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This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a hopping good week!

In Literacy we have done some spelling with our newest spelling rules. We practised writing our words in different kinds of writing and then created out own sentences. We are still reading ‘The Nowhere Emporium’ for our class novel (Sophie-Leigh). I like drawing whilst we listen to Miss Steel read the story (Megan).

In Art we drew are own faces showing a different emotion. We drew these in a pop-art style inspired by Lichtenstein and finished them today.

In Numeracy we are doing fractions and percentages and have been learning a new way to find fractions of a quantity. We also did an Easter hunt with math questions which we answered in groups with a prize of chocolate eggs at the end.

In IDL we have been doing more of our learning about natural disasters with a special way of presenting it to our classmates (Jamie). I also liked all of the experiments.

We all hope you all have a good Easter and a lovely holiday too.

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S it has been slow but very fun!

In Literacy: I have enjoyed the missing person posters (Katherine). We also enjoyed spelling this week.

In Numeracy:  I enjoyed the area method (Danny). I enjoyed working on the test challenge questions (Marcus). I felt like I got better at maths (Innes). Every time we do maths I love the new methods.

Daily mile: We really like daily mile and we have been doing it almost daily to get some fresh air and exercise.

In art we really did enjoy making the funny masks (John W.). I liked doing the art with the water colours (Sophie-Leigh).

Class novel – I really enjoyed class novel in general (Sophie-leigh) and the missing posters Katherine).

In P.E I really enjoyed playing Choice Tag (Jessica). I really liked cops and robbers game with the foam noodles (Callum). We also really liked when we did the walk and talk with our friends as part of our team building exercises.

In IDL we learned about natural disasters (Eray). Somewhere there is a volcano that spits blue, beautiful flames (Michael.) I enjoyed the research about France (John W. and Sophie-Leigh)

News: We do daily news every single day and we love it so much. We also get to find out what is happing or if anyone has anything exciting coming up

Congratulations to everyone who earned their house point certificates this week – keep up the good work!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend too, love from P5/6S

Bye bye.

Experimenting with mark-making

‘Missing Person’ poster.

This week in P5/6S

We have had a fun and busy first week back in school after lockdown. It has been so good to see each other again.

In Numeracy we have been revising strategies for multiplication and problem solving. We have played maths games, learned about multiples and shared our learning with each other during our chilli challenge.

In Literacy we have been learning our new spelling words using Elkonin boxes and practising using our words in sentences. We have also been reading our class novel for this term, which is ‘The Nowhere Emporium’, and using comprehension strategies to work out the meaning of a text.

In Art we have been looking at creating pop-art portraits inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, as well as learning about mark making.

We have been enjoying the nice weather outside for PE and our orienteering map activity.

We have also practised our construction skills for our French afternoon where we created models of the Eiffel tower using different materials.

Have a great weekend and see you all next week.


This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had an amazing but very fast week. We really enjoyed our last full week.

In Literacy we were doing rotations. Some of the rotations were : Christmas comprehension questions, creating a Christmas word search and we also wrote a letter to Santa.

In Numeracy we continued learning about kg, grams cm and metres. We also played about with bee bots with Miss Belford. “I really liked when we were playing with bee bots” (Murray).

In Art we were making Christmas trees using cotton buds. We made paper chains for assembly. We made them so that each class would connect together in some way.

We also made some toilet paper owl decorations today. ”I really enjoyed making them today“ (Michael and Kacy-leigh).

In P.E we played a few games of dodge ball and gangster rounders. “We played prisoner dodge ball which was super fun , super-five dodge ball and just normal dodge ball which was really fun!” (Callum). “I really enjoyed it!” (Caleb).

Because this is the last blog of the year, all of us in P5/6S want to wish you all very happy and jolly Christmas!

From P5/6S and Miss Steel (and Miss Jones also.)

Merry Christmas! Hohoho.

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a busy and very fast week.

In Literacy we were doing a spelling check-in. “I thought it was very fun” (Jessica). We also spent time practising our Christmas songs which we performed and videoed today with Mr Mathis. We are looking forward to sharing these with you soon.

We were writing out our cookie recipes to practise our handwriting skills. “I thought this was really fun” (Sophie-Leigh).

In Numeracy we were learning about weighing and measuring using kg and grams. We were also remembering how to use weight and measure in everyday life such as shopping and baking.

On Tuesday we had our Christmas party. “It was really fun and the ice-lollies were yummy!” (Mac and Rebekah). “I enjoyed doing the Just Dance routines” (Tyler).

For Assembly we had a special story time with Scottish songs. “I thought it was really good” (Megan). We were given crisps and sweeties from the Parent Council for this – a very big thank you from P5/6S. We all enjoyed eating them.

We hope you all have a very merry and festive weekend from P5/6S.

This week in P5/6S

“This week in P5/6S we have had a rushed and busy week.” (Tyler)

In Numeracy we were continuing our maths assessment. We also practised our estimating and measuring skills by measuring objects in the classroom. We used metre sticks, rulers and tape measures.

We practised estimating the size of an object by eye and visual measuring with paper. We then demonstrated this by using our gift-wrapping skills. We put our shape knowledge to good use by making decorative Christmas cubes using a shape net.

We used our maths and digital skills to programme bee-bots to make the shapes of numbers and letters.

In RME we made house models of Anne Frank’s secret annexe out of boxes. Amy enjoyed making the mini furniture for these.

In IDL we made ginger Christmas cookies and used our weighing and measuring skills. “We liked making them – it was really fun (and messy)! (Whole class opinion).

In Literacy we wrote the storyline of ‘The Journey’ from a John Lewis advert. We also practised our comprehension skills, learning about Christmas traditions.

Today was our Superstar Assembly so we want to congratulate everyone who received a Superstar certificate today.

It has been a really eventful week with lots happening. We hope you all have a restful weekend.


Using 2D nets of shapes to create Christmas cubes.

Baking equipment.


Last week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a shortened week because tomorrow is an in service day.

In Literacy

We were learning about characterisation. We were also singing our Christmas carols. Our songs are ‘Santa, Bring me a Dinosaur’ by Bob Brown and ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham. On top of our songs we are learning ‘Silent Night’ in Makaton.

We wrote the storyline of a 2014 John Lewis advert named ‘Monty the Penguin’ where a boy has a penguin who goes and plays hide and seek, plays football and even eats fish fingers. The penguin wants love so on Christmas the boy asks for a friend for his toy penguin and they are happy.

In Numeracy

We have been learning how to simplify fractions and changing the denominator. Today we had a maths assessment -“It was tough” (Eray).

In Art

We made Christmas inspired puppets out of card and pins. Some are fairies, Santa, Scrooge and even the Grinch. We made rooms from Anne Frank’s annexe out of cardboard boxes on Wednesday with Miss Belford.


Our class representative Megan asked us questions. We did a survey on what we like and want to learn. John H. thought “it was fun”.

We hope you have a good, safe and happy weekend – bye.

Written by Eray, corrected by Murray and helped by the rest of P5/6S.

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a busy, but exciting week.

In Numeracy we have been learning how to simplify fractions. “It was hard at first but then it got easier” (John H. and Sophie). We were also doing improper fractions – we practised working these out in textbooks. “Improper fractions are when the top number is bigger than the bottom”. (Eilidh and Emma).

In Literacy we have been doing stations for reading and writing. We watched an old Christmas advert for John Lewis called ‘Monty the Penguin’. We were planning are writing piece to Monty the penguin. We have learned our new spelling words.

In PE we have been playing basketball and learning new passes. We will be doing basketball matches on Tuesday.

In IDL we were researching facts about famous Victorians. “We were researching Thomas Barnardo – he helped 100,000 kids and he founded 90 children’s homes” (Innes and Danny). “I was researching a famous scientist called Marie Curie who discovered radium” (Mac). “We were learning about Marie Curie in STEM club too” (Eilidh).

In Assembly we were listening to storytelling for Book Week Scotland. “The story was called ‘Tatterhood” (Callum).”I enjoyed the fun story” (Jessica)

“Today we were doing circle time where we were talking about our worries which was really helpful” (Tyler).

Today in school was crazy hair day and there was a bunch of crazy hairstyles. Some people even had green hair!

Good bye! Have a wonderful weekend!

From everyone in P5/6S.

This week in P5/6S

This week in Primary 5/6S we have had a particularly busy but great week.

In Literacy we have been doing different rotations learning our spelling words, using dictionaries and thesauruses to find out the meanings and synonyms of words, drawing the main character in our book and labelling information about them, practising uplevelling our sentences and summarising our new books.

On Wednesday, with Miss Belford, we were learning about Remembrance Day. We wrote out the poem ‘On Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae and created a fact file and Powerpoint presentation.

In Numeracy we have been learning about fractions. “We were learning about improper fractions where the numerator is bigger than the denominator – it was hard at first but then I learned how to do it” (Danny). “We also learned about equivalent fractions” (John H.).

In Art we created charcoal pictures of Victorian people. “I drew a man with a large moustache” (Michael). “We were learning how to use charcoal to create portraits” (Jamie). We spent time observing our pictures carefully and learned how to use charcoal to show light and shadow. We are really pleased with our finished works of art.


Our fab charcoal artwork of Victorian people.

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a fast-paced and exciting week (Caleb).

In Literacy we have been writing our letters to the Queen on the netbooks using our letter plans from last week. We are writing letters to the Queen about an issue we care about or to get information about her life. “My letter was about BLM” (Emma).

We also got new reading books this week. The new titles are ‘The Demon Headmaster’, ‘The Wild Robot’, ‘The Christmasaurus’, ‘Horrid Henry’ and ‘Harry Potter’. “So far, I am enjoying the new book” (Eilidh).

In Numeracy we have been learning about money. We have practised adding, subtracting and multiplying pounds and pennies. We worked as party planners to calculate costs of party food using a budget. “I thought the money activities were fun but quite challenging” (John H.).

Today we were learning about identifying parts of a bank card to help us learn life skills relating to money. We were all able to do a great job of recognising and labelling all the different parts.

In HWB we were learning how to keep ourselves and our pets safe on Bonfire Night. We created firework safety posters to inform people of the dangers and how to stay safe.

In PE we did cross country running. “It was fun but exhausting!” (Callum).

Our Firework Safety Posters

Our firework safety posters.