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This week in P3Y…

We have been very busy in P3 this week! We feel that we are all into a great routine and enjoying opportunities to delve deeper into our learning. We have focussed on many interesting curricular areas and we’re very proud of our achievements this week.

During our maths lessons, we have been learning a new strategy to help us with our addition. We can now identify many different ways to make 10’s and apply our knowledge to different types of problems and multi-step questions. We have also been working on our times tables, and we are very confident in counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s! (Josh)

We have spent time this week practicing our spelling words and challenged ourselves to a test on Thursday. Everyone was really pleased with how well they did, it shows us that taking time to practice pays off (Vincent). We have finished our first class novel, Georges Marvellous Medicine. We really enjoyed this book and to demonstrate our understanding and knowledge of the story, we have each written sentences to extend the final chapter. We used picture plans to help us remember details to include in our sentences. (Amelia)

All of our hard work for our interdisciplinary learning (IDL) topic,  Democracy Fortnight, was shown on Thursday during our speeches and presentations of our campaign posters. It was very interesting hearing everyone’s speech and finding out their reasons to why they think they should be voted as class representatives for the pupil groups. We each voted for the best candidate for the role and Mrs Penman announced the winners during Friday’s assembly. We were so pleased for all those that won but also very proud that every member of our class took part (Olivia).

There are so many more wonderful things to come from this hardworking, enthusiastic class – stay tuned! Miss Young.

This Week in P3Y…

A warm welcome to our first blog post from Primary 3Y. It has been another excellent week in P3. We can’t believe we have had 4 weeks in school already! We have been working hard developing our numeracy and literacy skills, as well as concentrating on our health and well being.

In maths, we have been enjoying using the whiteboards to show our workings for addition sums. We are practicing the partitioning strategy which allows us to break down larger values into more manageable numbers such as tens and ones. (Antos)

Whilst reading our class novel, George’s Marvellous Medicine, we have been listening out for adjectives. The author uses them to to add more detail and it makes the story so much more interesting and exciting. We also spent time thinking of our own predictions of what might happen next, and writing sentences to describe our thoughts. (Zac)

During our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) time this week, we have been learning about our rights and responsibilities. We’ve also spent time discussing what makes a great speech. We are putting together information we think will convince our classmates to vote for us as class representatives for groups such as: Pupil Council, Eco Schools, Health Committee, Digital Leaders and WOW Monitors. (Isabella).

We look forward to sharing more of our learning next week – Miss Young.