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This week in P3LH

We have had a busy week in Primary 3.

In maths, we have been looking at the value of numbers. The hot and spicy group were learning about the more than, less than and equal to symbol. We know that Charlie the crocodile is very fussy and only eats big numbers! The hot and spicy group have also been learning to skip count, we practiced skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and 3s and 4s. I noticed that this helped us with our times tables (Ben). In mild group, we were learning to say the next 2 or 3 numbers in a sequence. We used a hundred square to help count forwards and backwards.

In literacy, we watched a short film called the Present. The Present was a little boy who always played videos games and never went out to play. Then his mum got him a puppy to try and encourage him to go out and play (Ava). The boy discovered that the dog was missing a paw, this was special to him because he also was missing a leg (Callan). We spoke about the importance of kindness, equality and friendship.

In writing, we are learning about the features of a newspaper article. This week we were creating headlines that were short, snappy and interesting to hook our readers in. We looked at pictures and tried to create exciting headlines for them. We are building up to write a newspaper article about the rainforest.

In health and well being we are learning about the importance of teamwork. It is important to work in a team so you can have more fun, get things done and challenge yourself (William). Our task was to use Loose Parts Play to make shelters in a team. We pretended we were explorers in the rainforest and needed to seek shelter (Lily).  Our shelter had to have a roof, it had to fit everyone inside and it had to be unique. The weather made things tricky, the wind kept trying to blow away all our materials but we worked as a team and managed to build some super shelters! We even worked as a whole class team to make a class shelter.

In IDL, we learned to use a search engine to find information about different rainforest animals. We wrote down the information in our Learning Journey jotters and then used this information to draw a picture of our animal.

We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you all next week!

From P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have enjoyed our week in school. In numeracy we have been learning to build and describe numbers. The spicy group are learning to build numbers using 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s. The hot group have been using 100s, 10s and 1s. The mild group have been using 10s and 1s. We have been writing down, standard form, expanded form, picture form and word form of numbers. I like playing the basketball place value game because it is fun and I like it when the basketball goes through the hoop when I get it right (Alyxs).

In reading we are learning to predict what is happening in our stories. We have been looking at the front covers for clues and then the pictures throughout the book.

In writing we have been learning how to write a simple story independently using our V.C.O.P skills. My story was about Joe who went to space in a rocket. He met an Alien and they became friends (Jamie).

In IDL we told Miss Stewart what and how we wanted to learn  in our new topic called The Rainforest. We want to learn more about animals and what they eat. We also want to learn about the different levels of the forest. On the iPads we went on Google Earth to find the Amazon Rainforest. Did you know that the Amazon River is over 4000 miles long? (Nate).

Have a great week. We hope you enjoyed our blog.

From Miss Stewart and P3/4LS

This week in P3LH

Welcome to P3LH’s blog, this blog will share what we have been learning about this week.

We have been reading ‘Disney’s Inside Out’ which has been teaching us about how to manage our emotions. We made our own personality islands to show how we are unique.

In numeracy, we have been learning ordering and sequencing numbers. In the mild group, we have been learning to count up to 30 using tens and cubes. We have been learning to partition 2 digit numbers to show how they are made. In the hot group, we have been ordering 3 digit numbers from smallest to largest. We know if the hundreds are the same we need to look at the tens to help put them in order. In the spicy group, we have been learning the place value of 4 digit numbers and sequencing them from smallest to largest using hundreds, tens and units to help us.

In reading, we were introduced to the Book Detectives. This is where everyone has a job to do to help us understand the book we are reading. The jobs are the Illustrator, the Questioner, the Clarifer, the Leader, the Summariser and the Predictor. We are looking forward to taking on these roles in our reading!

In IDL, we learned how to identify living and non-living objects. We know something is living if it breathes, it reproduces, it eats, its grows and it moves. We went outside to the playground to see what we could find! We found ants, people, dogs, leaves and rocks! We were able to split these into living and non-living objects. We also used what we have learned so far to draw a picture of the rainforest, we had to make sure it was colorful and realistic!

We look forward to sharing our learning next week!

Mrs Hunter and P3LH



This week in P3/4LS

P3/4LS have been enjoying fun activities in school. In Numeracy and Maths we have been learning to sequence. The Mild group have been sequencing within 100, the Hot group have been counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s and the Spicy group have been learning to go backwards and forwards within numbers to 1000. We have enjoyed using the iPads (Charlie).

In Literacy we have been reading our class novel, The Enchanted Wood. We are creating our own magical tree and have drawn around our hands for leaves. Inside we have written what we want to achieve this year. We also created our own characters using the author’s style. My character is called Long Hair because she has long hair (Anabia).

For our SHANARRI topic we used loose parts play to make shelters. We also made posters about being safe online. For our responsible lesson we went on a litter pick in our playground because we were learning about why it is important to keep our environment clean and tidy.

Please don’t litter in our playground.

Have a lovely week; we look forward to sharing next week- Miss Stewart and P3/4LS.