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Primary 2/3EC Week beginning 14.12.20

This week we continued with our shared text ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’  This week we completed a sequencing task as well as a story hand where we had to identify the main characters in the story so far.

We redrafted our Santa Letter for our Christmas Writing which will be sent home before the holidays. We are very pleased with how our booklet is coming along.

“I enjoyed redrafting my Santa letter”   Malcolm 

“I really enjoyed doing my Christmas writing, it was lots of fun”    Melissa

At the beginning of the week we read the Nativity and then completed sequencing and reading task, this is also in our Christmas Writing booklet.

“ I loved sequencing the Nativity pictures”  Emily

In Numeracy on Wednesday and Friday we completed some Christmas Maths. We learned about co-ordinates and how to read these and then find them on a grid. We then completed some Christmas examples. We found a present and a Santa Claus.

“I chose the challenge sheet and it was a little hard. When I finished it I discovered the picture was Santa Claus”    Layla 

“I picked the challenge sheet, it was a little bit complicated”  Jacob 

“I chose both the easy and challenge sheet. I found them both easy!”    Becky

We also looked at symmetry this week and used a ruler as the line of symmetry and coloured cubes. We completed our own symmetrical patterns.

“It was easy for me, but it was cool because we got to make patterns” Erin

“The line down the middle was called the line of symmetry”   Hana

 On Tuesday we had our Christmas Party. We all had a ball. We played Musical chairs and bumps, Christmas Corners and Pass the parcel.

We did some dancing too and Miss Clarkson taught us Superman and the Cha Cha Slide.

To finish off our afternoon we sang a couple of Christmas songs.

“I won Musical Chairs, I got a prize. It was a selection box”    Celestan 

“I won Musical bumps and I got a bag of Haribos as a prize”    Isla 

“ I enjoyed taking part in my Christmas Party”   Harris

Week beginning 07.12.20

This week we have had a Christmas focus in P2/3EC. We started the week off with Mr Mathis filming us for the Christmas Film that we are doing this year instead of Coffee and Carols. Once all the classes have been filmed and the link has been put together it will be added to all Google Classrooms.

Literacy this week has been focused upon our Christmas Shared text “How Winston Delivered Christmas” At the start of the week we looked at the front cover and discussed what it reminded us of, was it something we had heard, seen or read before.

“ It reminded me of our Christmas Writing about Prince Albert and the Christmas Trees” Melissa

“It reminded me of the North Pole”  Erin

“ It reminds me of a Christmas movie”  Emily

“It reminds me of the film Elf”   Andrew

The we predicted what we thought would happen in the story. To do this we drew illustrations. All of our work is being collated into a floor book.

“ I think Christmas is going to be in trouble and Winston will have to save the day!”  Becky

“ I think Winston will wake up on Christmas Day and see Santa “   Malcolm

“ I think Winston will ride Santa’s sleigh”   Kyle

“ I think the mouse will go through a porthole and arrive at the North Pole and then Santa will give him presents”   Jacob

We covered a variety of different concepts in Maths/Numeracy this week.

Squares group continued to look at 3digit numbers HTU and Triangles revised and consolidated 2 digit numbers TU. We all used arrow cards to make 2 and 3 digit numbers and then showed our understanding by ordering these numbers.

All children are revising money to £1. We are able to layout and add coins up to £1.  We can use our knowledge of partitioning to help us layout and add up coins.

Next week we are going to extend our knowledge above £1, up to £5.

As part of our consolidation of our learning we have been playing new bingo games. We have new adding ones and place value ones.

“ I found the new bingo game easy”   Isla

“I found the bingo game a little hard” Melissa

“ I found the HTU bingo a little tricky too”   Marcus

Towards the end of the week we consolidated our mental calculations. We have been learning to hold a number in our head and either add on or take away a number. Partitioning also helped us with adding larger numbers. We used a solve and shade worksheet to show our progress.

We really enjoyed doing this and have asked Mrs Cuthbert for some Christmas ones.

“I loved doing this! At the end I saw that the picture was an ice-cream cone!”   Melissa

Art and Craft

This week we finished our Reindeer art work. We LOVE these. After adding the antlers and snow these look great, even Mrs Penman popped in to tell us how great they were! What do you think??

“I really enjoyed doing the snow!”   April

“ I loved it! I enjoyed making the reindeer”   Isla

“ I found it tricky to draw the antlers, but it has turned out good”   Celestan

“ I loved adding the snow at the end. It made it look like it was snowing in the picture”    Andrew

We also made a Winston Mouse finger puppet to go along with our Shared text. This was just for a bot of fun, but we think they look really cool.


Just a quick reminder that next Tuesday 15th December is our Christmas Party. Children can come to school already in their party clothes or they can bring them in a bag and get changed before the party.


Week Beginning 30.11.20

This week we have had a big focus on Christmas. We have been rehearsing our songs and poem for Sunnyside’s Spectacular and we are all ready for our performance next week.


This week in Literacy we have been focusing on the split digraph ‘a-e’. as in cake, bake, rake etc. We have been word building, playing bingo games, and using Play Phonics on the iPad to read and work out if the words were real or fake.

We have also looked at Fact or Opinion this week. We now know that ‘fact’ means something is true and ‘opinion’ is what someone thinks.

“Jesus is dead” is a fact Jacob

“Humans have a heart and lungs”  is a fact Isla

“Astronauts need to wear spacesuits” is a fact Malcolm

“Pencils can be any colour” is a fact Jacob

“Lava is very dangerous you can’t get too close” is a fact Marcus

“Some people like ham pizza and some people don’t” is an opinion Emily

“Ham pizza is better than sweetcorn pizza” is an opinion Leighton

“Real Madrid is the best team in the World” is an opinion Kristofer

Our reading has been focused on Christmas stories. The children have really enjoyed reading Mog stories. We watched Mog’s Christmas Calamity.

“Mog saved the house because she accidently phoned the fire brigade” Hana

“Mog also caused the calamity in the house” Kyle

“The elf inside the book made us do naughty things such as funny words and joke. What do elves do in the toilet? They do Jingle smells!” Erin

Class Talks –  We have had more class talks this week. Mrs Cuthbert is extremely impressed with the quality of work from the children.

“I think I did well, but I could have looked at the audience a bit more” April

“I think I did well with my talk. My talk was on lizards. I think I could have looked at the audience more too.”  Kristofer


This week in Numeracy we been working on money up to £1. Children are confident with counting coins to make an amount within £1. We have used Money bingo games and Money matching games to consolidate our learning. At the teaching station this week the children used a penny track to help with working out change from 20p.

This week we also revised and consolidated sequencing and ordering numerals.

P3’s have been looking at numbers to 1000 this week. We have used place value counters to build 3-digit numbers and to break up 3-digit numbers. We used our knowledge of partitioning to help with this. The follow up task to this was adding 2-digit number to a 2-digit number using place value counters.

P2’s have been revising and consolidating numbers to 100 using place value counters and a variety of games. We have also been adding a 1-digit number to a 2-digit number using the number in your head and counting on strategy.


We have been looking at different types of line and how these work together to create drawings.  This week we drew a reindeer. Before we drew this we looked at the different lines used to make the reindeer outline. We identified that the reindeer is made up of curved and straight lines.

“I found colouring in the body of the reindeer difficult because, I needed to lean heavily with the crayon. I enjoyed drawing my reindeer”  Celestan.

 “I loved drawing the reindeer it was so fun. “ Melissa

“I needed a couple of tries to get the outline of the reindeer just right.” Emily

P2/3EC week beginning 16.11.20

I cannot believe that is another week done in Primary 2/3E, it seems like we were just getting started.


New skills were learned this week in literacy. In writing we have started looking at writing reports. This is something that we will focus on for a few weeks.

To start us off we wrote a report on The Terracotta Army. Using our knowledge about the Terracotta Warriors we wrote an introduction and then expanded on our knowledge. We tried hard to recall facts and worked hard at writing things in a logical order.


Next week in our writing we are going to start our Christmas Writing, our report will be on Christmas Trees and looking at the history behind the Christmas tree.

Maths and Numeracy:

This week we revised weighing using non-standard units such as cubes and looked at the 1kg weight. We used vocabulary such as lighter/heavier than 1kg and estimated and then weighed various objects such as:

A bag of sugar, some rice, a bag of carrots, paint and potataoes.

“The potatoes were lighter than 1kg” Melissa

“The carrots were heavier than 1kg” Becky

“The rice and the sugar were exactly 1kg” Kendal

For money this week we worked hard on identifying specific coins that make specific amounts. For example-

30p: is made up of 20p and 10p   Leighton

40p: is made up of 20p and 20p   Layla

50p: you can use a 50p or 20p, 20p and 10p or 10p,10p,10p,10p and 10p   Harris


7p: is made up of 5p and 2p     April

8p: is made up of 5p 2p and 1p    Hana

9p: is made up of 5p 2p and 2p    Celestan


This week in our EmotionWorks programme we were revising the 5 cog model. The children are building on their knowledge of each cog, what the cog represents and how it can impact on them.

This week the children had to identify 3 things for each cog that related to them. Eg 3 emotions that they feel regularly, 3 triggers that cause an emotion, 3 emotional behaviours that they do, 3 regulation strategies that help them and 3 body sensations that they have encountered.

The children showed an excellent understanding of the 5 cogs and were able to link their own lives to the 5 cog model.

Have a look at some of our work. Mrs Cuthbert was very impressed with our work.

Primary 2/3EC week beginning 09.11.20


This week in Literacy we have been focusing on the vowel digraph ‘er’. We have built word lists, played board games, completed reading activities and did word building to help us with our learning.

This was our last week of focusing on Character descriptions. This week our shared text was

‘The Scarecrows Wedding’. We studied the main character Harry O’Hay and brainstormed as many adjectives as we could about him. We thought about his personality as well as what he did and what he looked like.

‘I wore blue dungarees with a red patch’ Kristofer

‘He wore an old black hat with a red band and a red and white spotty neckerchief’ Leighton

‘He had one black glove’ Isla

‘He has scruffy golden hair’ Jacob



Our Ancient China topic continues. This week we learned about the Terracotta Army. We watched a couple of short clips and we read a short book about them too. We found out the following:

‘The Terracotta Army were found by farmers digging a well underground’ Kendal

‘The farmers found the pits 46 years ago’ Celestan

‘The Terracotta Warriors were found in pits.’ Kendal

‘Weapons, horses, chariots and animals were also found with the Warriors’  Malcolm

‘There were over 8000 Terracotta figures found in the pits’ Kyle

‘It took over 40 years to build the Terracotta Warriors’ Andrew

“Some of the Terracotta Army did not survive, they got crushed because the roof of the pit fell it” Fraser

“Legend says that there is a river of mercury near the Temple of the Emperor” Fraser

The children worked together to write down 5 amazing facts about what they had learned. Next week we are going to use this knowledge to help us write a report about the Terracotta Army.


This week in Numeracy we revised money up to 20p. We linked this learning with the Place Value and Partitioning work that we have be doing in class. Mrs Cuthbert was very impressed with our knowledge so far. We will very quickly move on to money up to 50p.

Counting in 10s has also helped us with our money work this week and we have been adding 2digit 10s numbers.

Numeracy rotations have been a favourite this week with bingo games, ipad, doubles and halves working as well as our Place Value games.

We have been consolidating 2D shape with Mrs Jacobs and doing a little bit of tiling. We have been working hard to recognise pentagons, hexagons and octagons.

HWB: EmotionWorks

Over the last couple of weeks we have been revising and consolidating the 5 cog model. We have been trying to become more familiar with what each cog represents and what they mean. We completed a task where we had lots of different pictures we had to sort these into the

Primary 2/3EC Week Beg 02.11.20

Hi Everyone! Another busy week in our class. We have covered lots of different things. Here is a little snippet of what we have been doing

IDL: Ancient China

In our topic this week we have been looking at Chinese Culture and inparticular Chinese Vases. We listened to a story which told us that Chinese Pottery was decorated with images that told a story. We also learned that blue and white were popular colours for pottery. after listening to the story we then created our own Chinese Inspired Vases. We looked at images that were popular with these vases. After designing the vases, we then used paint to make twigs, we added pick toned tissue paper for the cherry blossom. we were all very proud of our art work and these all look great up on the wall for everyone to see.


This week was a consolidation week for phonics. We were revising ‘oi’ ‘ue’ and ‘ou’ We used different activities and games to do this-

“I liked playing the bingo game” Layla

” I found the word reader, word maker game fun!” Kendal

” I liked the Dragon’s den game on the ipads. I got 10/10 for my score!” Melissa

In writing this week we used our knowledge and skills from last week’s Halloween writing to write another character description this time on ‘George, The Smartest Giant in Town’

“I loved doing my writing this week. I wrote lots and it was really fun!”

“I tried to use a connective in my writing this week I used ‘and'”

In our writing we tried hard to use adjectives to describe George.

“George was very handsome!”

“George was very generous because he gave the animals all of his clothes. The animals said he was the Kindest Giant in town”

Our comprehension work focused around our Instructional text (reading book). Mrs Cuthbert is very pleased with how everyone is getting on.

“We have to fill in the missing words”

” We have to find the true and false sentences”

” I like finding the words in the word search”



In Numeracy we have been revising concepts such as  identifying 10 more/less than a number, we have consolidated 1/2s and 1/4s of an amount and have also been looking at 2D shapes with Mrs Jacobs.

We are becoming much more confident with our halves and doubles and have been using different games and activities to do this.

Next week in Maths we are going to be looking at money.

Primary 2/3EC Week beginning 26.10.20

What a super first week back we have had. All children in P2/3 have come back enthusiastic and eager.


In literacy this week we have continued to revise and consolidate all our digraphs to date. We learned a new digraph ‘ue’ as in blue. Throughout the week we have played word reader/maker games to help with our spelling and reading of ‘ue’ words, we have played a bingo games, revised Nouns and have looked at character descriptions. We have completed comprehension tasks based around our reading books and have completed sequencing tasks.

I writing this week we used Halloween characters as stimuli to then write a character description for them. Mrs Cuthbert was very impressed with our writing.



Throughout this week we covered different concepts in maths. We looked at 10 more/less than a given number as well as 1 more/lesss. We revised halves and looked at quarters: identifying a quarter, colouring in a quarter and calculating a quarter of an amount using manipulatives.



Primary 2/3EC had an awesome Friday at school. It was great seeing everyone all dressed up and the children took delight in commenting on the different costumes in their class. As well as the dressing up competition we participated with some Halloween mindfulness colouring and in the afternoon we made some Halloween crafts.

Primary 2/3EC week beg 28.09.20

Another busy week at Sunnyside. This week has been Maths Week Scotland, we have continued with our Ancient China IDL, and have continued to embed French into our daily routines.

One of our MathsWeek Scot activities:


During rotations this week P3s revised and consolidated adding and subtracting in 10s. We used a train concept to help us do this as well as visualising the 100 square.

We are becoming much more confident with Place Value and have consolidated our learning through games, activities and manipulatives.

“I like using the ipads to help me with my learning and teaching” Harris

Another calculation that we have been focusing on has been division. We are more confident at identifying the number of objects needed and how many groups to split them into. Primary 3s were introduced to the division symbol ➗ and were using manipulatives to support them in calculating the number sentence.

“I can identify the number of objects we need to get from the problem and then I can share them into the groups” Erin

“The division symbol is like a subtraction sign but it has a dot above and a dot below”  Kyle

In Literacy this week as well as learning a new digraph ‘ou’ we did some imaginative writing. We read the book ‘The pirates who lived next door’ at the end of the story Jim Lad said he would come and collect Tilda on Tuesday for an adventure. We wrote a story about what they might have got up to.

” I thought very hard about my capital letters and full stops as well as what happened in my story. I really enjoyed writing it and I did well!” Melissa

We tried to use all our grammar knowledge and phonics rules to write accurate sentences.

“Our success criteria was to us capital letters and full stops in our writing” Malcolm


We had another exciting China lesson this week. We learned about Dynasties and the first Chinese Emperor.

First we located China on a map.

King Ying Zheng was 13 when he came to power and he wanted a new China. At the time China was spilt into 7 states. The king wanted a United China with 1 set of rules, 1 language and 1 currency. It took him 25 years to achieve this. All of the 7 states has been fighting with each other for over 200 years.

We completed a reading for information task during class. We loved drawing the pictures of Ying Zheng.

Week beg 14.09.20 Primary 2/3EC


This week has been very busy with lots of different learning experiences. The children are working exceptionally hard and I am really proud of their progress.


This week we had a grammar focus on Upper and Lowercase letters. The children were able to link this learning to The Nouns work that Mrs Jacobs has been doing with our class on a Thursday. They were able to make the link that some uppercase case words were Proper Nouns eg  Erskine Street, Cyprus etc

The children then worked in pairs to match upper and lower case letters.

‘We learned about Upper and lowercase letters in the alphabet. It was good fun. We had to match the upper case letter with the lower case letter’    Isla

Primary 2/3 were also very impressed with their Wisper Reading this week. We did one session outside as part of Clackmannanshire’s big outside read.

‘We took part in Whisper reading- it was amazing. We also did this outside as part of the BIG read outside  Melissa and Erin



In  numeracy we have been revising sharing/dividing. We have been using practical materials to help us do this. We are able to collate the correct number of item and then identify and share the objects equally.

‘I have really enjoyed maths this week, it was really fun!’ Fraser

With Mrs Jacobs we have been revising basic 2D shapes. We did lots of different activities and games to show our prior knowledge.


We are very excited about our China topic and this week we looked at Chinese writing. We learned that Chinese writing is called Hanzi

‘I loved doing Chinese names!’ Melissa

‘We wrote our own names in Chinese and it was really fun! We got to do this ourselves’ Erin

Think you will agree that our writing looks fab!!!