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This week in P7S

This week in P7S we have had another busy week.

In Literacy we have been practising our spelling rules, extending our vocabulary by searching for new words in our reading books and making predictions. Everyone got set up on the new Chromebooks which we have in school and we then used our ICT skills to plan and write a diary entry based on our class novel ‘The Explorer’.

In Numeracy I enjoyed the Times Challenges working with timetables and durations of time – Abbey. We discussed how lengths of time can feel different depending on what we are doing and did a plank challenge and blinking task. Kaleb was the class blinking champion in the time.

We have also been working on our subtraction skills looking at using the column method as well as mental maths strategies.

In Art I liked painting the parrots – Lilli. We were practising our colour-mixing and how to use paint to create layers of colour. We would like to do more art in school.

In Modern Languages we created a menu in German and then held a language café on Friday where we practised our vocabulary skills speaking in German. We made our own menus and researched new words to include in them – Thomas.

In PE I liked when we were doing rugby with Miss Clarkson – Kayley. We were really good at working together as a team and demonstrating our rugby passing and scoring skills.

We love being Big Buddies and wish we had more Buddy time in school. This week we were helping our buddies make worry dolls using clothes pegs and wool.

This week in P7S

This week in P7S we learned about:


We learned addition and subtraction strategies like the number line and partitioning. I really enjoyed it. (Alyxs)


We had to identify VCOP in a page of our book “The Explorer”. I am really enjoying the book so far. (Sean)


This week in art we did animal portraits. The animals had to be from the Amazon Rainforest. I did a rainbow macaw. (Erin)


This week we taught our buddies how to play tic tac toe. Me and my buddie enjoyed it. (Alexandria)

Modern Languages

In German and French we were practising basic vocabulary for food. Hopefully we get to have a café at the end of term. (Marilena)


This week in PE we did cross country. It was really fun. We also did team building. (Aimee)

Alloa Academy

This week we had a trip on mini buses. We went to Alloa Academy and went around stations they had set up for us. (Jackson)

This week in P7S

This week in P7S we have had another busy and fast-paced week.

In Literacy

As a class we were focusing on the main character in our class novel The Explorer. We were learning to describe the main character. We also drew a picture and labelled what we thought the main character, Fred, would look like.

We also learned all about homophones and practised identifying their different meanings and spellings.

In Numeracy

The spicy group were learning to convert 24 hour time to 12 hour time and vice versa. We made mini clocks and that helped us to convert time. Some people liked doing the textbook work this week


We were practising our rugby skills. We were put in teams and played against each other to score in the hoop.

In Art

We were getting our Christmas card designs ready to send off. Some people enjoyed the diversity of the different designs we could choose.

We all loved this week’s Quiz of the Week.

(Our character descriptions of Fred).


This week in P7S

This week in P7S we have had a busy and interesting week.

In Literacy we were taking notes about COP26 – Abbey. We learned about the effects of climate change and how scientists have been measuring the global change in temperature.

In Numeracy we were learning how to round tenths – Kaleb. We practised rounding whole numbers from tens to millions, as well as decimal numbers.

In IDL we are researching about the Amazon rainforest. That’s where our book ‘The Explorer’ is set – Liam. We looked up which country this was in and how to get there, as well as facts about the country and climate.

In Art we were using different medias to create a piece of art – Erin. This week we were experimenting with using charcoal pencil and chalk pastels to draw portraits of rainforest animals.

In PE this week we had football and it was amazing – Zak.

This week in French we learned the alphabet – Jackson.

In German, we learned new vocabulary to talk about food and drink. We drew pictures and labelled them using our new words.

In Assembly we found out who our new House Captains will be – a big congratulations to all the new captains and vice-captains.

This week we had time with our buddies. We all enjoyed playing with them and teaching them card games. It is one of our favourite parts of the week.

This week in P7S

This week in P7S we have had a fun and busy week.

In Literacy we learned about prefixes and new spelling words. We also investigated and informed ourselves on climate justice and what that means. We have started to research topics relating to the environment which we will write a speech about.

In Numeracy we have been practising our mental maths skills and core strategies for using the four operations.

We really enjoyed creating art for the class charter – we chose the theme ‘Under the Sea’.  We revised our class agreements and created lots of colourful sea creatures.

Meeting our P1 buddies was really fun – they were very cute we helped them paint paper plates.

As a problem solving challenge we have enjoyed using Rubik’s cubes. (David)

I am proud of not getting my name moved down (Kaleb).

We also discussed looking after our Mental Health and how Covid-19 has affected many people. We then wrote down our personal happiness goals and identified steps we could do to achieve them.

This week in P7S

This week in P7S we have had a busy week learning all about speeches and speech writing as part of our Democracy Fortnight. “We liked the speeches – we all enjoyed it”.

In Literacy we wrote our speeches to persuade people to vote for us to become class representatives. We discussed what makes a good speech and identified the special skills and talents which we could bring to the role.

We also learned about creating a campaign message visually through poster design and we created our own election rosettes listing all our skills and qualities.

We got to meet class P1D whom we will be buddied up with. We read them stories and showed them our classroom. “We met our buddies and they were cute, cool and funny” (Kayley).

In Numeracy we have been practising our mental maths skills and strategies. “We liked mental maths” (Ciaran). For problem solving “I enjoyed the rubik’s cubes” (David).

We enjoyed doing the 6-minute running challenge in PE (Liam). We have also been doing football and basketball outside.

Our election campaign posters.

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a very creative last week of term.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working on writing menus in our French lessons. This week we made woven placemats, decorated plates and learned how to sew aprons, in order to create our very own French cafe in class. Miss Steel was really impressed with everyone’s sewing skills and perseverance in making their own aprons, including having to thread needles!

In our class cafe we  tasted some French foods and practised our French vocabulary – everyone enjoyed this a lot.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer.

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a fun, calm and relaxing week.

In Literacy we are making our own robot characters and creating stories about them. (Mac)

In Numeracy we did text books on division. (Jamie) We practised using the written ‘bus-stop’ method to solve division problems.

In P.E we had an outdoor sports day – we also had an extra P.E lesson and in that we did throwing and catching games (todge-ball with rugby balls instead of round balls). I enjoy mush ball which is a mix of regular balls and different balls. (Sophie-Leigh)

In I.D.L/art we made collages of Scottish landscapes (Callum). We did it with paint and tissue paper from different magazines and catalogues. It was amazingly awesome (it did take ages though).

In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about consent (Jamie). Consent is A LOT bigger than I thought to be honest and I know now to ask people if I have their consent.

Have a lovely day/weekend all!

Hope to see you all soon and good luck in your new classes after summer.

A selection of our collage works-in-progress.

This week in P5/6S

We have had a very enjoyable but busy week in P5/6S.

In Literacy we have been learning more about punctuation and all the different ways to use a comma correctly. We also practised our spelling rules and learnt about creating a character. We invented our own robot characters inspired by the story ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We discussed how the author had used repetition, similes, personification, onomatopoeia and adjectives within their writing to give details and provide impact.

In Numeracy we continued practising our division skills by playing dice games to create number sentences. We also used our measuring skills as part of our Human Body topic to estimate and measure the size of body parts. Did you know the small intestine is approximately 7 metres long?

We have enjoyed PE with Miss Clarkson this week and we have been taking part in team games.

In IDL we have made models of skeleton ribcages and learnt about the composition of blood and how the stomach breaks down food through class experiments – these involved plastic bags, crackers, lemonade, cereal, marshmallows, water and food colouring! We also located where all the major organs are in the body.

In French we created our own French menu to practise using our French vocabulary. Everyone enjoyed creating their own individual menus with their favourite foods.

Have a lovely weekend.

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a busy week.

In Literacy we watched the animated film ‘The Present’ and answered inferential questions about it, thinking about what we saw and what we could work out from the clues in the film. We also practised our spelling rules and making connections with our reading. “Today we had a spelling test. I liked it but found it hard!” (Sophie-Leigh). “I enjoyed it but I think I got most wrong.” (Tyler)

In Numeracy we started a new maths topic. “We started division. I hated fractions but I like divison” (Callum). We also did some more mental maths practise.

In Health and Wellbeing we were learning about the skills and qualities needed to be a parent or carer in order to keep children happy, healthy and safe.

We learned about Pride Week and created colourful t-shirt designs to support this.

We were also looking at future careers and getting creative thinking up a new sweet product. We had to design what we would like that to look and taste like.

In PE with Miss Clarkson we did some team work. It was girls against boys and the girls won – it was a good game though!

In French we made French café menus. “I really liked it.” (Tyler)

Have a good weekend –P5/6 and Miss Steel

Some of our new sweet designs.