that we can pay for things and the terms credit and debit.
In literacy the banana group finished their novel and will be writing a persuasive letter recommending it to a classmate. The Coconuts were using connectors to ask and answer questions on their new book. The Apples were being Reading Detectives, taking on roles to analyse their new book, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.
In art we were continuing our observational drawings of animal eyes. We chose from Dragonfly, Zebra, Squid, Iguana, Tiger and Parrot and have moved on from using paint to finishing using pastels and pencils. We also were using our crafting skills creating our characters for our Stop Motion ’12 Days of Christmas’

Week beginning Monday 7th Dec P4M

This week in P4M…

We have performed our Christmas songs and poem – we hope you enjoy watching them!

We were doing number talks a bit differently and learning how to visualise the numbers by drawing shapes to represent 10s and 1s.

In literacy, we were summarising and predicting through our class novel ‘The Wild Robot’. We loved drawing parts of the story using our sequencing skills too!

We learned about the story of Christmas and we took notes on our whiteboards to help us understand the order of events.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


This week in P2D…

In Numeracy, we have been learning about 2D shapes. We have been learning to count the number of sides and vertices and even how to sort them into 2 groups depending on their properties. We can recognise and describe: circles, ovals, squares, triangles, rectangles. pentagons, hexagons and octagons! On the ipad, we played a game on ICT Games called ‘Guess the shape’ – it was very fun! We also listened to the ‘Name the Shape Game’ by Jack Hartmann A LOT!

In Literacy, we have been reading the amazing story of ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. It’s such a beautiful tale and we absolutely loved it. We acted it out with puppets and drew our own story maps. As part of HWB, we passed around our ‘magic paintbrush’ and told each other what we would make with it and why.

We are very much looking forward to the Christmas holidays and our party next week!