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This week in P7D

Numeracy- We have been working on properties of angles this week. We have been learning to identify and name them. Some of us have been using protractors to measure the angles.
In literacy this week we finished writing our letter to Hogwart’s applying for position of Teacher for Defence Against the Dark Arts. We learned to use the correct format for a formal letter and used persuasive language and evidence to support our assertions.
In Health & Wellbeing we learned about the effects of alcohol and the potential dangers. We learned that it affects your thinking and can cause loss of control of your body.

This week in P7D

In numeracy we moved on from calculating time intervals to looking at angles. We started by looking at jobs which involve using angles and then looked at tool we can use to measure angles. We have also changed from doing multiplying and adding in our Beat That’s to doing Dividing and subtracting.

In literacy we wrote a persuasive letter applying for the job of Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher at Hogwart’s. We started by creating a character and then applied by letter as if we were the character.

In HWB we watched a film called ‘Liam’s Story’ about a boy who is pressurised into smoking by his peers. He realises that he is strong enough to say that it is not for him and focuses on his friends and activities instead.

This week in P7D

It has been a busy (and hot!) first week back in P7D.
This week in numeracy there have been changes with some people moving groups for our last term at Sunnyside. We have been working on Time, learning to calculate in minutes, seconds and decimals. We have also been converting times between 12hr and 24hr times and vice versa.
This week in literacy in the Coconuts reading group were working on a poem about grasshoppers and were practising their comprehension skills. Some of the group really enjoyed poetry and would like to do more.
In Art this week we were doing pictures based on paintings by the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh. We focused on details within the pictures and used a small frame to focus . We really enjoyed these pieces of art and we hope to do art like this more often

This week in P7D

Literacy- In literacy this week we did a reading comprehension assessment. One was a fiction piece about a tragic love story and the other a non-fiction text about Brazil. We used scanning and skimming and constructed structured answers for the questions

Other Curricular Area- In our Task Master afternoon we took part in activities to test our -co-o-ordination skills- we had to transport as many objects as possible across an obstacle course in teams. We also played bean bag golf.

Numeracy- This week we revisited the 4 processes of add, subtract, multiply and divide and did our Daily Mental Maths as well as a lot of mental maths games like, Guess my Number, Around the World and Dice games

This week in P7D

In numeracy this week we were working on financial skills. We learned about bills, taxes, income and expenditure and other things that make being a grown up fun!
In literacy we used our Slow Writing skills to write a story called ‘Alien Abduction’ about 4 teens who encounter aliens. We are now able to use the Slow Writing prompts and create our own word bank independently.
On Thursday afternoon we displayed skills in team working, communication and problem solving during Taskmaster Afternoon. We did a Name that Tune balloon challenge, a balloon relay and a team drawing challenge. The Irises team won with 10 points.

This week in P7D

In numeracy this week we have started to look at financial education. We looked at the history of money and how it changed from bartering to shells, gold and silver and now to cashless currency. We also brainstormed the different ways that we can pay for things and the terms credit and debit.
In literacy the banana group finished their novel and will be writing a persuasive letter recommending it to a classmate. The Coconuts were using connectors to ask and answer questions on their new book. The Apples were being Reading Detectives, taking on roles to analyse their new book, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.
In art we were continuing our observational drawings of animal eyes. We chose from Dragonfly, Zebra, Squid, Iguana, Tiger and Parrot and have moved on from using paint to finishing using pastels and pencils. We also were using our crafting skills creating our characters for our Stop Motion ’12 Days of Christmas’

This week in P7D

In numeracy this week we were converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. We discovered that this links back to our knowledge of times tables and multiplying and dividing. We applied what we had learned to calculating fractions or percentages of an amount and completed an assessment to identify our next steps.
In literacy the Apples reading group were using there paraphrasing skills to summarise accurately the first chapter of their new book, ‘Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’.
The Bananas group were scanning their book to find verbs and adjectives and the Coconuts group were using a range of comprehension skills to deepen their understanding of a text.
In Art this week we were working on our observation our skills and using pencils/crayons to create complex textures like feathers and scales. We turned our reference pictures upside down so we could focus on the shapes that make up the images and not the face of the animal.

This week in P7D 20/11/20

This week in numeracy we were working on fractions. The skills we are focusing on are: simplifying fractions, fractions of an amount and multiplying fractions. We have also played games to help consolidate our learning.

In spelling we used the Collins Cobuild online dictionary to build our vocabulary quickly by finding pupil friendly definitions of our spelling words. Using electronic devices helps us find unfamiliar words quickly and easily and can be done whilst reading in class or at home.

Expressive Arts
In art we have been doing portraits of different animals. We worked in pairs to draw the animals with the images turned upside down so hat we had to focus on observing what we could actually see and not what we thought it should look like. We drew the animals in pencil then added larger areas of colour with watercolour paints and completed with pastels and coloured pencil.

This week in P7D

In maths this week the Super Spicy Group were multiplying and dividing decimals, the Spicy Group were using place value palaces to multiply and divide by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 and the Hot Group were practising division using algorithmic methods.

In literacy we focused on new spelling words this week. We put our words into Elkonin boxes and used them in context in sentences. We have learned how prefixes and suffixes can change the meaning of words.

Other Curricular Areas
In German we learned how to name people in our families and played a game called Happy Families but in German.
In IDL we learned about micro and macro habitats and which animals lived in these.

This week in P7D

Mathematics- In maths this week we were learning about division and learned how we can inverse multiplication to divide. We also got caught up with our class game of Number Bonds

Literacy-In Slow Writing we were writing about the Wild West. Mrs Penman and Mr Mathis came in to watch and help out. The Wild West story is about settler families travelling through Native American territory.

IDL- As part of our new topic on Zoology we brainstormed to come up with different ideas about how we wanted to learn about the animal kingdom. Some of the ideas we came up were; Shoe box habitats, animal senses top trumps, Stop motion food chains and Imovie videos about famous animal experts.
In German we were learning the names of members of the family like vater, mater and das baby