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This week in P4/5EG

We have had a good week (Keira).


We have started looking at equations this week (Emma). We learned how to answer sums that included letters instead of numbers. We answered questions to cement our learning. We chose between mild, hot and spicy options (Hassan).  We also learned that if a number has a floating 2 after it, you need to square the number, which means multiply it by itself (Hassan).

Some pupils have worked with Miss Snaddon to take away tens and units (Jodie).

We have been practicing our 7 times table this week and are growing in confidence with it (Caleb).


For writing this week, we wrote an imaginative story about either an earthquake or a tsunami (Erin). We included feelings and senses in our story (Alexandra). In the beginning of our stories, we focused on giving information about the characters appearance and where they live (Danny).

We wrote a  newspaper article about our class novel (Kelsi). We wrote a dramatic story detailing events from a terrible car crash that happened in the story (Ruvimbo). We took on the role of detectives and wrote about how we think the crash happened.


We have been learning how to live in a more sustainable way this week. We watched a video which taught us about current renewable energy sources in the world (Haris). Eray remembers that one current idea is to place solar panels on the moon as the moon can receive more sunlight, this energy could then be beamed down to Earth. However, scientists are still working hard to improve this idea.  We then designed our own renewable energy sources that would help the planet (Megan). We are going to build models of our ideas on Monday.

We learned all about the 3 R’s – they are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Hassan). We learned all about the impact waste has on the environment and how to reduce this. We looked at animations of the  earth which show how it is being damaged and discussed this. We then designed our own Earths, the pictures show how the earth is being damaged by humans (Ruvimbo).

In P.E we have been working on striking and fielding (Keira).

Lots of people from the class has a great time at the school disco, thank you to everyone that organised it!

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.



This week in P4/5EG

We have had an exciting week (Alexandra).


This week we have continued to work on converting between different units of measurement.  We finished our measurement quiz (Caleb). It was very competitive!

We also completed a measurement treasure hunt (Haris). We worked in teams to move around the room, find the hidden cards and solve the measurement problems on them (Jonathin). Some of the problems were tricky and had more than one part (Danny). Keira found this challenging but her team supported her. Haris found the cards quite hard, but he took his time to answer the cards to be successful. Eray found working with a team on numeracy difficult as sometimes they had different answers, they sought help from the teacher and his team worked together to come to the right answer.

We finished our math’s assessments this week (Jodie), everyone work very hard and should be very proud of themselves!


This week we wrote an imaginative story entitled ‘The Volcano’ (Hassan). We watched a video of a volcano eruption and lava moving to help improve the descriptions in our stories (Khloe). We included feelings in our story (Ruvimbo). We also include our senses in the stories, lots of people included what they could smell and that it felt very hot (Eray). Eray’s story was set in Edinburgh Castle, he found out that the volcano under Edinburgh castle last erupted over 340 million years ago… until his story.

Miss Gordon found it very hard to find wishes for our stories, as we all done an amazing job! (Haris).

As we have finished our novel ‘Gangsta Granny’ we wanted to summaries it (Erin). To help us with our summaries we created a ‘story hand’ (Erin). We drew around our hands and in each finger we drew information about a key event in the story (Caleb). Our ‘story hands’ then helped us to write a summary of the novel. We then swapped our summaries with another pupil and they gave us some feedback based on our success criteria (Emma).

We completed reading stations this week (Hassan). They are helping us with lots of our reading skills. One of our stations was reading with the teacher this week, we got new group reading books (Haris).


We have continued working on science this week (Keira). We done some more experiments (Kelsi). We tested 3 powders; flour, baking powder and icing sugar. We predicted how they would react with the water then we tested our theories.

We also investigated separation (Megan). We created our own sieves to separate a mixture of solids (Ruvimbo).

In P.E we continued to look at striking and fielding by playing rounders and bench ball (Eray).

Thank you for reading our blog, have a great weekend!

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a quiet week and have been working very hard (Brandyn).


We have been learning the 6 times table (Keira). We have been practicing it every day with Miss Gordon and a partner. Megan was finding this tricky on Monday, but is finding it easier now, she can now remember 6×6 easily!

We have continued our work on weight this week (Haris). We were learning all about estimation (Emma). We found two items in the classroom we estimated were the same weight (Megan). Then we used balance scales to check our estimations (Erin). We recorded our findings on a whiteboard (Sophie).


We wrote an imaginative story this week (Keira). Our story was about a character finding a secret passage way that took you somewhere else (Megan). Firstly, we discussed what would happen in our story with our shoulder partner (Sophie). Before we began to write what happens in our story, we had to describe the setting in detail (Hassan).

We also wrote a newspaper article this week (Haris). Our newspaper article was describing the events that happened in two exciting chapters of our class novel (Caleb). We had to include a name for our newspaper and a dramatic and eye catching headline (Keira and Emma).

We finished our class novel this week, Jaxon thought it was amazing. Kelsi thought our novel was sad and funny. We are looking forward to starting a new one.

Miss Gordon was very impressed with our setting descriptions we created during reading stations, they were very detailed.


This week we have been looking at food and sustainability. We created a food map which shows all of the places we eat and get food (Keira). However, nobody include the places their food actually comes from (Emma). We watched a video which taught us about where some foods come from and food miles (Jaxon). Jaxon remembers that food miles are how far the food has travelled to get to you.

We have also been learning how to conduct a fair experiment (Jaxon). We were investigating dissolving, by dissolving sugar. We also tested how many spoonful’s of sugar it took to make a cup of water insoluble (Hassan). Emma thought doing experiments were fun.

We have also been focusing on the 6 steps to wash our hands effectively (Emma). We are very good at it now!

P4/5 and Miss Gordon.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a quick week (Aaron).


To increase our knowledge of our timetables, we completed numeracy rotations this morning (Alexandra). Each station had a different game to help us with our timetables.  Erin remembers that 1 station was using the ipad to play ‘Hit the Button’.

We continued our work on fractions this week, and worked on equivalent fractions (Haris). We also learned about placing fractions on a number line (Keira). Ruvimbo remembers that we learned how to convert a fraction into a decimal number.

We also investigated different units of measurement (Danny). We used balance scales to weight different items in the class (Jonathin).  We used grams to weigh a variety of items in the class, we recorded our answers in a table (Megan).


Our story this week was based on our class novel, Gangsta Granny(Kelsi). Our story was imaginative, we had to imagine that an adult in our lives had a secret life (Keira). Khloe, Keira and Megan remember that we were trying to include similes, Metaphors  and adverbs in our story. We also had to include feelings (Erin).

Today, we wrote a diary entry based on a part of our class novel (Danny). We wrote about the main characters nosy neighbor, Mr Parker.


This week we delivered our campaign speeches to the class (Brooke). We then went to the hall and voted for the candidate we thought would be best for the job (Emma). During assembly the election winners were announced (Keira).

We have been investigating the emergency services  this week, we were discussing prank calling and the consequences of it. We wanted to learn more about this so we emailed our local police as a class (Eray). The police replied and told us they would like to visit us teach us all about it, we are very excited!

When investigating our choices and  how we can keep ourselves safe, we read and discussed a variety of scenario cards and had to decide whether they were safe or not (Haris).


Pupils will bring blue snapshot jotters home with them, please feel free to look through them with your child and return them on Monday.

Thank you for reading our blog,

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a busy week (Lacie), and have enjoyed the warm weather!


This week we have continued learning about fractions, we have been learning about equivalent fractions. We completed worksheets to help us (Jodie).  We know that equivalent means equal to (Hassan). Sophie learned how to use the shading of shapes to help her find equivalent fractions. To find an equivalent fraction you need to multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number (Jaxon).

We have also been learning about weight (Erin). We were using a balance scale to weigh cereal (Haris).


We have continued our work on formal letters. We wrote letters to Kellogg’s cereal company (Brandyn). We were writing to them to ask them to improve the nutritional information they provide on their boxes (Eray).

We read the story of ‘ The boy who cried wolf’, we learned that the moral of the story is to not tell lies (Haris). After we had read the story we worked in groups to act out the story (Kelsi). We had to include the key events of the story (Ruvimbo).

We have been learning about metaphors (Hassan). Jaxon knows that a metaphor is directly comparing two things without using like or as. Some pupils found metaphors difficult so we are going to keep working on them next week.


We have continued our work on democracy (Keira). Eray knows that the European elections are next week. In class we wrote a campaign speech for the school group we want to run to be part of (Ruvimbo). Our speech had to include why we would be a good representative and why people should vote for us (Sophie). Eray remembers that we cannot bribe people to vote for us and we cannot make promises we can’t keep in our speech.

We have also been learning about Buddha (Brooke). Khloe remembers that Buddha means teacher. We learned the story of Buddha (Sophie). We then created our own Mandalas after learning that Buddhists believe that Mandalas symbolises the universe (Eray and Brooke). To create our Mandalas we drew a circle around a paper plate and cut it out (Haris). We then folded it into quarters and drew a design on 1 quarter (Aaron). To create a symmetrical Mandala we folded it over and rubbed the back with a spoon to transfer the pattern (Marcus).

Mrs Nun came to teach us music (Jaxon). We learned a new note this week (Danny).

Thank you for reading out blog, we hope you have a lovely weekend.

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a fast week (Sophie).


This week we began a new topic. To find out what group we are in, we done hinge questions (Jaxon). Our new topic is fractions, decimals and percentages (Erin).

We began by looking at halves, quarters and thirds of shapes (Jodie). We know how many parts of a shape you have to shade to make halves, quarters and thirds (Sophie).

Today, we learned that the top number on a fraction is the numerator and shows how many pieces you have and the bottom number on a fraction is called the denominator and it shows how many pieces there are altogether (Jaxon). Miss Gordon set us a challenge to remember what the numerator and the denominator are by Monday we can get a house point (Eray).

With this knowledge we moved onto finding a fraction of number (Haris). To find the fraction of a number you need to divide by the denominator to find a fraction of a number (Eray).


This week in writing we wrote a letter to Mr Gove (MP), to ask him to take some action against Global Warming (Kelsi).

We done reading stations (Keira). We have been focusing on punctuating sentences correctly. This week we started a new novel, its called Gangsta Granny (Haris). Megan is finding this novel really funny. Ruvimbo is finding the novel exciting and she really wants to see what happens next.


We learned about Ramadan, we learned that it includes fasting for 30 days (Megan). After the fasting is finished the festival Eid begins (Megan). Ruvimbo remembers that for Eid families gather and have a celebration, with lots of food and presents.

We had another music session with Mrs Nun (Jaxon).

We also learned about Democracy this week (Haris). We watched a video which explained it and discussed it as a class. Democracy means ‘ruled by the people’ (Emma). It means that we get a say about whats happening in the country (Megan).

Thank you for reading our blog,

Miss Gordon and P4/5EG.


This week in P4/5EG

We have had a healthy week! (Eray).


We have been looking at stories with a moral this week. We wrote a story that included something getting stolen, but the thief returned the item (Danny).

We finished our class novel today, we are looking forward to start our new one (Brandyn).

This week we learned what an adverb is (Haris). An example of a sentence with an adverb is –  The class quietly tucked their chairs in (Haris).

We also done reading stations this week (Eray). One station was finding the adverb in sentences and writing our own sentences with adverbs in them, using the whiteboard (Emma). We also completed independent comprehension (Haris), we were answering inferential questions. We used the story teller dice to make sensible stories, we found this more difficult that writing silly stories.


We were looking at money this week in numeracy, we learned a lot about money through our healthy tuck shop (Eray). We were learning about how to calculate profit and how to give the correct change.

Using our knowledge of addition to help us, we were adding up different amounts of money (Jaxon). We calculated some money addition sums using chimney sums (Emma), we had to remember to keep the decimal point in the correct place.


We have been investigating our local area and comparing it to different places in the world. We compared a map of our local area to maps of Egypt and Hong Kong (Jaxon). Jonathin remembers the weather being different and that on our map there was no sand and lots of green. Emma remembers that there  is a lot more housing in other places.

During reading stations, we used Ipads to research places of interest in our local area, Clackmannanshire. Erin remembers that Gartmorn Dam is a place of interest where we live.

Thank you again to everyone that supported our healthy tuck shop this week, we really appreciate it.

Primary 4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a fun week (Jaxon).


We continued our work on multiplication and division, learning how to answer division questions using a written form (Kelsi).

Today, we finished off multiplication and division by completing hinge questions (Erin). Aaron found the hinge questions quite easy. Eray found some of the hinge questions difficult but he found some ok.

We have continued our work on symmetry, we used peg boards to create designs and used a mirror to check the lines of symmetry (Aaron).


We completed reading stations (Keira). We worked with Miss Gordon on a comprehension activity (Ruvimbo). We also played a past tense board game, when we finished the game we completed sentences using some of the past tense words (Eray).

We have began reading a poem every day in class from a book Miss Gordon has, we have been enjoying poems about bees this week (Brandyn).

We redrafted our story from last week, entitled ‘The Bookcase’ (Jonathin and Haris). We used the netbooks to redraft our stories (Emma). We redrafted our stories to make them our best work and add in things we have learned such similes (Emma and Eray). We also had to add more detail and feelings into our stories (Alexandra).


We learned about the water cycle this week. We watched videos and discussed the 4 stages of the water cycle (Brooke). We then completed a piece of drama which showed how the water cycle works (Brooke).

We are running an experiment about the first stage of the water cycle, evaporation. We have a bag of water on our classroom window, we are testing to see if the water level reduces (Hassan). We have already seen condensation in the bag!

We have began our plans for our healthy tuck shop. We decided on what fruits we will be selling and have made posters to advertise our tuck shop (Emma).

Next week we will be selling fruit in our classroom as part of our health and well being work. Any support for our business venture will be very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading our blog, P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a quick first week back!


In writing this week, we wrote an imaginative story entitled ‘The Bookcase’ (Keira). Our stories were about discovering a magical land at the other side of a bookcase (Sophie). Our stories had to include a beginning, middle and end (Ruvimbo).

During reading rotations this week, we had a 2 new stations. At one station we were learning about past tense words through playing a board game (Jaxon). At the second station, we had a variety of writing prompt cards that we used to help us write a short stories (Emma).


This week we learned a new skill, how to divide numbers using a written method (Erin). Kelsi found this strategy easier than dividing mentally. Danny found this strategy difficult to begin with but he was resilient and got the hang of it.

We have been looking at symmetry (Haris). We were counting lines of symmetry on a variety of symmetrical shapes.  We cut out our own shapes and folded them to show the lines of symmetry (Sophie).


Rory came in for his final session on Wednesday, P3LH came to our classroom to watch the showcase of our final performance (Kelsi and Brooke). We also went to watch P5AB’s final performance.  Sophie thought their performance was amazing.

We investigated water pollution (Kacyleigh). Caleb knows that water pollution kills a lot of fish. Oil spills can kill the animals in the sea and damage beaches (Alexandra). Ruvimbo remembers learning about a very dangerous oil spill in Hungary in 2010, lots of animals, including birds were hurt. We worked in a team and invented our own under water litter picker to stop water pollution, to showcase this, we created a poster (Brooke and Emma).

We also learned about the importance of water and how to treat it correctly and not waste it (Kelsi).

On Wednesday we worked with a music teacher, she taught us rhymes and how to keep in time to a rhythm (Megan).

We hope you have a lovely Easter weekend,

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.