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Primary 3 – Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carer, 

Below is our focus for this term for different areas of the curriculum. I hope you find this information helpful. Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any further help.

Miss I Young (Class Teacher)


Context for Learning – Interdisciplinary Learning

  • Interdisciplinary Topic – Ancient China
  • This term we will be exploring Ancient China – making comparisons and connections between life in China and life in Scotland, delving into the history of the country, investigating past and present and using stimuli such as the great Chinese Dynasties, the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall of China and ancient and modern Chinese inventions. We will learn about Chinese cultures and traditions and analyse and create Chinese artworks, music and texts.


Literacy in Primary 3

  • Revise handwriting ensuring correct letter formation, size and consistency.
  • Revise and consolidate initial sounds and digraphs previously taught
  • Revise digraphs: ai, oa, ie, ee, or, oi, ou, ea, etc.
  • Use phonological knowledge to segment and blend independently in reading
  • Use word attack strategies to break down tricky words in reading and spelling
  • Revise and use comprehension strategies – 3 sharing’s: likes and dislikes; patterns and connections and puzzles
  • Identify the features of a text, share predictions and make observations
  • Listen attentively to others in groups and contribute positively, asking appropriate questions
  • Focus on personal writing: ‘All About Me’ ‘My Family’ and ‘My Weekend’ writing pieces.
  • Developing sentence structure and length through use of punctuation and connectives such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’
  • Adding additional detail and information to sentences through use of nouns and adjectives.


Numeracy & Mathematics in Primary 3

  • Revision of addition/subtraction strategies within 20, extend this is to within 100
  • Revision of numbers to 100: Identification, sequencing, ordering, number before/after and in-between and number bonds
  • Introduction of numbers to 1000
  • Place Value: Partitioning of 2 and 3 digit numbers, looking at Hundreds, Tens and Units
  • Time: Revision of o’clock times using analogue and digital clocks and half past timings, introduction of quarter past and quarter to both on analogue and digital clocks
  • Revision of basic 2D shapes and their properties and introduction to the properties and features of 3D shapes.


Health & Wellbeing in Primary 3

  • Focus on individual wellbeing – recognising and identifying emotions, discussing body sensations associated with emotions and reviewing regulation strategies to help deal with emotions.
  • Developing our understanding of emotions through literacy – using the Agents of Hope programme and Emotionworks Recovery programme
  • Discussions of lockdown memories – likes and dislikes, fears, worries and positives that came from lockdown.
  • Getting to know you activities to unite us as a class and sharing of our personal strengths and goals.


PE in Primary 3 (with Miss Clarkson)

  • receiving passes, travelling with a ball, scoring, protecting goals, looking at speed, respect and tolerance
  • Gymnastics


French in Primary 3 (with Mrs Jacobs)

  • Revision of French greetings, days of the week, months of the year and numbers to 20.
  • Learning French vocabulary through rhyme and song.
  • Starting conversations and sharing preferences, likes and dislikes.

This week in P2/3 Week beginning 07.09.20

Over the last three weeks Primary 2/3 have been getting to know each other. Our class has children who have come from 3 different classes. Everyone has settled well into our routines and is working very hard to show Mrs Cuthbert how much they know and what their likes and dislikes are.

Our focus since coming back to school has been on Health and Wellbeing. Over the first couple of weeks the children worked on producing a lapbook all about themselves. This has included information about their family, interests, ambitions, talents and favourite things. These are now displayed on our wall.


Since starting back we have begun to revise digraphs and phonemes from last year such as qu, ai, oa, ie and oi. We have used the sounds to build words as well as reading and identifying words that contain these sounds.


  • This week we have been revising ‘ee’ and ‘or’. We have been reading and spelling words containing our digraphs. We are linking our phonics digraphs to Jolly Phonics actions. The action for ‘ee’ ‘or’ is a donkey and its ear. Have a look at the illustration below.

Our writing this week focused on our campaign speech for our class rep pupil groups. All children worked very hard to write a speech which would persuade their peers that they were the best person to represent our class. We now have class reps for the following pupil groups:

  • Health Committee
  • Pupil Council
  • WOW Monitor
  • Digital Leader
  • Eco Committee

We also had a good discussion as a class on what genre boxes the children wanted in their class libraries. The genres were very varied and the children are loving having a wide variety of boos to choose from during reading for enjoyment. We have the following genres in our class library:

  • Stories about Jesus and God
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient China
  • Non-Fiction Animal books
  • Julia Donaldson books
  • Oliver Jeffers books
  • Feelings books


Primary 3s have been revising numbers to 100 and Primary 2s have been investigating numbers to 100. All children have been using manipulatives to identify TENS AND UNITS and in some cases HUNDREDS TENS AND UNITS. Again the children are showing a good understanding of this and are making excellent progress.

Another strategy we have been looking at is partitioning. Children are showing a sound understanding of this and are able to explain how they have partitioned the 2/3 digit number and why.

Both P2s and P3s have been revising addition and subtraction strategies. We have also been looking at the language of maths with the different vocabulary that means addition and subtraction.

The children have also been using active games and activities to consolidate and revise maths concepts. Bingo games, loop cards, dominoes and digital technology are firm favourites.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been extending our knowledge of o’clock times and are looking at half past timings on analogue and digital clocks. We are working hard at accurately drawing the hands on half past timings.

Health and Wellbeing

 At Sunnyside HWB has taken centre stage in welcoming the children back. Lockdown has been a challenge and a situation that has been challenging for all children, staff and parents so giving the children the opportunity to discuss lockdown memories, as well as the emotions that this time caused. We have done this through circle times, EmotionWorks recovery programme and our writing.

We have been making an Emotions zigzag book. The children have been writing about different emotions, what triggers these emotions and what we can do to self regulate.

Next week we will be focussing on the Orange Cog which teaches the children all about Emotion Vocabulary.

Through our EmotionWorks lessons and NME lessons we have looked at activities that we can do to help us self regulate We enjoy using playdough and rice in our class.

This week in P3Y…

We have been very busy in P3 this week! We feel that we are all into a great routine and enjoying opportunities to delve deeper into our learning. We have focussed on many interesting curricular areas and we’re very proud of our achievements this week.

During our maths lessons, we have been learning a new strategy to help us with our addition. We can now identify many different ways to make 10’s and apply our knowledge to different types of problems and multi-step questions. We have also been working on our times tables, and we are very confident in counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s! (Josh)

We have spent time this week practicing our spelling words and challenged ourselves to a test on Thursday. Everyone was really pleased with how well they did, it shows us that taking time to practice pays off (Vincent). We have finished our first class novel, Georges Marvellous Medicine. We really enjoyed this book and to demonstrate our understanding and knowledge of the story, we have each written sentences to extend the final chapter. We used picture plans to help us remember details to include in our sentences. (Amelia)

All of our hard work for our interdisciplinary learning (IDL) topic,  Democracy Fortnight, was shown on Thursday during our speeches and presentations of our campaign posters. It was very interesting hearing everyone’s speech and finding out their reasons to why they think they should be voted as class representatives for the pupil groups. We each voted for the best candidate for the role and Mrs Penman announced the winners during Friday’s assembly. We were so pleased for all those that won but also very proud that every member of our class took part (Olivia).

There are so many more wonderful things to come from this hardworking, enthusiastic class – stay tuned! Miss Young.

This Week in P3Y…

A warm welcome to our first blog post from Primary 3Y. It has been another excellent week in P3. We can’t believe we have had 4 weeks in school already! We have been working hard developing our numeracy and literacy skills, as well as concentrating on our health and well being.

In maths, we have been enjoying using the whiteboards to show our workings for addition sums. We are practicing the partitioning strategy which allows us to break down larger values into more manageable numbers such as tens and ones. (Antos)

Whilst reading our class novel, George’s Marvellous Medicine, we have been listening out for adjectives. The author uses them to to add more detail and it makes the story so much more interesting and exciting. We also spent time thinking of our own predictions of what might happen next, and writing sentences to describe our thoughts. (Zac)

During our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) time this week, we have been learning about our rights and responsibilities. We’ve also spent time discussing what makes a great speech. We are putting together information we think will convince our classmates to vote for us as class representatives for groups such as: Pupil Council, Eco Schools, Health Committee, Digital Leaders and WOW Monitors. (Isabella).

We look forward to sharing more of our learning next week – Miss Young.

Guides for using Google Classrooms

With the recent developments around COVID-19, we have begun to implement a digital learning contingency called Google Classrooms.


Please see the videos below for further information:

Via Browser.

Via App:


The app is downloadable for tablets and smartphones via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Via a Ps4:


With Family Link?

How to submit an assignment:

Click for video

Uploading a Photo from PC:

How to upload a photo via iPad:

How to upload from a smart phone:

Classroom Codes:

If it asks for a classroom code, please find these below:

  • P1EC-  fhyvzlu
  • P1HD – 6pbushs
  • P2 – jquqqo
  • P2/3 – ovnxbqf
  • P3IL – Coka4se
  • P3/4 – Isi4hae
  • P4/5 – W44uxcy
  • P5JS – vtrxvaw
  • P5/6TG – In77kyc
  • P6JDW – Z23uzh7
  • P7LS – lvbnrx
  • P7AG – 7tktuz4

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties please contact us. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for frequent updates.

This week in P3IL…

This week in P3IL we have been busy in Maths learning all about place value. We have been learning more about the importance of 0 as a place holder. We have been working to partition numbers so we can see how many hundreds, tens and ones are in a 3 digit number. We have been having lots of fun doing this and playing matching games with dienes counters!

In English and Literacy, we have been having A LOT of fun designing and working on our books more. We have also been working using adjectives to our writing to make it more engaging for the reader.

We have also been working hard on practising for the young scots showcase next week. We hope you can make it to hear our beautiful singing!

In our IDL topic for Romans, we have been learning about Roman Numerals and began to learn how to write some numbers in Roman numerals. We also LOVED P3/4NM’s class assembly today all about if the Romans should run the school!

It has been another brilliant week!

P3IL, Miss Low & Mrs. Jacobs

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well we have been very busy bees this week! From learning all about knights to building our junk model castles to creating a fantastic ‘Hodgeheg’ display, we have been working our socks off! We have also been learning lots in Literacy and Numeracy. Let us tell you all that we have been learning this week…


Olivia – In writing we wrote about knights – we wrote about being a page, squire and knight.

Dylan – Some people were learning to use Clicker6 to help with writing.

Sky – We were also learning our sounds – wa, ou and ea.

Channing – We were learning to visualise. Miss Smith read a book and we had to imagine what the pictures would be. It was a book about identity.

Erin – We have been reading ‘The Hodgeheg’ and we created a big display full of hedgehogs.


Alex – We have been learning to tell the time. We can tell o’clock times and half past times.

Cody – We have been learning to weigh things to see if they are light or heavy.

Emile – We were learning to weigh using balancing scales to see if we could find things lighter, heavier or about 1/2kg.


Lucie – We have been making model castles up in the art room. We have been using junk to make our castles.

Konard – We included a working drawbridge on our model and a portcullis.

Amber – We have been learning about knights.

Channing – We learned about pages – you had to be 7 to be a page. They had to use toy swords to learn how to use proper swords when they are older. They also played with hunting birds.


This week in P3/4NM

We have been extremely busy this week, with the majority of our work focusing upon getting ready for our Assembly.
– “We practised in the gym hall using our props.” (Mah Noor)
– “We were in the gym hall so we could practise our movements.” (Harry)
– “We got better by practising the songs.” (Callan)

We did a lot of Art this week, to prepare for the assembly.
– “We made the props that we will need and we worked on creating mosaics.” (Emma)

We continued working with Amy as part of the Youth Music Initiative.
– “It was our 2nd last week with Amy.” (Ava)
– “We sang the song ‘Adam and Eve'” (Carly)
– “We were singing ‘The White Cockade’ and we talked about what it was about.” (Erin)
– “We learned some verses of Auld Lang Syne and learned that it means ‘a long time ago’ or ‘in days gone by’. (Lily and Oscar)

See you at our assembly tomorrow!!

This week in P3IL…

We have had another brilliant week in P3IL! In Maths and Numeracy we have been working on writing and identifying fractions.  We have also began to work on a bit more on place value and understanding the importance of 0 as a place holder. We have been doing a variety of different activities based on this and will continue to work on this next week.

In English and Literacy, we have been doing a variety of activities to build on our spelling, handwriting and reading throughout the week. In honour of world book day, we have began to write a book (imaginative story) that features ourselves so we are VERY excited to show you that!

In art and design we have been learning about the importance of colour when illustrating and designing the covers of our books. We have been looking at what message we want out covers and illustrations to convey and what moods different colours communicate.

The costumes for world book day were absolutely phenomenal and made teaching a little tricky that day as Miss Low couldn’t stop laughing at the brilliant outfits. Thank you for all the hard work and time you may have put into the costumes!

We have had a brilliant week and look forward to next week!