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This week in P5LD wb 10.1.22

We have had an excellent week jam packed with exciting teaching and learning!


In numeracy we have been working in different groups for SEAL: Stages of early arithmetical learning). We spent time today working on chance and probability for our maths work and some of us have continued this into golden time-we are finding it fascinating!

In literacy, we are half way through our fantasy stories and we cannot wait to share them with some of the other pupils and teacher in the school. We are very proud of them! We had a spelling test this morning and are looking forward to next week when we can explore our new reading books.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, P5LD

This Week in P5LD

This week, we have been learning about symmetry and doing lots of work in our numeracy jotters. I learned how to create designs showing two lines of symmetry and I used colour to make it more complicated.

In literacy this week, we have been working up to our big writing assessment and have been planning our characters personality traits.  We also described their appearance by using adjectives. We have also drawn our setting for our fantasy story and can’t wait to get writing next week!

In PE this week, we were doing lots of Scottish dancing and we were learning how to do it correctly to the music. We will be doing these dances next week at our Christmas party.


week beginning 15th November

This week in P5LD, we went to the P2/3 class to help the little ones open their book bags, read them some stories and play with them for a bit. The best bit was was being partnered up with someone I knew so it was a good experience.

In numeracy , we have been doing short and long division sums with remainders and continuing our daily mental maths sheets. A few of us have increased our scores but some of us have stayed the same.

In literacy, we completed a writing assessment about fantasy characters. We had to create a boy and a girl character and the piece had to be set in the forest, Many of us wrote stories about magical gems etc.  In spelling we learned the a_e sound, ‘shr’ sound, ‘wa’ and ‘c as s’ sound.

In other areas…we created inspirational bookmarks to celebrate Book Week. In German, we played a number bingo game and someone won twice in a row which was unbelievable! We had to say ‘Lotto’ and that means ‘Bingo’ in German! In PE, we played a game called ‘dishes and domes’.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

This week in P5LD

We learned how to multiply by 10 and 100

We improved our mental maths scores

We developed our knowledge our our multiplication tables


We enjoyed free writing (where many of us wrote spooky Hallowe’en stories!)

We learned how to spell ch, s_r, u_e words

We finished our class novel Anee Frank’s diary which we LOVED!


We learned how to play volleyball with Miss Clarkson

We discussed Cop26 and created climate posters

We learned how to introduce ourselves in German

We wrote in sentences in French explaining what we like and what we prefer (food related)


Have a great weekend everyone from P5LD

P5LD-week beginning Monday 18th October

Good afternoon everyone,


this week in class we have been …

Doing spelling and Miss Darcy who took the spelling groups (brown,green ,red ,and black), then Miss Darcy would get purple group the everyone would read our library books until were done .

In maths we were doing designing 2D shape posters and some partitioning, multiplication and divison strategies, (arrays, equal groups and partial products).

Next week we will be super busy planning our assembly-we can’t wait!


Have a lovely weekend everyone


This week in P5LD

This week  we have been learning  to express our feelings  in circle time. We had our teddy called the elephant  and we watched a video (bbc clip) about two girls that are best friends and the main characters were called Jess  and Megan. We discussed the problems we have experienced regarding friendships and listened to each other to offer advice.

Here is our elephant who helps us during circle time.


We done our second 5k which is three miles and we knocked off four minutes of our time! Some of us like me and my classmates did jogging  and did proper pacing. After two miles we stopped and did some exercises . We were exhausted but proud of ourselves!


Weekly Update in P5LD 6.9.21

P5ld  weekly  evaluation

This week in p5ld, we have been doing art of realistic Scottish birds.

This  week  wee  have  being doing  Rugby  with  someone called  Jake  and Miss Clarkson.

This week in Health wee  have being  doing  determined  selfies with Mr O,O’Connell.

In Numeracy, this week pupils have being  up  at  the  whiteboard and teaching the class like shapes and  number talks.

We have being  doing  daily mental  maths in the morning before we start the day.

























P5LD weekly Blog (written by pupils)

This week we have been doing our speeches and had to go to the front of the class to say our speech out loud to the whole class.

This week in numeracy we counted money for e:g £1.50+£3.66=£5.16.

In PE this week we played a robot game  so we partnered with someone  and we had to communicate with our partner and if we hit a cone we exploded and we had to restart.

P5LD w.b 23.8.21

A super busy week in P5 LD!


In numeracy, we had several of the children being teaching assistants helping others with their learning in subtraction and place value.

In literacy, we completed our first piece of P5 writing where we wrote about our summer holidays. We are using these writing pieces to help us plan our writing targets for the term.

We have been learning about democracy and have worked hard ot create our class charter. We know which committee we are applying for next week and are reading to start our campaign!

Have a lovely weekend,


Primary 4D w.b. 7.6.21

This week has been another excellent week in P4d!

We have…written Islam reports, completed numeracy assessments, practised reading aloud, developed our common words spelling, worked well in pairs and small groups, listened well in circle time and offered advice to those of us who are experiencing problems.

We have been given our school reports too so please make sure you have a good read at them.

With only two weeks to go, we still have a huge amount of learning to do. Next week we will be, creating dance routines, learning more about Hinduism, writing a covid report and using bar charts and venn diagrams.


Have a brilliant weekend everyone!