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This week in P3/4M

Literacy – This week we have really enjoyed using the netbooks for our writing. We found this was very useful and we are excited to use them again to help us for writing!

Numeracy – This week we have been learning how to gather data using tally marks. We had a google meet with P3A so that we could ask them questions, and tally the responses. This was a fun way to practise our new skill!

P.E. – This week we have been practising gymnastics. This has been so much fun and are really looking forward to next week!

This week in P3/4M

Literacy – This week in literacy we continued focusing on retelling a story. We watched a video and used a comic strip with pictures form the video to help us plan. Then, we wrote some great writing pieces.

Numeracy – This week we were continued to revise place value with some Christmas themed activities.  We particularly enjoyed the cutting and sticking Christmas jigsaw task!

This week we also had our Christmas party!! We had so much fun dancing and playing all the games!

This is the last class blog of the year, so I hope that everybody has a lovely Christmas break and a happy new year!

This week in P3/4M

Literacy – This week we based our writing on watching the advert “Mog’s Calamity”. We watched the video a few times and used a story board to help us plan retelling the story.  After, we used our plan to tell the reader the different events that happened.

Numeracy – This week we did some numeracy rotations based on number sequences. We really enjoyed the range of activities which included a card game, an iPad game, and filling in the gaps of the sequences.

IDL – This week we worked on our group working skills. Each group picked a country to research about how Christmas is celebrated there. We were able to work well in our groups and find out some really interesting facts!

This week in P3/4M

Literacy – This week in literacy we created a writing piece about the monster characters we invented. We used story boards to help us plan them. This was a lot of fun!

Numeracy – We have been working on our addition skills. We did this through using partitioning. We used our whiteboards to help us practise, along with lots of Dienes blocks to help with adding bigger numbers.

Art – We created reindeer with paper plates this week. We used our hand outline to create the antlers. We really loved this and they look very cool!

This week in P3/4M

Numeracy – This week we really enjoyed our numeracy stations with Miss Belford. We had lots of fun with the different activities!

Literacy – Since this week was Book Week, we took part in a book swap reading event with P4Y. We really enjoyed being able to read together and discuss our books!

IDL – Again, as part of Book Week, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar in French (La Chenille qui fait des trous). We created some really cool art pieces of the Hungry Caterpillar which allowed us to practice our French!

This week in P3/4M

Since it has been Halloween we have been doing a lot of work with a Halloween theme!

Literacy – We wrote some spooky stories in writing this week. We focused on adjectives and how we can make our writing more exciting by using them.

Maths – This week we really enjoyed looking at coordinates with Miss Belford and learning about our 5 times tables. We were looking at different ways to draw out our times tables to help us understand them better. We found this very useful!

IDL – In PE we have started practising tennis skills with Miss Clarkson, this has been a lot of fun!

We also really enjoyed the bats we created in art. They look really cool!

Have a good Halloween everybody!

This week in P3/4M

We have had a lovely first week back at school!

Literacy – This week in literacy we have been looking at the short “i” sound. We have worked on various activities based on this, including searching for words in our reading books with the sound.

Numeracy – This week we have been working with length and using rulers. We really enjoyed our classroom scavenger hunt where we measured different items in the classroom.

IDL – In art we created some spooky Halloween artwork. We really enjoyed this and loved adding our own twists to our paintings. With Miss Belford we have also been creating pumpkins in art.

– We also really loved playing the sweetie game in P.E. with Miss              Clarkson.


This week in P3/4M

We have had a lovely last week of term in P3/4M!

Numeracy – We were learning about weight this week in numeracy. We loved the cutting and sticking activities and using the scales and balances.

Literacy – This week we were writing about our first term of P3/4M. We loved discussing about our favourite moments this term. We also wrote about what we would like to do next term.

IDL – For art this week we created sunset paintings. We had so much fun painting and using our blending skills to create a realistic sunset.

This week in P3/4

Literacy – This week we really enjoyed our writing task. Miss Mackay gave us a starter sentence and a picture to help us with our imagination. We had a lot of fun thinking of the different story lines we could create!

Numeracy – We were looking at using litres and millilitres this week in numeracy. We loved being able to use our estimating skills from last week to guess whether different items held more or less than a litre.

P.E. – This week we continued working on our basketball skills. We had a basketball tournament which was a lot of fun! We worked really well in our teams!

This week in P3/4M

Maths – This week in maths we looked at rounding and estimation. We really enjoyed estimating, especially the magical estimation class activity!

Literacy – We loved our reading group work this week. We read in pairs and helped each other out!

IDL – This week we had a really good discussion about climate change and how we can do our bit to help the planet. We had lots of questions for Miss Mackay and found this really interesting.