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This week in P3LH

We have had a busy week of learning in P3LH.

In literacy we have been learning to make a meaningful prediction. Using what we know already from our class novel, we made predictions about what a character does next in the story. We discussed that our prediction had to link to the story and that we can use the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when and why) to add depth to our prediction. Mrs Hunter was impressed with our imagination and how much clues we used from the book!

In HWB, we have been identifying the difference between needs and wants. We know that a ‘need’ is something that we cannot live without, for example food or water. We know that a ‘want’ is something that makes life a bit easier although we can survive without it! A few of us did agree that sometimes we feel that we really need something but actually we could learn to live without it, like our PS4!

We also discussed the needs of a newborn baby, this was very handy for Mrs Hunter who got a lot of tips from P3! We were able to identify the basic needs of a baby and how they are different to what children and adults need. These included milk, clean and warm clothes, being bathed and most importantly love and attention from grown ups!

In maths, we have had a week of revision. We have been recapping telling the time. We have been learned to convert between analogue and digital time, using our knowledge of the 5 timestable to help us identify the minutes on a digital clock. To challenge ourselves, we have been trying to convert between 12hr and 24hr time. Our tip is if it is after 12pm then we need to add on 12 to our hour to get the time in 24 hr. For example 3:00pm becomes 15:00 because 3+12 = 15. Test us at home to so we can show off our time knowledge!

We are nearly at the end of P3 and we are enjoying reflecting on our learning from the past year. Why not ask us something we have learned in P3 that we will remember in P4?

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

Last week in P3LH

P3LH had a very busy week preparing for their class assembly on Friday, which was a huge success!

We are so proud of our language skills and that we were able to stand up and showcase these for our fellow pupils and parents.

A huge thank you to all the parents who came along to show their support.

In literacy, we were learning to use ‘a’ or ‘an’ correctly before a word. We learned that the rule is if the word starts with a vowel, you must use ‘an’ before it but if it starts with a consonant, then you would use ‘a’. BUT there are some exceptions, if it starts with ‘u’ and you hear the long u sound (like unicorn) then you must use ‘a’ and if you have a word that starts with a ‘h’ but it is silent (like hour), then you must use ‘an’.  Very tricky but we were getting the hang of it!

In numeracy, we have been learning to multiple a multiply of 10 by 2, 5 or 10. We had use to our times table knowledge to help us calculate the sum before adding a zero to it. We had to make sure we understood its place value and that we were calculating the answer accurately.

We also prepared our speeches for Democracy Fornight. We discussed our skills and qualities and thought about how these would help us when taking on a role within one of the groups. We planned our speech and then wrote it in full sentences. We made sure we were giving reasons why we should be voted and tried to use persuasive language to help us. We are excited to present our speeches to the class!

Snapshot jotters will be coming home on Friday 24th May, we can’t wait for you to see our hard work.

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This Week in P3LH

In numeracy, we have been learning to create a bar chart. We created surveys to share with our class and other classes. We gathered the information so we could make a bar chart. We need to have the title of our survey, a ‘x’ axis and a ‘y’ axis that are labelled, write down the options along the bottom axis, numbers going up the side to show the amount and spaces in between the bars. We are going to use excel on the iPad to create bar charts digitally, wish us luck!!

In reading. the Leopards read a poem and had to answer questions about it. They also had to practice using the homophones ‘to, two and too’. In Butterflies, we have a new book called ‘the Magic Finger’ and have been answering comprehension questions about what we have read so far.

We are reading the Wild Robot by Peter Brown and are enjoying it a lot so far! We have created a Wonder Wall for unfamiliar words, we discuss the meaning of them together and put them on the wall so we can use them.

We have been very busy preparing for our Class Assembly, we have been practicing our numbers up to 50 and are almost fluent in them! We have created props for assembly and have been practicing our lines. We won’t say too much about it, we can’t wait to share our learning with you next week!!

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3LH

We have learned a lot this week in Primary 3.

In maths, we have been learning to identify right angles. A right angle is always found in a corner and is in the shape of a perfect ‘L’.  We created ‘angle eaters’ to help us find angles in the classroom. The squares group learned about acute and obtuse angles, an acute angle is less than 90 degrees and an obtuse is bigger than 90 degrees. We also learned to identify the 4 cardinal points of a compass which are north, east, south and west. We used the compass points to follow instruction on a map, we had to identify the position of things. Another group used them to create instructions to get out of a maze. We also learned about coordinates, we know that the ‘x’ axis is across and the ‘y’ axis is up. The coordinates are ordered numbers so we need to follow the rule ‘across and up’.

In French, we have been learning the body parts in French, for example les yeux is the eyes, le nez is the nose and la tete is head. We have been learning the days of the week in French, everyday we say the day of the week in French and put it on our timetable. We can now count up to 30 in French, we have been practicing lots!!

We have started a new class novel called ‘The Wild Robot’. We made predictions using the front cover and some pictures from the book. We were learning to identify different emotions that our characters might feeling. We drew pictures of Roz the Robot and the Otters and added emotions to our drawing to show their feelings.

Our assembly preparation is underway and we can’t wait to share our learning with you in a few weeks!

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3LH

This week in P3LH

We have been learning to follow a design brief. This week have been building our toy models using junk such as cardboard or shoe boxes, scissors, sellotape and glue. Once they were built, we were able to add colour to them using paint, pens and coloured pencils. We used our finished beebot mats to give instructions for other groups to explore the mats.

We have been learning to present our solo talks on our favourite toys. We have been practicing for 2 weeks at home so we were confident in giving our talks.

In reading, we have been reading a range of non fiction books and use the features such contents page, glossary and index to help us find facts.

In writing, we have been learning to write imaginative stories. This week our story was about a treasure chest and a key. We focused on expanding our ideas and adding more details.

We wish everyone a very happy holiday and a happy Mother’s day for Sunday!

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3LH

This week has been another busy week for P3.

In literacy, we have been learning to recognise the features of non fiction books. Non fiction books tell us about real life, it is not made up. We know that non fiction books have a contents page, this shows us the different sections of the book and the page number to find them on. We were also looking at the index of books, the index shows us key words and the pages we can find them on. Non fiction books often have a glossary, which tells us the meaning of tricky words from the book.

In writing, we have been learning to write an imaginative story. We wrote a story about old and scruffy teddy bear who had an old suitcase with him. Our story had to include a beginning, middle and end. We were using adjectives to make our writing more interesting and add more detail to it.

In maths, we have been learning to identify the relationship between fractions and division. We created our own steps to success by thinking about how we can use our current knowledge to make the links to fractions and division. We were able to use our timestable knowledge to help create division sums and calculate the answer to finding 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 of an amount. We also make the link between 1/2 and 1/4 by halving our answer and halving it again!

In IDL, we have been learning to follow a design brief. We began looking at the junk we had collected and started to allocated to each group. We thought about how we could use these materials to follow the designs for our toys we had created previously. We discussed that some changes needed to be made in order for our toys to be successful. They are starting to look great and we can’t wait to show off the finished piece!

We look forward to sharing our learning again next week.

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3LH

This week in P3LH, we have had lots of interesting visitors.

On Monday, Mrs Scacchi came in to deliver a drama workshop.  We made a circle and we lay on the ground to warm up our bodies. We squeezed our fists, our thighs, our shoulders, our face and all the way down to our toes. When we released our body, we felt much more relaxed. We then warmed our voices and made lots of different noises using vowels and ma, me,  moo and oo! It was lots of fun. We using our bodies and voices to be toys. We also had to be in partners and showcase a toy for the rest of the class to guess. We had robots, airplanes, zombies and lots more! Thank you very much to Mrs Scacchi for coming in!

On Wednesday, Polly from the Butterfly Conservation society came in to work with us. We went outside to plant different kinds of plants, some were nectar plants and some were caterpillar food. We put on gardening gloves to protect our hands and use a trowel for digging. We had to dig a hole in the soil, we had to carefully remove the plants from their pots which was quite tricky at times because the roots were a bit tangled at the bottom! We had to check the hole was the correct size and then carefully put soil back around the plant to grow. We labelled each plant with the name of it and whether it was nectar or caterpillar food so we could check on the progress. We can’t wait to see our plants grow and hopefully see some butterflies visit us!

In IDL, we have been designing a toy that we would like to make using different materials. We first had to decide within groups on a toy that everyone would enjoy making. Then we drew our design on a bit of paper and labelled it with the materials we would need to make it. When our posters were finished, each group presented their toy to the class and got feedback about whether they would like to buy it or not. After that, we used the app called Show Me on the iPads to draw our design on the ipad and label it using the different features such as text function and the record function. We now are on the hunt for junk materials such as cardboard, tin cans, milk containers, yoghurt pots and shoe boxes. If you can help, P3LH would be very grateful!!

We look forward to sharing our learning next week.

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3LH

In numeracy, we have been learning to use the number bonds to 10 to help us calculate change from different amounts. We talked about how learning to give change would help us in the shops, we will be able to check our change and help out adults with calculating it.  We have been learning to identify different coins and notes. We used different coins and notes to make amounts in lots of different ways. We used our knowledge of money to convert between pounds and pence.  (Halle, Tyler, Colton, Lola, Grace)

In literacy, we have been learning to sort key events in our class novel into the correct order.  We looked at rhyming words in our class novel, we had to look for the same sound in words to help us recognise the rhyming words.

In writing, we have been learning to write instructions for playing tag. We had to make sure our instructions were in the correct order and had lots of information so they were clear and detailed. We added a picture to help illustrate our instructions.

We have been working through literacy rotations, this is when we complete a different task at each station like spelling, handwriting or reading in groups. This is helping us  to become more independent.  (Lucas, Kai, William, Lacey and Carly)

In IDL, we have been learning to investigate magnets. We create a magnet maze and swapped in groups to try and complete it. We were learning to control a beebot to move in different directions. We used beebot mats to give instructions to get to specific places on the mat and we used instruction cards to create our own algorithms. We have started to discuss how we could make our own toys from different materials around the house and school.  (Erin, Mahnoor, Callan, Hannah, Emma, Lily and Alexis)

We look forward to sharing our learning next week!

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3LH

We have had a very hard working week in P3LH.

In numeracy, we have been learning to add and subtract. We have been using a number line to help us, we have to be careful when counting our jumps to make sure they are accurate. We have also been partitioning the tens and units to help us with trickier sums. We have been working out the missing number in addition and subtraction sums. We have used the chilli challenge to practice and challenge ourselves in our learning. (Ava, Lacey, Amy and Colton)

In reading, we had the opportunity to read with Mrs Jones, the leopards had a new book and were using the front cover and blurb to predict what might happen in their book before they read it. In writing, we have been learning to write clear instructions about how to play the game Snap. We used time openers at the start of each step and lots of detail in each step. We were learning to explore the personality of a character through hot seating, we get to act out the personality of the main character and other people can ask questions. We used the main characters out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  (Alexis, Grace, Tyler and Hannah)

In IDL, we have been learning about magnets. Magnets attract materials that are metal. Magnets have two ends, the north pole and the south pole, if they are opposites they will attract but if they are the same they will repel. We tested materials such as pencils, coins, sharpeners and paper clips to see if they were magnetic or not. We used loose parts play to create a toy or a game. We used wood, plastic, old technology like phones, keyboards and computers to help spark our imagination. Have a look on twitter at some of our creations! (Lily, Callan, Halle, Karina and River)

Thank you for reading.

P3LH and Mrs Hunter