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This Week in P2W…

We are loving being back at school  after the holidays. Below is a snapshot of some of our learning from this week…


Numeracy & Maths – we can use number lines to answer  subtraction sums and we started to write out the addition and subtraction sums for fact families.  We can recognise the properties of 3D objects e.g. faces, edges and vertices.


Literacy – during  our Grammar lesson we were working on initial consonant blends.  We are getting good at this and enjoyed using the consonant blend wheels to make real words and nonsense words.  We also loved reading the story Joy by Corrinne Averiss.  Before reading the story we looked at the picture on the front cover and made predictions about what the title might be.  After reading the story we had a lot of discussion then started making our own Jars of Joy.  We had to think about the people, places and things that bring us joy.  


HWB – we started learning about Friends and Friendship as part of our RSHP lessons.  This week we were thinking about what we want from a friend and what kind of friend we can be.


Daily Mile – we have all really enjoyed starting this and now know the route.


IDL – we are learning about Scotland and have started making our own McCoo artwork, inspired by the artist Steven Brown.


French – we started learning how to say some body parts in French.  We have been working on head, shoulders, knees and feet so far.  Can you guess why???


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This week in P4S

This week in Art we have been learning to mix paint to get tints (Nadia). Tints are when you add white to a colour to make it lighter (Nikola).  I was successful in making tints as each box had a different colour (Eli).


In P.E. we played a game called rounders.  I like rounders (Evin).  Someone would stand in first base, second base, third base and someone would hit the ball with a racket then run to first base before the ball gets there (Nadia)


In Numeracy this week we have been looking at grid references today (Jaiden).  We played a game with counters and it was really fun (Ayleigh) Two people were in each team and each group had counters.  Both groups put their counters on their grid and we took it in turn to guess where on the grid the counters were e.g. A4.  If we guessed correctly we got to keep the counter. The team with the most counters were the winners (Ellie)

We revised 2D shapes yesterday and sorted them on a Carroll diagram depending on how many vertices and edges they had (Daniel).


This week in Literacy we were learning about speech marks. There are 4 rules like when someone new starts talking you go to the line below, always start with a capital letter inside the speech marks, you only include the speech and not words like shouted or said and always include the punctuation before the last speech mark. (Reggie)


We have been revising how to say colour names in French then say whether we love, like, don’t like or hate a colour (Kacey).  Today we had a challenge where we have to say please and thank you in French all day (Abbaigh).  The words to say please are s’il vous plait and merci is thank you (Reggie)

This week in P6M


Today we were calculating the range, mode and median (Colton).

We have been learning how to calculate pi and the circumference of a circle (Marilena).

Some of us also calculated the radius of a circle (Anika).


We finished our class novel The Nowhere Emporium then wrote a sandwich book review (Lilli).

Each slice is a different part of the book review.  The top slice (bread) is the book title and each filling is something like a summary or favourite part or setting (Erin).

We were working on the difference between plurals and possession then we started using apostrophes to show plural noun possession (Ben).


We continued with Sophie’s story and were learning about consequences (Kayley).


We continued practising counting to 79 in French and started to learn how to say the alphabet.  We then had to spell our first name (Anika).

In German we continue to write our weather reports (Liam).


We have been researching and making posters about the brain (Layla).

We also make our own optical illusion pictures (Thomas).


This week in P6M


We started learning about the radius and diameter of circles.  The radius is half of the diameter.  The diameter is from one side of the circle to the other going through the middle.  We also looked at bar graphs, line graphs and trend graphs and practised reading different scales on the frequency axis.  (Thomas, Marilena, Liam, Alexandria and Amelia)



We have been using apostrophes to show possession.  We also practised joined handwriting.  (Thomas, Marilena, Liam, Alexandria and Amelia)




We were learning about love and what it means.  We watched a video called Choices for Life about peer pressure and had to speak about what we would do in different situations.  We had to identify when Sophie was under peer pressure and what she could have done.  (Erin, Michael, Abbey)



We were learning about different parts of the brain.  The frontal lobe is responsible for personality and social interactions.  The optical lobe processes light.  The temporal love is your long term memory. The parietal lobe is responsible for feeling pain, coldness, warmth and touch.  We were taking notes from a presentation and will use this information next week. We also made leaflets on Publisher about not smoking.  (Ciaran, Zak, Maya, Sean, Anika, Layla)



In French we have been learning numbers to 79 then we ordered number words from soixante to soixante-dix-neuf.  We also learned how to say I love, I like, I don’t like and I hate.  We used these to give our preferences about colours.  (Murray, Nate, Aimme and Keeley)

We made weather maps to show what different types of weather are in German.  These helped us understand how to say the weather in German.  (Abbey and Erin)

This week in P6M


In numeracy we enjoyed playing bingo working out percentages of an amount and playing Countdown.  We also did some assessments and everybody was trying hard.  Anika and Liam




During imaginative writing we had to continue a story in the same style as the writer.  We wrote about an octopus that attacked a city.  We also practised our handwriting and answered comprehension questions, making sure we explain our reasons.  Colton, Lilli, Marilena and Nate




During our IDL lessons we were learning about the lungs.  We continued making PowerPoints about them and how they work.  We also watched a video and listened to a song about the lungs.  Michael, Zak, Amelia and Ben.



In German this week we have learned about the weather.  Wie ist das Wetter? is the question you ask if you want to know ath the weather is.  You could say es ist kalt (it is cold), es ist heiβ (it is hot), es ist sonnig (it is sunny), es ist windig (it is windy), es regnet (it‘s raining) and es schneit (it’s snowing).  In French we learned to count up to 79.  We also practised having a French conversation asking what is your name, how old are you and where do you live?  Erin, Maja, Alyxs and Kaleb

This week in P6M


This week we have learning how to tell the time – half past and quarter past (Alyxs)

Some of us have been doing algebra (Alexandria). We have been solving equations and finding the value of x (Marilena)


We have been identifying features of characters in our reading books and class novel (Kieran)

When we were reading The Nowhere Emporium we had to work out if we could trust the different characters (Abbey).

Today we were learning when to add an apostrophe to show possession (Anika)


We were learning about the lungs.  With a partner we are making a PowerPoint on the lungs (Lilli).  I found out the right lung is bigger than the left so the heart can fit in the chest (Amelia) and that lungs float on water (Zak).

We have also learning about different parts of the heart, how it pumps blood  and how blood goes into the lungs and gets oxygenated (Michael)


We were learning about body positivity.  You shouldn’t be ashamed if you reach puberty at a different time to others and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to supermodels. (Thomas)

For the last couple of weeks we have been creating our own Tree of Life.  Today we added the things we enjoy doing and the people who have encouraged us and taught us in life (Colton)

During PE we have been running and getting our fitness up (Layla)


We were learning how to greet people at different times of the day.  You say bonjour until the afternoon, bonsoir at night and when you say good night to someone you say bonne nuit.  (Sean)


This week in P6M

In Literacy this week for daily writing we had to continue a story in the style of an author.  We also identified the features of wanted posters and newspaper reports.  We created our own wanted posters about a character from our class novel, The Nowhere Emporium.  A newspaper report has a headline, contains facts and opinions, quotations, photos and captions (Aimee, Marilena, Lilli and Anika)

In Maths we learned about the RUCSAC problem solving method.  RUCSAC stands for Read Understand Choose Solve Answer Check it.  We had to pick a word problem then use this method to solve it.  Using the RUCSAC method helped me to understand the question (Erin).

For IDL we were working in pairs or trios to build towers from A4 paper, glue and tape.  They had to be strong, tall and creative (Sean).  It was fun but also annoying as they kept falling down (Kaleb).

We were also researching volcanoes by using the internet and books.  We made posters with the facts we found out (Abbey).

In our Modern Languages lessons we revised our learning so far in German.  During our French lesson today we learned how to say Easter words and about the Easter tradition of Easter eggs brought by bells.

w/c 15 March 2021 in P6M

We have enjoyed being back at school.  Things we have particularly liked this week include seeing our friends, being back together as a class and getting back into a routine.  When we returned to class on Monday we started the week by identifying our classroom rules.  We also discussed and wrote about our lockdown experiences, comparing them to the first lockdown, and set ourselves goals for the remainder of P6.


Over the course of the week we created self-portraits in the pop art style of Roy Lichtenstein.  We enjoyed this art activity as we got to draw in a different style, it was fun to see how other people draw and we are proud of our artwork.


Our Ratatouille themed afternoon was a great way to learn.  We recreated models of the Eiffel Tower using construction materials, researched other landmarks in Paris, wrote instructions how to make soup and played French games to practise our French.


Mrs Mullen set us a STEM challenge to build bridges using straws, elastic bands, wool and tape.  We succeeded!


Mrs Jacobs introduced us to a game in French to revise asking “What is your name?” and replying “My name is…” which we really enjoyed and are hoping to play again!


We have really enjoyed getting to spend time outdoors when the weather has been nice.  One of our outdoor activities was an orienteering challenge on Friday morning where we had to read a map to find locations in the playground.

This week in P6M


Mrs Mullen introduced us to Countdown.  You have to pick 2 big numbers and 5 small numbers.  Another number is revealed that you have to make by using the numbers you picked and times tables, division, adding and subtracting.  A number can’t be used more than once.  It is amazing fun.


We had to find the area and perimeter of compound shapes.  You times length by breadth.  We used cubes to find shapes that had the same area and perimeter.


We made a Christmas card design by measuring in cm and mm to create our design.



In our writing we had to include dialogue.  The rules were that we had to take a new line every time a new person spoke and we had to think of interesting words to use instead of said.  Some words we used were announced, mumbled, squeaked, exclaimed, whispered, squealed and muttered.


This week we started a new class novel The Boy at the Back of the Class.  We wrote a fact file about a main character.



After watching the John Lewis Christmas advert we made plasticine Bear and Hare characters.  We then made Stop Motion short movies with our characters based on the scene in the advert where the Bear and Hare meet.



We created a plan for Christmas tree decorations that we are looking forward to making next week.

We have been busy rehearsing singing Oh Tannenbaum in German and signing Makaton for Silent Night.  We also wrote Christmas cards in French.  The French for Merry Christmas is Joyeux Noël.



In groups we made our own German language games to revise what we have learned so far this year.



We really enjoyed listening to the stories Fergus and Ron told us and the songs they sang, especially the Scottish version of 12 Days of Christmas.  We would like to thank the Parent Council for our snacks.


Christmas Party

We really enjoyed our Christmas party on Monday, it was lots of fun.  The ice lollies were yummy and cooled us down!

This week in P5/6TG

Scots Event

Last Friday we sang Lugton Dug and Sam the Skull by Alastair McDonald.  We also recited Nessie and The Thrissle by JK Annand.

I felt nervous when we started but when we got into it I got confident (Megan).



We learned more about Kandinsky’s abstract art.  We found out he was inspired by other artists and looked at how his style changed.  Today we started to create an abstract work of art inspired by Kandinsky.



We have new PE teachers.  Their names are Miss Crossan and Mrs Martin.  We have been doing fitness stations, playing badminton and learning how to serve.  We worked in trios.  One person would spectate and give feedback. Our badminton skills are improving and we are getting fitter.



In Grammar we were learning to use commas in a list. We were using commas so we didn’t write the word ‘and’ all the time.



In Numeracy we learned how to add and subtract decimals using the jump strategy and place value counters.



Mrs Coons has been working with us to say numbers up to 31 and months of the year.  We have started to say when our birthdays are.


Written by Jodie, Megan, Danny, Callum, Haris, Brandyn, Sophie-Leigh and Kacyleigh.