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Achievements in P.5AB

We have four more boys who have now run a marathon over the last five weeks. What a super achievement! Well done boys!

At the Bingo Tea, one of our class won £36 and very kindly donated it back to the school. We are so proud of her. Thank you!

This Week in P.5AB

We have been working hard in P.5AB this week. In check in time, some of us are learning to Makaton sign the words to Katy Perry’s song Roar. It’s keeping us busy looking and listening very carefully.


In reading work this week we were using the picture book ‘The Snail and The Whale’ by Julia Donaldson. We had to find pairs of rhyming words and nouns. We know that Nouns are names of people, places and things (Rebecca). In our reading groups we are reading The Demon Headmaster, Rover Saves Christmas and The Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om (Leon). We also tried to find out facts about the rainforest habitat in groups (Michael).

Numeracy and Maths

We played a maths game this week using maths words and numerals and the SPICY group were reading and writing numbers up to Hundred Thousands (Lewis H). We were learning to partition numbers into Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Units in the HOT group (Caiden). The starter activity was adding up in a number pyramid (Lewis H). In the EXTREME group we were counting on a number line including negative numbers (Michael).

IDL – Human Rights

We are learning about Judaism. We learned about the story of Passover (Grace). We found out that the Egyptians were keeping Israelistes as slaves and Pharaoh wouldn’t let them go free (Jorja). God asked Moses to send 10 plagues to the Egyptians (Lily). Pharaoh sent them free but then changed his mind (Lewis K). However, they got trapped at the Red Sea but God saved his people by parting the Red Sea for them to pass (Scott S). We decided that Moses must have been a very strong person who put others before himself and must have been a hero to those he saved (Scott M, Sophie and Lily).

IDL – Natural World

We found out about how food chains work and made our own food chains in our jotters (Aleena). The food chain starts with a producer and that is what the animals eat (Jorja). I know that a consumer is an animal that eats something (Kimberley). This week we were learning about endangered animals. We used Loose Parts outside to design and create a conservation area for an endangered animal. We used lots of different materials. We used pipes and tarpaulins and some of us used rope (Sophie).


We were learning to use patterns and textures in art this week. We showed our learning  (Kimberley). We drew a tiger or giraffe pattern and coloured using oil pastels then cut out a silhouette of the animal and stuck it on top (Lily).

Modern Languages

We moved on to learning about a new French topic this week. We have started learning French words for different colours and we are also learning to sign them in Makaton.

Thanks for reading, we hope you have a nice weekend!

This Week in P.5AB

We have been working hard all week in P.5AB.


We have been learning to write a non-chronological report and this week focused on the desert habitat (Aleena). The largest cold desert in the world is the Gobi Desert and the largest hot desert is the Sahara Desert (Ollie). We have been learning about how to use Clicker 6 to help us to type up our writing (Lewis K) .In reading we have been looking at the book ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson. We made predictions on what we thought it would be about (Kimberley) and, based on the front cover we spotted something really obvious, not so obvious and something another group wouldn’t think of (Scott S). We are going to be using this book to build on our language skills over the next few weeks.

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning to sequence numbers forwards and backwards (Caiden). In the EXTREME group we had to write numbers in words and numerals (Scott M). We were working on numbers up to 1,000,000 (Jorja). In the HOT and SPICY group, we have been counting in 2s and 5s with numbers to 1000 (Sophie).


In our Natural World IDL, we went on an expedition around the playground. We had designed a new animal and made a model habitat then we plotted on a map where another team could find it in the playground. On expedition day, we hunted a new animal and had to carry out lots of tasks on the way (Sophie). Team 1 – Karis, Leon, Kimberley and Ava were the first to locate their new animal.

In our Human Rights and Values IDL we found out about Bear Grylls (Jorja). We found out that when he was younger, he did a skydive but his parachute didn’t open properly and he fell and broke his back in 3 places (Grace).  He never gave up though and he could have stopped but he kept trying in his therapy and made a full recovery. It was like he was in the Learning Pit but he kept on trying  (Sophie). We also found out that his Dad and his wife’s Dad died in the first year of their marriage and he used his Christian faith to help him (Jorja and Lewis H).

Modern Languages

In French this week we moved onto finding out how to say animal names. We can also sign these names in Makaton. We do this every morning and recite these with a partner (Grace).  A dog is un chien (Scott S).

House Meeting

On Tuesday we went to a House Meeting and we were looking for a new House Chant (Lily).  In Dumyat House Scott S had his House Chant picked so we are all proud of him. Aleena also read her chant out in Dumyat House and Miley and Lily read theirs for Inglewood House. What confident pupils! We were told we could buy a House Badge for 25p (Leon).


This month, Lily, Zoe and Michael were the first Superstars of the year. Congratulations to them!


Lewis H was the first person in the whole school to run a marathon over the last few weeks during Daily Mile. We are super proud of him.  Ava also did really well in her gymnastics competition, getting a silver medal for her performance in the Vault and Floor.  Mirren goes highland dancing and encouraged Lily to join. Lily had her first lesson yesterday and enjoyed it.


Thank you for reading about our week. Have a great weekend!

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a busy week in P4/5EG!

We have been really enjoying our class novel, we have read quite a lot of chapters this week (Haris). We used ‘hot seating’ this week. Some members of the class sat on the ‘hot seat’  to become the Grand High Witch (Haris). In the ‘hot seat’ children in the class were transformed into the Grand High Witch (Sophie). The hot seating task was really fun and funny (Lacie). All pupils in the class came up with questions to ask the person in the ‘hot seat’ (Megan).  This task helped us find out more about a character in our story (Danny). We have been doing report writing (Emma). We wrote about Temperate forests or Rain forests this week (Keira).

We have been reading in our reading groups, our books are challenging but interesting (Haris). We have also been reading with P2OD, we went to the library to get story books for our buddies (Brandyn).

In numeracy we done some revision on rounding, we rounded to the nearest 10 and 100 (Jodie). We have been learning how to sequence numbers (Erin). We completed our hinge questions, this got our brains warmed up for sequencing (Eray). Hinge questions help put us into groups for sequencing (Eray).  We answered sequencing questions in our jotters, this helps us learn new things (Haris). We have also been looking at pie charts (Brandyn). We have been playing maths games like buzz (Hassan). We also played unlucky 13 (Marcus), Alaa was our winner!

In IDL this week we split into teams, each person in our team had a job. Our task was to create an advert! (Brooke). We made posters and scripts as a team for our advert (Brooke), then we recorded them (Lacie). Our adverts were about Global Warming, we are trying to stop people using so much electricity (Alexandra). We were researching why Global Warming is happening (Haris) and what the impact of Global Warming is on the planet (Hassan).

Thank you for reading our blog, P4/5 and Miss Gordon.


This week in P4/5EG

We have had a very busy week in P4/5EG!

In numeracy this week we have been learning how to sequence numbers (Alexandra). We completed our hinge questions to find out what group we will be in (Megan). We have been doing sums on our whiteboards, it was fun (Hassan). We completed some revision on rounding, I could remember all about rounding (Eray).

This week we signed our class charter (Jaxon), to show that we all agree with it. Our class charter shows what our rights and responsibilities are (Jaxon).

In IDL this week we looked at habitats  (Marcus). We learned what different habitats look like and what animals live there (Jaxon). In literacy we wrote reports about either the Desert or Polar lands (Danny).I wrote a report on Polar lands, I enjoyed it (Khloe). We learned about silver ants this week ,the sun reflects off them so they can survive in the Sahara Desert at noon. But they can only survive for 10 minutes (Jaxon and Eray).

We also learned about global warming, we learned about how the earth has been getting hotter over the years (Brooke). We decided to each change one thing to reduce our carbon footprint. Brooke recommends playing outside instead of on gadgets to save electricity!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog this week!

Miss Gordon and Primary 4/5.

This Week in P.5AB

It has been a very busy week in P.5AB. We have been learning lots in a variety of different ways.


We have been extending our knowledge of book detectives in reading. We were learning about ‘word finder’ (John).  We have to find a word in the book that we don’t understand and look it up in the dictionary (Jorja). We could then use the words in a sentence that made sense (Lily). In writing we have been looking at reports and we wrote a report about the Polar Habitat (Lily). We know that the land is called tundra and that the ice ice too thick for tree roots to grow (Sophie). Polar bears, snowy owls and penguins can be found in Polar Habitats (Lewis K, Kimberley and Ava). I’m getting better at using my puctuation marks (Scott S).

Modern Languages

We have been continuing our work with the alphabet in French and in Makaton. We are more confident with these and are moving on to looking at how to say different animals in French (Kimberley).

Numeracy and Maths

We were learning to read numbers in digits within 1,000,000 (Scott S). Other people were putting numbers into a sequence. The Spicy group were working with numbers to 10,000 (Kaiden).  The Spicy and Extreme groups were working from a textbook this week. The Mild and the Hot group played a game with dice.

IDL – Natural World

We created our animals and gave them marvellous and amazing adaptations (Grace). We added some information to our lapbooks about the Polar Habitat (Michael). We were learning what animals need to survive in their habitat (Jorja) then we designed some habitats of our own using craft materials. Here are some of our habitat models.


We hope you enjoyed reading about our week. have a great weekend!

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a busy week of learning in P4/5EG!

In numeracy we have been learning the rounding rule (Kacyleigh). We have been learning to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000! (Megan). We have also been using rounding to estimate the answer to addition sums (Danny). To help with our learning we have been playing games, they are fun and they help us learn (Eray). We have also been using ipads and Sumdog to help with our learning in numeracy (Haris).

In literacy we have been completing reading activities on the witches (Megan), we have been predicting what is going to happen next in the story (Haris). We started our reading groups this week, reading groups are fun (Khloe). Reading helps us feel calm (Brandyn). This week we read ‘Little red reading hood’ (Brandyn) and we have been using spark video to create our own stories (Danny).

This week we  wrote a report writing about crocodiles, it was fun (Brooke). We learned lot of facts about crocodiles habitats, what they look like and we learned that crocodiles live in or near the water (Sophie).

In IDL this week we have been learning about habitats (Eray). We looked at where animals live. We watched a video about silver ants and how they can survive in the Sahara desert (Ruvimbo). To show our learning we worked in groups to create a poster about a habitat, we had to use Ipads and books to research for our own information.

Primary 4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P.5AB

It has been a busy week in P.5AB. We have had many successes in school but also some achievements outside school. Rebecca and Grace got into the Lego League club. Zoe won a silver medal in her dancing competition, Rebecca got a place in a gymnastics club and Kimberley has started working with Forefront on their annual pantomime. We are very proud of you!

Modern Languages

We have been continuing our good work learning the alphabet in French and we can sign to it too. We are getting better at it (Grace).


In reading work, we were looking at book detectives work and this week we were being the question master. We had to ask the questions about our book for someone else to answer (Scott S).  We wrote a non-chronological report about crocodiles. Our success criteria was to include relevant facts (Zoe), organise the facts under correct headings (Ollie), use key words (Sophie R) and use punctuation marks (Ava).  I know that a crocodile opens its mouth and looks like it is yawning but it is really cooling its body temperature (Kaiden J). I know that it is a carnivore which means it only eats meat (Scott M). We have also been learning to join small letters onto other small letters in our handwriting (Sophie C). My next step was to keep my joins small and neat (Rebecca).  I want to slow my writing to keep it neat (Ava).

Numeracy and Maths

We have been continuing to work on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 (Lily). The Mild and the Hot group were rounding numbers to 10 to estimate an addition sum (Zoe). That group were also using a new app on the ipads to help them with their learning (Scott M). The Spicy and Extreme groups were using a textbook and writing work in our jotters (Ava). We played a snakes and ladders game and had to round numbers to the nearest 10 on each space on the board (Leon).  We think our next step would be rounding to the nearest 10,000 (Kaiden J).

IDL – Human Rights

We learned the story about Malala (Jorja). We learned that she was speaking out about girls not being allowed an education and that she was very badly hurt by people who didn’t agree with her (Sophie R).  I remember that she was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize (Jorja).

IDL – Natural World

We learned that animals have adapted to survive in their environment. We know that they can have a marvelous movement, deadly defense, perfect home, incredible eating and amazing sense (Scott). We then created a new animal and gave them one of each of these to help it survive.  We are planning an expedition to hide our creatures for another group to find (Kimberley). We also made a lapbook to show what we have been learning about (Scott M).

We look forward to sharing with you next week!

This week in P4/5EG

Welcome to P4/5EG’s blog, this blog will tell you about  what we have been learning in class.

We have been reading our new class novel ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl; our class novel is interesting and quite funny (Jaxon).

In Numeracy we have been learning to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 (Danny). We also learned the rule for rounding numbers which has been really helpful (Keira). To help us learn how to round we have been playing different rounding games (Ruvimbo). In numeracy we also looked at data analysis, conducting a survey, asking people their favorite foods, colour and pets (Caleb).

In Literacy  this week wrote an imaginary story with the title ‘Under the sea’ (Kelsi). To help us with our stories we looked at different pictures of under the sea scenes and used adjectives to describe them (Jaxon). We also listened to an under the sea story to give us some ideas (Emma).

In IDL this week we started our new topic ‘The Natural World’. We watched a video about the different animal groups (Haris). We worked collaboratively to make a poster, each group was given one animal group to find and present information about (Brooke).

This week we got a visit from Warburtons! Warburtons taught us how to eat healthy (Lacie). We learned about how to wash our hands properly before making food (Brooke). We also learned about the health and safety rules in the Warburtons factory (Alexandra) and about the history of Warburtons (Ruvimbo). Everyone ate all their crusts and took home a loaf of bread!

We look forward to sharing our learning next week!

Primary 4/5 and Miss Gordon.