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This week in P7LS…

This week in our P7 blog we have lots to write about as we have had a very busy week.

This week in IDL we have been learning to put together our remembrance assembly (Ewan). We have been rehearsing the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. We have also been learning our assembly scripts for our assembly (Seren). On Friday we performed our assembly (Aila). We were successful with our learning because we managed to perform our assembly to the whole school (Logan). I think I was successful because I said my part with accuracy and fluency (Lachlan). I felt I was successful in learning the poem because I practised this a lot and I could say this off by heart without the words (Georgia).

In PE we have been learning to use our strength and balance (Ethan). Using spring boards and our gymnastic skills, we have been balancing and strengthening up our bodies (Ethan). I was successful because I managed to keep a balancing position for 5 seconds (Maria). I was successful because I used different types of balances (Euan).

In Maths we have been learning to add mentally (Umar). We started off the week adding whole numbers, 3 digits by 2 digits and then we moved on to adding decimals (Euan). We used our place value counters to help us add our decimal fractions (Nieve). I personally think I need more practise with adding decimals and I will keep using the counters to help me (Caleb). It was challenging using the counters because it takes longer making sure all the correct counters are in the right column (Sean).

In  Literacy we have been learning to use metaphors (Lachlan). We had sentences on the board and we had to identify the metaphors with a green tick and put a red cross next to the similes (Georgia). I needed a lot of help but I started to understand this at the end (Cerys). I found it challenging because I didn’t understand it at first, I will keep trying (Max).

On Tuesday this week we went to Alloa Academy to visit the business and computing department (Leah). We were learning to use excel and use a formula to add and multiply. Unfortunately we had some issues getting logged on and we did not complete all of our tasks. We are looking forward to completing the tasks back in class (P7).

Thank you for reading. Next week we are looking forward to Max in the Middle visiting.


P7 and Miss Stewart


This Week in P7LS…

Another busy week…

In Numeracy we have been learning to calculate area. On Tuesday we went outside for Maths, we used a meter stick and trundle wheel to calculate area (Summer, Aila). We learned that a hectare has 1-100 10×10 squares, which is 10,000m2 (Maria). Some of us measured the area of the football pitch in the playground, it is 480m2.


On Thursday for Halloween we made a floor plan of a haunted house and calculated the area of each room and the whole house. We also used alliteration to name the rooms. I was successful in calculating the area because I used my knowledge of times tables and my knowledge of A=LXB (Aila, Maria).


In reading we have been working on whisper reading. Whisper reading is when you read out loud so you can hear yourself but not too loud that others hear you (Nathan, Summer and Maria).

As we have been learning about poetry, we also went outside to create a sound poem. You used what we could hear in the playground to create this

In IDL we have creating silhouette chalk art. I was successful because I used colour, tone and shading with the chalk and designed and cut out a silhouette (Nathan). I enjoyed using art in learning as I asked for more art in last week’s evaluation (Summer).

Next week we are hosting the Remembrance assembly, so this week we have been organising our powerpoint and learning a poem called “Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae (Maria).

.Thank you for reading.

P7 and Miss Stewart

This week in P7LS…

On Monday in Maths we started learning about decimal fractions. We were learning about place value past the decimal point. We took part in daily 10 quizzes, converting fractions to decimal fractions. We used place value to play a game with a pack of cards. We had to turn over 6 cards and we had to make the highest or lowest number. The person with the highest or lowest got the point. I found it a bit easy because I was quick at arranging numbers in order (Leon). I was successful with decimal fractions because I can now convert fractions to decimal fractions (Seren). Although I found it challenging at first I became successful in decimal fractions after the teacher explained it to me. I can now round decimals (Aila).

On Monday in IDL we were learning about communication in WW2. We listened to two different types of music, one was very upbeat while the other one was sad and slow (Maria). I preferred Chattanooga Choo Choo because it was very upbeat, fast and I liked the rhythm (Euan). I liked Vera Lynn White Cliffs of Dover because it was slow, it made me feel happy and hopeful (Seren).

Later in the week we were learning about Remembrance and why this is significant. Using our knowledge of remembrance we had to create a poem which had to include figurative language and emotions (Maria). I was successful because I used emotive language and description (Euan). I think I was successful because I used alliteration and teacher feedback to uplevel my work (Lachlan).

This week we were reminded about alliteration and we also learned about propaganda posters. Using our alliteration skills we designed propaganda posters (Maria, Euan). I was successful because I used alliteration appropriately and effectively to create a persuasive poster (Maria, Euan). I enjoyed making posters and I successfully used alliteration (Leah).

I hope you enjoyed another week in primary P7LS and look forward to next weeks blog.

From P7 and Miss Stewart

This week in P7LS…

We have been doing a lot of exciting things in P7 this week.

This week in IDL we have been learning all about The Blitz in WW2 and how it started. On Monday we watched a video to get an idea on what the Blitz was like (Georgia). We also had to research using our knowledge of  digital technology to answer question on Anderson Shelters (Martyna, Cerys and Georgia). I was successful in using a search engine to search facts (Georgia). I found it a little challenging to pull out important points of the text (Cerys).

On Tuesday we used our Maths knowledge of perimeter to go outside and use the loose parts to build an Anderson Shelter (Max). We were given a 6m perimeter for the task. We had to use meter sticks and trundle wheels to mark out our perimeter (Martyna, Max). It was quite challenging to find pieces to build the shelter with (Martyna). Me and my group were successful because we marked out the perimeter (Max).

On Tuesday’s writing lesson we were learning to use description in our writing. We had to write a paragraph describing the Blitz (Euan). We had to include ambitious vocabulary and ambitious vocabulary (Aila). We also had to use onomatopoeia and similes to add description to our writing (Nieve). I found it challenging because it was hard to think of onomatopoeias (Leah). I was successful by managing to include two similes (Aila). I found it difficult to include lots of describing words and ambitious vocabulary (Euan). I think I was successful because I used lots of describing words and ambitious vocabulary (Nieve).

On Thursday during PE we used self assessment on how we think we have done during our rugby lessons (Ewan). We had to use green, amber or red to self assess (Lachlan). I was successful because I thought about my rugby skills (Jayden). We also played a game of bench ball (Leon).

During both health and wellbeing lesson we learned about women’s health. It can feel awkward talking about it when you’re a boy but I feel like I know more about it now (Ewan).

Yesterday, for the first time, we learned German with Mrs Coons (Umar). Mrs Coons gave us a paragraph about her and we had to translate this into English (Maria). We were successful because we used our inference skills to work out what the words were in English (Seren). Schottland is Scotland (Umar). Tschuss is Bye (Seren). Meerschweinchen is guinea pig (Maria).

We are looking forward to our Holiday. Have a nice holiday everyone.

From P7 and Miss Stewart


This week in P7LS…

This week was evacuee week in P7.

In Numeracy this week we have been learning how to tell the time. We have been working from textbooks and using Education City to help us with out learning (Aila). I was successful in reading time because I can count backwards and forwards in minutes, seconds, hours, months and years (Maria, Euan).  I find learning about time fun because today we worked in groups to find out the time in other countries and how long it takes to get there (Halle).


In Writing we were learning to write a diary entry. We had to write a diary entry as if we were a WW2 evacuee. I was successful because I managed to include thoughts and feelings (Aila). I was successful because I wrote in first person (Nathan). I was successful because I used “Dear Diary” (Maria). We had to make it include billions of emotions so that we really captured the essence of what it was like to be a real evacuee (Maria, Euan).

In Literacy we were learning to use onomatopoeia. We had to create a comic strip on the life of an evacuee at the time of the war. I was successful because I used onomatopoeic language in all of my comic strip boxes (Georgia, Sean).  

In IDL art we were learning to use more of the visual elements. We learned about an artist called Picasso. We are creating paper sculptures. We used colour, line and shape to add depth and emotion to our faces as we want to covey the emotion of an evacuee. I have been using different patterns and using purples, blues and black to show a depressed emotion of an evacuee’s feelings (Ewan). I think mines is good so far because i am using lots of shapes (Max). I am looking forward to completing the sculptures, I think mines is pretty good because I have used different shades in the design (Ethan).




We are looking forward to next week.

From P7 and Miss Stewart


This week in P7LS…

This week we have been learning lots in our new topic WW2.

We have been learning to use the internet as a research tool. On Monday in groups we had questions about how the war started and we had to find the answers (Umar). I think we were successful because we were able to find the information to answer the questions accurately (Nieve). We were successful in finding the right website to help us with our learning (Caleb).

We continued with our learning intention throughout the week and we were asked to make a poster about a certain country that was  involved in WW2 (Martyna). We were successful because everyone put effort in to the posters and they were all full of information (Ethan).







In Writing we have been linking our topic to our work. This week we were learning to write a newspaper article. We were to write an article about the start of the war and the date of the article was the 4th of September ( Cerys, Maria ). We were successful because we included headings that were short and snappy. We were successful because we included true facts and information ( Cerys ).

In Numeracy we have been learning to multiply. We were learning new and different strategies to find the answer to our questions (Maria ). At the beginning of the week I couldn’t do one digit multiplied by two digits but now today I managed to multiply two digit by three digits, I was so proud of myself ( Cerys ).

We hope you enjoyed are blog we will give you another update next week.

From P7 and Miss Stewart

This Week in P7LS…

This week was awesome!

This week two people came in to our school from Max in the Middle. We played a few games and learned a little bit about Max in the Middle (Josh). We are looking forward to them coming back in November (Caleb).

In Numeracy we are learning to multiply. We learned to use a few different strategies to multiply single digit with double digits and double digits with double digits (Ethan). One of the strategies you have to double one and half the other (Ethan). It was fun because we didn’t understand it on the first day but on the second day we tried more examples and got it (Sean). It was hard at the beginning but it got more fun as we got more in to it (Nathan). We also played a multiplication  games, where we chose a timetables and had to answer questions as quick as possible. We are going to try get quicker at answering the questions the more we play (Jayden).

In Literacy we have been reading our new novels. I am reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and I think it is exciting so far (Max). I am reading The Girl of Ink and Stars. I am really enjoying it because it is a mystery on an island where a best friend disappears (Summer). I am reading Super Fudge. I think it’s good because it is funny (Scott). I’ve been reading Moonlocket. I think the book is really mysterious and dangerous because one of the main characters escapes prisons (Sean).

This week we found out what topic we will be learning about. We also had to write down what we already knew, how we wanted to learn and what we want to know (Logan). I think I will really enjoy the topic because I’m interested in it (Leon).

This week in PE we have been learning to play touch rugby so we can practise for the rugby tournament (Sean). I find it really fun (Finlay). I think it is fun because it is a sport and I enjoy sport (Alex).

Below is our term 1 curriculum newsletter.

P7LS Curriculum Newsletter Aug to Oct, 2019

We hope you have a good weekend.

P7 and Miss Stewart

This week in P7LS…

We really enjoyed this fun week in P7.

This week in Numeracy we have continued to learn about place value. We have been ordering numbers, rounding numbers and estimating. This week we played shops and became alien supermarket workers and customers. We bought items from planet Zog and bought items using scroops. Customers were given tokens that increased or decreased the value of the items. We had to tell the shopkeeper how much the new price would be. I found it challenging when we had decrease the numbers (Martyna). I found it fun learning through playing games rather than textbooks (Jayden). I found it challenging to subtract during the shop keeper game (Euan).  I like playing the ‘What is my number’ because we had to ask questions to find out the number (Summer).







This week we finally got our new group reading books. We got a selection of books and in our groups we had to read the blurb and then vote on our favourite book.  After choosing our new book we made predictions on what we thought the book would be about. It was a bit challenging because you had to find lots of detail to try and get a detailed prediction (Umar). I was successful because I used the blurb and the front cover to make a prediction (Leah).

Using our class novel we were learning to write a letter. This week we wrote a letter to our 2%ers. These are people that are positive and make us happy. I found it challenging to start to start the letter off (Finlay). I was successful because I had an address and I started with ‘Dear’ (Josh).

This week for Buddies we helped them decorate leaves for their Fairyland topic. This is for their display in their classroom. Me and my little buddy enjoyed it because it was fun (Josh). Me and my little buddy enjoyed it as it was nice starting activity to do with them (Ewan). Some of us enjoyed getting paint on our hands and using our fingertips to paint (Nathan).

Our SHANARRI topic has now come to an end. This week were learning how to be safe online and we have made something for our buddies to make them feel included.

We are looking forward to finding out what our new topic is and starting it.

From P7 and Miss Stewart

Homework- W.C. 2.9.19 P7

Homework W.C. 2nd September  

Your homework this week is to prepare for your House Captain speech for the next house meeting in September.  Your speech should be a minimum of 2 minutes but no longer than 4 minutes long. You may create a  poster to go alongside but you do not have to.  

Things to consider: 

  • How will you present your speech? 
  • Your target audience 
  • What will you do as House Captain? 
  • Elaborate on ideas 

Take a look at the powerpoint below for ideas on how to structure your speech:

house-captain-speech-writing-help (1)

Or look at these examples of speeches using the link below: 


Additional homework tasks: 

  • Read your chill book daily 
  • Go on top marks to improve your knowledge of times tables. 

Any Questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

From Miss Stewart and Miss Gillon.

This week in the P7LS…

This has been a great first full week back at school (Lachlan). I really like the way everything is set out, it makes it look like a P7 classroom (Ethan).

This week in Maths we have been learning to partition numbers up to hundreds of millions and identify the value of our digits. We have been using textbooks, show me boards, place value boards and games on education city to help us with our learning.  I think I have succeeded because we have been marking with partners and working out answers together when we’ve made mistakes (Cerys, Nieve). I was successful because I was able to identify the value of all the digits (Ethan). I was successful because I was able to read the numbers and there was more than one way to find the answer (Sean).

In IDL we have been using SHANARRI as our context for learning.  We have designed our class charter and come up with our rights and responsibilities (Nieve, Cerys). We have learned what all the letters stand for in SHANARRI. For active, we have been tracking our daily miles scores so we cant try to improve. We have been looking at growth mindset for healthy minds. We have been discussing the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. I think we were successful at coming up with a class charter as everyone worked together to design and create it (Maria). I was successful because I know the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset (Ethan).

We have been reading A Diary of a Brilliant Kid a our class novel. We have been using this to help us with our literacy. We were learning to write a newspaper article. We had to imagine we were a 71 local hero and write about what we were famous for.  I think I was successful because I had bold headings and subheadings (Logan).  I was successful at drawing an accurate picture that represented what I had written in the article (Ewan T).  I was successful at including interesting fact in my article (Aila). We were also learning to write a personal piece of writing. We had to imagine 20 years from now and what our lives would be like in two different scenarios.  One where we did not pay attention at school and the other where we tried really hard. I was successful at writing because I wrote in first person (Logan). I think I was successful because in my writing I had thoughts and feelings (Seren).

Thank you for reading our blog. Keep coming back every week, stay tuned for more (Nathan, Halle)!

From P7 and Miss Stewart