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This week in P4Y…

We are delighted to be back at school after the Christmas break and have enjoyed a busy first full week in the classroom.

In literacy this week, we have been using time connectives such as first, then, next, after that, suddenly and finally to sequence a scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We then considered Harrys senses to help us add detail to our sentences when describing him making his way onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

In maths this week, we have been finding the change from different amounts. We have used the ‘count up’ method to support with this. For example, to find the change from £1.50p for an item costing £1.44p, we count up from 44 to 50 to receive 6p change.

We have made a start on our new IDL topic today all about The Victorians. We learnt about timelines and created a timeline of our lives to help us understand dates from the past. Next week, we’ll learn more about Queen Victoria and what she did whilst Queen of the British Empire.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
From Miss Young and P4Y.

This week in P4Y…

Happy December! We are creeping closer to Christmas every day and the excitement in P4Y is palpable.

In numeracy this week, we have been finding the fraction of an amount. We revised fractions of shapes (halves, thirds and quarters) to help us visualise the size of each fraction. We then discussed how we could find a half, third or quarter of an amount and used various strategies to solve.
For example, to find a quarter of 16, we drew a rectangle and split it into quarters. We then put 1 dot in each quarter until we had drawn 6 dots in total. The amount in 1 quarter represented what one quarter (1/4) of 16 was.

In literacy this week we have been learning about the long i vowel sound. We know that we can make the long i sound using the phoemes and digraphs – ie, i, i__e, y and igh.  We made base words and then thought about how we could grow these base-words into new words by adding or changing the endings.
For example: light > lighting > lighten. Or find > finding > pathfinder.

We have begun learning our songs for our Christmas Extravaganza. This year, we will be performing ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ in song and dance and signing ‘Jingle Bells Rock’ in Makaton. Why don’t you help us practice by joining in at home too!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone,


Miss Young and P4Y.


This week in P4Y…

What a wonderful week of learning in P4Y. Everyone in our class has worked their socks off and have produced pieces of work that they are feeling really proud of.


In numeracy this week, we have been using our knowledge of place value to solve different problems. We created riddles for one another using clues like the following:

The number has 3 digits.
The hundreds digit is the same as the number of fingers on 1 hand.
The tens digit is half of 12.
The ones digit is the same as 25 – 21. 

We have been celebrating Book Week Scotland this week, with a focus on books and texts everyday this week. We had the chance to share our favourite texts with our buddies in P3/4 this afternoon. We spoke about the features of the texts, the characters, the plot and the genre and took time to read interesting parts of one anothers books.

Our IDL topic this week was focussing on pollution and the need for everyone to play their part in eliminating waste and taking responsibility for making the planet a healthier and cleaner place for all living creatures. We created posters to highlight why it is important to stop dropping litter in order to protect the ocean wildlife.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Young

This week in P4Y…

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

This week, we have been learning about the upcoming COP26 event in Glasgow. We have researched the key areas that will make the biggest impacts in tackling climate change. These include: food and farming, oceans, forests, energy and health and happiness. In groups, we came up with innovative and creative ideas on the ways we could improve the worlds climate.

In maths this week, we have been exploring the many strategies there are to solve multiplication calculations. These include: skip counting, drawing arrays, repeated addition and creating equal groups.

We created Halloween-themed comic strips in literacy this way to explore the use of speech in texts. We developed characters, a plot and set the scene in each part of our comic strip to tell a story. We demonstrated who was talking in each scene through the use of speech bubbles.

Have a wonderfully, spooky weekend everyone!

Miss Young and P4Y

This week in P4Y…

What a wonderful last week of term!

In maths, we have been learning about place value and are learning to recognise and represent the values of digits up to 9999. We have put our knowledge to the test by using games such as Daily 10 ( – level 4 – Digit Values – have a go at home and see if you can manage on a timer!

In literacy this week we have continued practising our spelling using the short vowels (a,e,i,o,u). We build base words such as f-u-n (fun) sh-o-ck (shock) and then think about ways we can grow these base words into new words (funding and shocked).

As part of health and wellbeing, we have been focusing on the ‘wellbeing wheel’. Every Wednesday, we take an element of the wheel and dedicate a morning to develop our understanding of how we can improve our wellbeing. This week, the focus was ‘being active’ so we got outside and got our heart-rates up and moved our bodies during some fun fitness games.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful October break and can’t wait to get stuck into our learning when we are back!

Miss Young and P4Y

In P4Y this week…

We have been growing our knowledge of multiplication by discussing the various strategies we can use to solve different calculations. We know that we can draw our pictures of groups, build arrays, use the jump counting method or use repeated addition to solve. We have also been learning about multiplying by 10 and 100 and spotting patterns in multiplication.

As part of our literacy work this week, we explored the wonderful poem ‘Acorn’ by Robert Macfarlane. We discussed the features of the poem, the connections between the word choices and the link between poetry and song-writing. We then made our own acrostic poems, spelling out the word ACORN and using our senses to add detail to our writing.

In health and wellbeing this week, we have been continuing to deepen our understanding of what it means to be resilient. In teams, we created informative posters to tell people how to be resilient in 6 simple steps:

  1. Try, fail, learn, try harder.
  2. Fail fast and often.
  3. Push your comfort zone.
  4. Have good support around you.
  5. Be mindful.
  6. Love yourself and take care of yourself.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Young and Primary 4Y.

This week in P4Y…

Phew! Another busy week here in P4Y with lots of wonderful learning happening.

In maths, we have been exploring the different angle types. We created our own right angle testers and used these to indentify shapes that had right angles within them. We then used this knowledge to compare angle sizes and were able to discuss the differences between acute and obtuse angles.


In literacy, we created a senses word-bank to take notes on what we might hear, see, touch and smell during a walk through a rainforest. We used our visualisation skills to help us imagine what the experience might be like and then wrote a descriptive paragraph using nouns, verbs and adjectives to create detailed and interesting texts!


As part of our new IDL topic on the environment, we explored the 17 sustainable development goals, set by the United Nations. We worked in pairs to discuss what we thought each goal was intended to achieve and came up with some ideas on ways we could achieve the goal.

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend and we are excited about another new week of learning to come!

Miss Young and P4Y.

This week in P4Y…

Hello everyone and welcome back to Primary 4Y’s weekly blog!


It’s full steam ahead here in P4! We have been busy reestablishing our routines, setting expectations and getting our brains back into learning mode after a wonderful summer break.

This week, we have learning to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks and have practiced converting the time between the two clock faces. Have a good understanding of the number of minutes in an hour, the hands of the clock and the terms used in telling the time will mean that we can read any clock, anywhere, anytime! We have revised times to o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and are now starting to explore times in 5 minute intervals.

In literacy this week, we’ve been deep diving into our various reading books. After our class visit to the school library, we used the 3 sharings to communicate our understandings of our chosen texts. We discussed: our likes and dislikes, any patterns and connections we could make and anything that puzzled us.

We’re very excited about the learning opportunities ahead of us this year and can’t wait to share more with you!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Miss Young and Primary 4Y

This week in P3Y…

It’s been a brilliantly productive week in P3Y. We have all worked so hard and are very proud of our achievements.


In maths this week, we have been learning about different units of weight and have been comparing the mass of different objects. We started by holding at 1kg and ½ kg weights and then estimated whether various items in our class (such as iPads, a bag of rice, a bag of potatoes and a brick) were more than 1kg, the same, or less than 1kg. We then used scales to measure the objects so that we could evaluate whether our estimates were accurate or not.


In literacy this week, we have used the wonderful book ‘Twenty-five December Lane’ to create a class floor book to showcase all our knowledge. We have made predictions about what we think the book will be about, and used the front cover and blurb to create our ideas. We also identified words in the story that contain the phonemes and digraphs that we have been learning. We were able to recognise, read and write sounds such as ‘th, ee, er and ng’. Today, our task involved sorting words from the story into categories depending on whether they were nouns, verbs or adjectives. We were then able to use these words and create our own sentences. This has really helped expand our vocabulary and we can now use interesting words such as ‘peered’ and ‘ancient’ to create very interesting sentences.

In Health and Wellbeing this week, we have been identifying the positive and negative factors that can affect relationships and friendships. We talked about the good qualities of our friends, the ways that they make us feel happy and the things that we do that makes us think that we are good friends. We also discussed the things that people sometimes do that might change a relationship or friendship, such as saying mean things or acting unkindly. We agreed that we all have to take responsibility to ensure that we are good friends to one another, and that we can take opportunities to make new friends.

P3 have worked so hard this week and I am so impressed with all the effort they have put in to every task they have had. Well done everyone and enjoy your weekend!

Miss Young

This week in P3Y…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in P3Y! We’ve had a festive start to a new month with lots of Christmas related activities happening.

We have been learning about the history of the Christmas tree. We know that Prince Albert and Queen Victoria were some of the first people to have a Christmas Tree in the UK in 1840. We were able to recall many more interesting facts about Victorian Christmas trees and created an informative report about what we had learnt. We made sure that our facts were in the correct order, and that our sentences contained full stops and capital letters where needed and used connectives to extend them.

In maths this week, we were exploring the weight of different objects. We started by lining up picture cards from what we thought was the lightest, to the heaviest object shown on the card. We then needed to decide whether we thought we would weigh these objects using grams, kilograms or tonnes and had to justify our answers. Next week, we’ll be exploring finding and comparing the mass of various objects using scales.

We’ve been getting crafty in P3Y this week, with many winter and Christmas themed creations! We used mixed media to create a snowy Christmas window scene using mixed paint, card and cotton buds. We think the end result was really effective and eye-catching.

We have many more exciting plans lined up for next week and can’t wait to get stuck in!

Have an excellent weekend everyone!

Miss Young