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This week in P5/6TG

Scots Event

Last Friday we sang Lugton Dug and Sam the Skull by Alastair McDonald.  We also recited Nessie and The Thrissle by JK Annand.

I felt nervous when we started but when we got into it I got confident (Megan).



We learned more about Kandinsky’s abstract art.  We found out he was inspired by other artists and looked at how his style changed.  Today we started to create an abstract work of art inspired by Kandinsky.



We have new PE teachers.  Their names are Miss Crossan and Mrs Martin.  We have been doing fitness stations, playing badminton and learning how to serve.  We worked in trios.  One person would spectate and give feedback. Our badminton skills are improving and we are getting fitter.



In Grammar we were learning to use commas in a list. We were using commas so we didn’t write the word ‘and’ all the time.



In Numeracy we learned how to add and subtract decimals using the jump strategy and place value counters.



Mrs Coons has been working with us to say numbers up to 31 and months of the year.  We have started to say when our birthdays are.


Written by Jodie, Megan, Danny, Callum, Haris, Brandyn, Sophie-Leigh and Kacyleigh.

This week in P6CCLJ

This has been a busy week in P6CCLJ, we have been focusing on getting ready for meeting our Primary 1 buddies next week.

In maths we have been investigating 2D shapes (triangles) and 3D objects. We needed to identify and define vertices (Alanna) and other properties, such as faces and edges (Charlie B). When measuring we have also learned to convert mm to cm.

The skills we developed in writing were:

  • Letter writing using word processing, being careful to read and edit.
  • To write a letter we needed to use capital letters and correct punctuation. We needed to use paragraphs to introduce ourselves and explain why we would be a good buddy.

In our IDL time we have been delivering more of our personal talks. To give a successful talk you need to:

  • Good eye contact – Bronik
  • A loud and clear voice – Liam
  • You need to know what you are talking about – Bronik
  • It is good to use props like a Powerpoint as it might help your listener to understand – Cerys.

In PE we have been playing rounders, this takes a lot of skills:

  • Concentration to focus on the ball – Ross.
  • Speed and reflexes to catch and hit the ball – Addison.
  • Good accuracy and hand-eye co-ordination – Ross.

This Week in P6CCLJ

In writing we have been writing a persuasive letter to apply to be a Big Buddy. Persuasive words and phrases we have used include ‘as you can see…’ ‘this is why…’, also, because and ‘in addition’.

It is Democracy Fortnight. We are all designing posters and writing speeches to apply for Leadership Roles next year. We also began researching the Scottish Parliament.

In Maths we have been tiling with 2D shapes. We need to make sure there are no gaps or overlapping. For area we have been calculating the area of compound shapes.

In P.E. we have been doing high jump, shot put and javelin. You must not run out when anyone is throwing.

In HWB we have been learning to name emotions, the body sensation and related behaviour.

By Corey, Bronik, Leah and Stuart.

This week in P6CCLJ

Primary 6CCLJ have started Democracy Fortnight by looking at what a democracy is. This means that our country is ruled by the people.

Today in Maths we have been making fortune tellers for 2D Shapes (Leah). We have been learning about quadrilaterals and polygons (Ross). We can name and describe trapezium, rhombus, kite, pentagon, parallelogram, octagon and hexagon (Bronik and Beth). With Mrs Cuthbert we have been calculating area (Stuart). We use the formula a = l x b (Beth).

Our IDL topic is the human body (Charlie M). We have been learning about the digestive system (Aaron). We recreated a model of this using cornflakes, bananas and water (Charlie M). Now we know how the oesophagus, stomach, large intestine and small intestine work. Last Thursday we were learning about the nervous system and how our body reacts (Charlie B). We made a human chain to test our reactions (Charlie M).

In Literacy we have been doing spelling rotations (Corey). For writing we wrote an imaginative story after watching a clip called The Present (Dylan). We are trying to include exciting adjectives, plot, connectives, more detail, different types of punctuation, a variety of sentence openers and paragraphs (Charlie B, Dylan, Corey, Aaron, Charlie M).

This week in P6CCLJ

It is Health Week and in PE we got someone in to help us do Judo (Cerys). I learned how to do a forward roll and how to safely slam people to the ground (Charlie B). I learned how to do a backward roll (Emma). We learned how to do rolls so we could land safely (Charlie B).

In Maths our group has been learning to add and subtract 3 digit and 2 digit numbers (Addison). We were using partitioning to find the answer (Dylan). Our group was adding and subtracting decimals using chimney sums and mentally (Charlie M).

In HWB we have continued to discuss the dangers of drinking. You should not drive when drinking (Cameron).

We were identifying the features of advertisement (Bronik). A good advert should have: rhetorical questions (Ross), powerful adjectives and adverbs (Beth), alliteration (Andrew K), similes and metaphors (Andrew T).

Last week we wrote instructions and we used them to make rainbow rice (Alicia). The rainbow rice can help us to change our mindset and be calm (Mia).

This week in P6CCLJ

In Numeracy Group 2 have been learning what a decimal is. If you had 1 tray of toffee split into 10 equal bars, 1 bar would be 0.1 (Cerys). Group 1 have been ordering decimals up to 3 decimal places (Cameron).

During literacy time we have been doing literacy rotations. We had to write out or make our spelling words from a choice of activities (Corey). For handwriting we were joining i to d and g (Andrew T). At the Grammar station we were uplevelling sentences with more interesting verbs (Mia and Alicia). Our reading group did a hot seat activity where Cerys pretended to be a character and we asked her questions about her and her life (Allana).

In HWB we were learning how smoking affects your body. It can cause cancer and affect your lungs (Dylan).

In PE this week we were calculating how many calories we could burn based on the food we ordered from McDonalds (Leah).

We wrote our own mnemonics in IDL to remember the order of the planets, for example My Very Educated McDonalds Just Sold Universe Nuggets (Alicia).

In French we have been learning about feelings, for example:
Je suis froid – I am cold
Je suis content – I am happy
Je suis chaud – I am hot (Aaron)

In Bikeability we were learning to do right hand and left hand turns (Allana). We were in a lane and had to stop at the 2 white lines at the junction to give way to cars (Mia).

This week in P6CCLJ

At the start of this exciting new term P6CCLJ have been busy!

In Maths some of us were calculating time durations (Beth). This will help us to read a timetable (Charlie B). We have been focussing on quarter past and quarter to times (Bronik). Some of us have been working on o’clock and half past times using digital and analogue clocks (Alicia).

Our new IDL topic is space (Stuart). We had to research what a celestial body is then to research information about the celestial body we chose (Dylan). Some of the interesting facts we discovered include:
Saturn has 62 moons (Dylan).
The sun is all the colours mixed together (Emma)
NASA are researching on Mars to see if humans can live there (Leah)
Europa is the smoothest object in space (Charlie M)
The sun is a yellow dwarf star (Cerys)
There are 1 billion trillion stars in the observable universe (Allana)

In our writing lesson we wrote a non-chronological report about a celestial body (Cerys). Every paragraph has a sub-heading (Allana and Leah).

In HWB we have been learning to identify the difference between an accident and an emergency (Ross).

During PE on Monday we were running around the track to measure our heart rate (Andrew K).

Today we all sang together to practise our Scottish Opera songs (Emma). Tomorrow people from Scottish Opera are coming to help us and see how we are doing and probably sing with us (Addison).

We look forward to sharing our learning next week – Primary 6, Mrs Coons and Mrs Jacobs

This week in P6CCLJ

It has been a short but busy week in P6CCLJ!

On Tuesday we participated in Level 1 Bikeability. We learned how  to use our brakes properly (Leah).  I like that we got to try new skills on our bike (Cerys).  We ‘M checked’ our bikes to check they work properly (Hayley).

In Maths we divided amounts of money.  We used our times tables skills to help us (Emma).   Some of us have been answering subtraction chimney sums (Hayley),  We had to borrow from the tens column (Ross).

For IDL we have started selling our lollypop reindeers (Alicia).  We will go around classes once a day for pre-orders (Stuart).  We also looked at a road safety PowerPoint and started making Bike Smart posters which have at least 1 rule about how to be safe on a bike (Charlie B).

Enjoy the long weekend and we look forward to sharing our learning with you again next week! – Primary 6, Mrs Coons & Mrs Jacobs

This week in P6CCLJ

This  is what we have been learning in Primary 6CCLJ.  It was such a busy week last week we didn’t get a chance to complete our blog on Friday!



In writing we continued to draw our illustrations and we wrote the blurbs for our Oliver Twist novels (Charlie B and Beth).



Some of us have been spelling -our words and some spelling -aw words.  To practise our spelling words we have been using a spelling train  (Alicia and Ross).



We used the Blooms orange to create questions about our novels. (Cerys)

We have also been answering predictor questions. (Ross)



We have been learning how to do times tables with amounts of money. (Addison)

Some of us were learning to subtract a 2 digit number from another 2 digit number. (Hayley)



We made an advert and made 200 reindeer lollypops. We went round classes taking pre-orders. (Emma)


Reading Buddies

With our P1 reading buddies we have been reading books from their book bags.  The books we read were Eric Makes a Splash, One Button Benny and I Am Bat.  We used The 3 Sharings to discuss the books.  (Aaron and Andrew K)


Scottish Opera

We started practising our songs for our singing groups.  The groups are the Spaniards, the Jacobites and the Hanoverians.  (Leah)

Our first song was called If The Crown Fits.  (Aaron)

We look forward to sharing our learning with you again next week! – Primary 6, Mrs Coons & Mrs Jacobs