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Our week in P4FM

June has been a really busy month for us.

In Numeracy, we have been learning to compare weights.  We learned that there are 1000g in 1kg have been converting  between different units of measure.  We have also been practising our algorithms! We’ve used our skills in addition and multiplication to solve word problems for the past 2 weeks ( We are loving it! – Colton) and have still to do subtraction and division.

In Literacy and IDL, we have been learning about non-fiction texts and leaflets in particular. We are creating a tourist leaflet persuading people to visit and stay in Clackmannanshire as part of our community topic. First, we used i-pads to research information about leisure facilities  and where people would perhaps like to visit in our County (Katherine). Our audience is families, so we had to think of activities and places where both adults and children would enjoy visiting (Callum, Thomas). In trios, we had to choose 3 activities for adults and 3 for children so we had a mixture (Kaleb, Kelsey). Once we had used the 5 Ws to investigate all the information readers would need, we looked at some real tourist leaflets to identify the common features of each and to give us some ideas for when we make our own (Lexi, Maja). It was amazing to see how much information can be put into a small leaflet!( Katherine)

Our next step was to turn the information we’d researched from bullet-pointed facts into persuasive sentences. In pairs, we highlighted examples of persuasive words and phrases in tourist brochures, which we used to help us write our own sentences about our places. It made our job quite easy when it came to writing them (Colton). We are now ready to start our actual leaflets and are considering layout. There’s a lot to think about when making a leaflet! (Aimee)

In PE, we have been focusing on rolling, catching and on teamwork and sportsmanship in games (Marilena).

We made posters this week to advertise our community litter-pick which takes place on Monday, 24th June from 3.15 to 4.15pm. All families are welcome and children must be accompanied by an adult.

Hope the weekend is good!

This week in P4FM

Welcome back to our class blog. We have been spending time in groups to create  a review of our class novel, “Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. It has taken time to write about the plot, main characters and settings, but now we are ready to pull it all together and display what we’ve done. Some groups are displaying their work in a Hogwart’s shaped book, whilst other groups are displaying their work on a coat hanger mobile. We have enjoyed working in groups (Thomas, Callum, Ciaran, Katherine) and helped each other through the process (Marilena, Erin).

In Literacy rotations, we worked on identifying speech marks in texts. Some of us were highlighting speech in text, others were cutting and sticking correct punctuation into the right place in a sentence, whilst others were identifying alternative words to said in books. We still have to get more practice though until we are confident (Ciaran, Rebekah, Lilli).  Some of us are learning about the features of non-fiction texts through identifying examples in a range of non-fiction books (Amelia, Zak, Abbey).

In Kodaly music this week, we were introduced to the musical stave. It’s the lines the notes sit on when reading music. It has been interesting working out which notes are high and which are lower. It is not as easy as we thought it would be, but we are starting to get the hang of it (Lilli, John, Liam).

In Y dance, we moved onto our new dance moves which we will be performing in a showcase at the end of the month. We have to move with a partner across the floor, making up our own way of getting there (Lexi, Abbey, Colton, Liam).

In Numeracy, we moved from directions and compass points to coordinates and 4 figure grid references. We are looking forward to transferring our newly learned skills to read local maps (Jackson, Kayley, Kaleb).

Have a great weekend!


Our week in P4FM

Although we had a shorter week this week, we still managed to get through a lot! In Maths, we’ve looked at angles, turns and compass points. I like how it all links into time and fractions (Thomas, Marilena). We went outside for a right angle hunt…but we weren’t scared! (Murray). We had angle eaters and found loads of right angles that we never knew were there before (John William). Others were looking for all angle types: acute; obtuse and reflex if we could. It was great fun being outdoors (Callum, Colton).

In literacy, we were sad to have to finish our Harry potter novel because we have loved it so much (Amelia, Lilli, Marilena, Maja). We are making a fancy book review mobile from a coat hanger (Layla). We worked in cooperative groups to complete writing and illustrations about characters, plot and setting. It’s going to look amazing when it’s done (Erin, Katherine). We had great fun doing all the tasks and have some fantastic examples of writing and drawing.

In Y-dance this week, we continued with our counterbalance moves and even put all 4 moves together into a dance (Lexi, Maja). In Kodaly music, we’re stating to learn about musical notes as well as the beat and rhythm. It is hard to concentrate on the movements and sing the song at the same time, but it is fun and we are getting better every week (Katherine, Lilli).

In PE, we’ve been practising our athletic skills in throwing and junping (Marilena, Callum). We had to complete different stations like – high jump, long jump, javelin to increase our heart rate (Thomas, Liam). It’s been a busy week! Have a good weekend from P4FM!


P4FM’ s Week

A new week and P4FM have been hotseating main characters in Reading groups. We really enjoy drama activities and love hotseating (Marilena, Katherine) “It helps us to understand the characters more” (Zak, Amelia, Kayley). The other two groups were sharing the plots of their story by retelling using story maps. “We videoed this and think creating a story map is a good way of retelling or summarising the story” (Colton, Michael, Sean, Lilli).

In Numeracy this week, we have been revisiting Fractions. We have looked at simple equivalences. “I feel I understand fractions much more since we started, but we know there is so much more to it” . “I like how they are linked to times tables and that helps me. They’re amazing! (Marilena, Jackson).

We have begun to look at Our Community topic and decided what we would like to learn and how we could learn it. Right now, we are looking at what a community is and at our own place on the map.

Some of us have been doing our class talks on our favourite toys. “It’s nice listening to other people’s talks and to see their favourite toys, but I felt relieved when mine was over!” (Zak, Abbey)

“Y-dance this week was so much fun” thought Layla, Lilli and Abbey. We learned about another Choreographic Device called Canon” (Erin). “We liked it because it was a bit like a mexican wave and we have to get our timing right” (John W,, Michael) We also have Kodaly music lessons this term which we are really enjoying (Thomas, Amelia, Kayley). We have practised clapping to the beat of a song and now we are looking at the rhythm, which is different to the beat (Marilena, Callum).

And finally, in PE, we are doing athletics in two-week blocks. “This time we are looking at running and building stamina” (Katherine). “I think doing Daily Mile is helping me to run for longer” (Colton).


P4FM – Our Week

In Literacy this week, we have done many different types of activities. We have been inferring using animated shorts (Amelia); describing characters appearance and personality (Michael, Abbey, Colton); using visualisation skills to create a drawing, using as much detail as possible (Katherine, John Wilson) and we were introduced to story hands, where we had to decide on the 5 main events which we then drew into each finger.


The story we were read was The Willow Pattern Story which we all really enjoyed (Aimee, Abbey, Amelia and Lilli). We are still reading our class novel, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone”. We have been totally transported into Harry’s world and can’t wait to find out what adventures he’ll be up to next (Thomas, Callum, Alfie, Marilena, Abbey).

In Numeracy, it has been a week of doing different subtraction strategies. Some have been revising, whilst others were doing written subtraction algorithms (Erin, Ciaran, Callum, Katherine, Abbey, Colton, Marilena and Thomas).

In IDL, we created our own magnetic maze games. We designed and created a poster to persuade people to buy our games (Kayley, Zak, Rebekah, Michael, Murray and Kelsey). Our next step will be to make a video advertisement using Spark video.


This Week in P4FM

Our very busy week ended this morning with us participating in our Class Assembly based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We enacted 3 of our recent drama lessons into a performance which included all chapters up to Chapter 5 – Diagon Alley. Depute Head Mr. Mathis was a massive help with the green screen technology. As was Miss Gordon, who patiently held the i-pad for the green screen during the assembly. Many, many thanks to them both! Mr Mathis set the green screen up in class earlier this week so the pupils could see how it worked. We took photos of 4 backgrounds for our assembly – The Leaky Cauldron, The Brick Wall, Diagon Alley and Gringott’s bank.

Here are some comments from the class about what they enjoyed most:

“We loved the green screen the most”,  and were happy to hear we will be using it in class again.  (Jackson, Ciaran, Thomas and Layla).

“Acting out the scenes was great fun” and “I want to do it again!” were heard from Lilli who played a goblin and Marilena, who played Harry. Marilena also said “I felt nervous to do it at first, but it was brilliant taking part!

kaleb was really pleased he remembered his lines and enjoyed everything about it.

Most of the class, however, loved the song we sang at the end which was from YouTube and called “The Mysterious Ticking Noise”.  It was a very hard song to sing as it is dependent on everyone keeping the beat. Liam, John William, Amelia, Maja, Rebekah, Kelsey, Abbey and John Wilson all loved singing and watching the song. Zak enjoyed watching the audience smiling and laughing along to the funny moments.

The whole class are looking forward to finding out what the rest of the book holds.

Have a great weekend from all in P4!




P4FM Class Blog for week beginning 18.02.19

What a busy week we’ve had this week!

Literacy has been more fun this week, as it was more digital. One group was drawing a setting from their instructional text on Monday, whilst the whole class were in groups role-playing a scene from our Class Novel ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. We were to choose a scene from Chapter 5 Diagon Alley. We chose The Leaky Cauldron, ‘Madame Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions’ and three groups did the scene from Gringotts Bank. It was okay doing the same setting though because each one was quite different! We filmed the scenes and will be creating Spark video presentations next week.Another group is making their own shoebox setting for their book which is ‘Charlotte’s Web’ They are going to create the barn where most of the story takes place.

In Numeracy this week, we have been learning more about time.

This Week in P4FM

In Maths, this was our second week of learning about fractions. We have been writing in missing fractions on number lines and I feel like I understand a bit more about them now (Kayley). We used individual whiteboards during mental maths and maths times to answer different types of fractions problems which has helped our understanding (Lexi). I feel like I am definitely getting the hang of fractions more now (Kelsey). Some of us still feel like we have more to learn about fractions and are really enjoying being able to understand it (Callum, Michael, Kayley).

P4FM visited Alloa Library this week which we really enjoyed. We liked how there are steps to sit on and read, and lots of cushions and soft seats to lie around on (Erin, Thomas, Lilli, Kayley). Some of us visit the library regularly, whilst others are going to try to visit with our families. We are going to visit every term with our class.

In Literacy this week, we used the ‘Toontastic’ app on the i-pads to summarise a chapter of our reading books. We absolutely loved it and will be using other apps to film and animate our stories ((Callum, Thomas, Colton and Zak). Because our topic is the History of Toys, and we are writing imaginative stories, we wrote this week about a toy that came to life. We loved using our imaginations and our own bedroom and toys as the character and the setting (Marilena, Abbey, Ciaran and Sean).

In PE, we are still learning about racquet sports, but have changed from Badminton to tennis. We are discovering that tennis has very different rules! (Callum and Kayley). I know I’m finding tennis hard right now, but also know it will get easier the more I practise (Kayley).

As a class, we would like to keep learning using digital technology across all subjects (Kelsey, Michael). We have made some strides and will continue to do more.

We are looking forward to our holiday next week, but will miss seeing some of our friends. Have a great week off everyone!

P4FM’s week

P4FM had a very fun start to the week as Mrs Scacchi came to visit our class to do drama with us( Rebekah.)  She was only in for one hour but we managed to do so much (Colton). First, we did some vocal and physical warm-ups which was great fun (Abbey). Next, we made a big circle (or an oval Abbey) so we could do some improvisation. We had to pretend to be different types of characters doing different jobs like a pilot, an old man, a footballer, etc. We loved it! (Kayley) Lastly, we did some hotseating, where we pretended to be Mr and Mrs Dursley from Harry Potter. It was hilarious!(Colton). Hopefully, we can do more of this (everyone!)

In Maths, we are learning about fractions and how they link to dividing (Callum). We are mainly looking at 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5, and 1/10. Some are doing 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9 too (Thomas). We need to be really slick at our times tables (Callum). We have been learning in different ways such as – on individual whiteboards using Daily 10, using the i-pads, some textbook questions and cut and stick pizzas  (Thomas, Erin, Lexi and Amelia).

In Reading this week, we have been doing lots of different activities: We have been making predictions about events in the stories we are reading; identifying interesting descriptive phrases; question master – asking the main character questions about the situation she was in; describing new characters and looking up unknown words using the i-pad online dictionary (Kayley, Kaleb, Lilli and Liam).

In Imaginative writing, we were writing about finding ‘A Secret Room’. To make our stories more interesting, we had to use lots of describing words like adjectives, adverbs, superlatives, interesting phrases, sentence openers and a range of punctuation. We read each others stories to identify any of these features and highlighted them (Ciaran, John William, Alfie Keddie and Maja).

In PE we have been building on our badminton skills and are now starting to play the game across the net to each other! (Callum, Zak, Sean, Katherine).

Have a great weekend all!