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This week in P.7S….

Hello from P.7S,

This week in maths we have been learning about simplifying and identify equivalent fractions (Thomas). We did lots of different activities, for examples textbook work, ipad games (Liam), board game (Lilli), and working with the teacher. “I enjoy learning through games on the ipad and board games because it is fun and it doesn’t feel like I’m learning” (Lilli).

This week in literacy we learned about figurative language, we focused on Personification (Anika). For examples “The leaves danced in the wind” (Zak). This is when you use human traits to describe something that is not human (Zak).

This week in writing we were learning to write imaginative (Micheal). We used a picture to help focus our ideas. To plan this week we used picture planning where we had to draw the character and setting (Anika). “I like picture planning because I find it easier to visualise my character and it helps me to give more detail in my actual writing” (Sean).

We have been learning about the Scottish Culture (Kayley). This week we learned about different folklore, We focused on the story of the Kelpie (Kayley). While the teacher was reading the story we made a story map to help us retell the folklore to our friends. (Abbey).

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This week in P.7S…

Hello and welcome to our class blog,

This week in maths we have been learning about number sequences and patterns (Kayley). More specifically, we have been learning about square numbers, triangular numbers, prime numbers and Fibonacci patterns (Alexandria/Marilena).  A Fibonacci pattern is when you add the two previous numbers (term 1 and 2) to get the next number (term 3) in the sequence (Sean).

This week in writing we have been learning to write imaginatively (Abbey). We have been using a picture as a stimulus (Abbey). To be successful in writing we had to use proper punctuation in the correct places,  paragraphing and include figurative language as an extra challenge (Alexandria).

We have been learning about different types of figurative language (Marilena). This week we have been learning about alliteration (Zak). Alliteration is when you use words which start with the same letter or sound, for example “Bobby’s Burgers are the Best” (Thomas).

This week in P.E we have been learning to land on our feet in gymnastics (Liam). We used spring boards, ropes, mats, and volt safely (Micheal).

This week in IDL we have been learning about the Scottish culture. We created a tartan (Declan) and did a drawing of Robert Burns (Liam).  We also learned about Scots language and looked at different Scots poems.

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This Week in P.7S….

Hello and Welcome to our Blog!

We had our Christmas Party six until 8 on Wednesday night. We all really enjoyed it; especially the Scottish Dances and the chances to win prizes.

We also went along to see the P.1 Nativity performance and cheer our buddies on. We thought they were fantastic singers and performers!


We have been learning about the order of operations (Alexandria). We know that to help us we can use the term BODMAS;

B is for brackets (Anika),

O is for orders (Nate),

D is for division (Ciaran),

M is for multiplication (Liam),

A is for Addition (Kaleb),

S is for subtraction (Abbey).



We have been learning to identify and use figurative language. We learned about metaphors this week (Ciaran).

We also learned to apply our knowledge of spelling rules and patterns. This week we did a spelling test (Marilena) based on our spelling rules we have learned over the term.


Inter-Disciplinary Learning:

We have been learning to create an enterprise (David). This enterprise is for the school German Christmas Fayre which will be held on Monday. All the classes will have a chance to try out our stalls for a chance to win a prize (Declan).  In groups, we have created a task for our stall (Kaleb), made posters to invite people to come and play our games and gathered all the resources (Kayley). Some examples of our stalls are:

Abbeys enter prize is throwing balls threw holes (abbey)

Declan’s group are running a ping foosball using the German number system to record the scores and the team colours will be in German.

Maja’s group have a German Christmas Card making craft.

We also have stewards who will be making sure everyone is making safe choices (Jackson).


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This week in P7S…

Hello and welcome to our blog,

This week has been a very busy week!

In maths, we have been learning to measures and draw angles (Erin). We learned this during rotations where we used the textbooks, board games and working with the teacher (Abbey). We were also learning about BODMAS (Nate). This is how to complete a question with more than one operation. We know that we must do any questions in brackets first, second we then do any order and then multiplication and division and finally addition and subtraction.

In literacy we were learning to re-draft and edit our letter to Stuart Reid (Michael). We know to be successful we had to add the address to the right hand side corner (Lilli), include the long date, suitable greeting, our letter details and a good ending (Zak). We also learned to read for sense and use a Thesaurus.

This week for IDL, we have been working on our Enterprise topic. This week we created an advert for our product and a presentation to convince the class to select our Enterprise for the school Christmas Fayre (Erin). We also completed a risk assessment, thinking about what may happen and how we can reduce the chance of it happening (Michael).

In Buddy time we were singing songs for our buddies performance on Thursday and going over their lines to make them remember. “I liked it because my buddy was trying to make me remember her lines” (Anika).

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Primary 7S

This week in Primary 7S

Hello and welcome to P7S’s Class Blog,

Let’s take you on a tour of our learning….

Maths –

This week in maths we learned how to use the grid method to mentally multiply (Marilena). We used it to multiply 2 digit numbers together (Anika). This week we made posters to show our skills and help other people understand the grid method; it was fun (Lilli). Colton said “I really enjoyed the grid method because it helps with multiplying bigger numbers. Although it took a little while to understand it but then I eventually got it!” We also played board games in maths this week to practice our new skills and we found this really fun. I know I was successful in this learning because I was able to use the grid method to multiply big numbers (Marilena).



Literacy          –

This week in literacy we have been learning about a new type of figurative language – onomatopoeia (Nate). We wrote a poem about storm Arwen using lots of different onomatopoeic words (Nate).

In literacy we have started to make a book for our wee buddy`s to take home (Declan). I liked making books for my little buddy on story jumper because it was fun and I think the little buddies will like them (Thomas).

We were learning to use spelling rules and patterns (Declan). We used these patterns while doing  spelling challenges. This helps to me remember the new rule better (Thomas).

This week we also started new reading books, Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief for example (Nate).




This week in IDL we have being learning about enterprise more specifically about the importance of creating a business (Abbey). This week we got into groups and came up with a suitable idea for our Christmas German Fayre. We have been using our team work skills to make an idea for our own stalls and created an advert to convince others our idea is suitable. The activities we have been doing were making films, PowerPoints and poster in a group of 3 or 4 (Abbey). I really enjoyed the enterprise activity because I enjoyed working as a team (Colton) and making a video (Anika). I know I was successful in my learning because I was able to work in a team, listening to other people’s ideas and contributing to discussions (Abbey).


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Primary 7S!

This week in Primary 6/7…

Hi everybody, we had quite a fun and busy week back.

Monday: On Monday we had P.E. In P.E. We were playing tennis. In our class we had Mrs-Divine-Watt. In maths we did mental maths questions, it was hard be we all through it in the end. We read our class novel called “The Explorer” and we took turns reading pages.  People found it really interesting. We did a Halloween quiz and found the answer. It was confusing at first but it got easier as we got it in the end! We had some of our classmates’ old teacher.


Tuesday: We did literacy reading for about 10 minutes and we enjoyed it. We had a break, after we had numeracy a.k.a mental maths we did a maths Halloween mosaic turns out it was a haunted mansion. We also did a job on amazon animals and made posters about them. The animals were sloths,snakes,birds,frogs and jaguar!  


Wednesday: On Wednesday morning we did some mental maths, usually we have adding questions and multiplying . After break we had our class novel. Our class novel is called “The Explorer” . I really enjoyed it because I got to read aloud to the class (Tyler).

Then later in the day we headed down stairs to our buddies class we watched a video called the day the colours mixed it was about the primary colours. Red was very angry, blue was too cool and yellow was bright. They ended up in an argument so they painted over their building with  blue, yellow, red but two fell in love and made new colours. 


Thursday : On Thursday we did literacy in the morning with Miss Gillon, and then we went to P.E. In P.E. We played a game where we had a cone and we would throw a ball to our partner who would catch it in their cone. After break we did mental maths, practised partitioning and then we had lunch. After lunch we did art using oil pastels. Our artwork was based on Lois Jones to recognise Black history Month.


Today we did maths rotations, with board games and iPad. We also looked at french fruits and vegetables in French and we did our weekly round up quiz.   


Highlights of the week

Pe – Innes, Callum  getting a storybook- Murray

Primary 6/7 Blog – Week beginning 4th of October

Welcome to P6/7’s Class Blog.


This week we had a class discussion and Katherine and Rebekah kindly summarised our thoughts.


Monday: On Monday we had p.e. with our p.e teacher Miss Clarkson. In p.e we played football. We got to choose between rugby and football and most of us chose football. In maths we did murder mystery problem solving. It was so fun!!

Tuesday: On Tuesday we had Miss Belford again. In maths we finished the murder mystery problem solving.


Wednesday: On Wednesday we learned about black history month with Miss Gillon and watched some videos about Mary Seacole then we drew and wrote a timeline about her.


Thursday: On Thursdays we had Miss Jacobs. We created illusion artwork using line and colour.


Friday: On Friday, we went to see our buddies for golden time and we did some art which was watercolour painting or drawing and colouring picture. 

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This week in P7AG..

Welcome to our blog!

Trip to the Science Centre

This week we went on a trip to the Science Centre in Glasgow. During our visit we went to see a show called Future Fuels (Charlie M) and learned about how gas can be used instead of fossil fuels (Beth). “I enjoyed the trip because we got to see lots of different things and experiments” (Emma). “I really enjoyed the optical illusions part” (Andrew K). I enjoyed learning new things at the science centre, for example different types of gas and how they are used (Mia). “I really enjoyed the show” (Hala).


This week we have been learning to collect, organise and display data (Hayley/Charlie B). We created frequency tables (Summer) and collected data using tally marks. We also represented the data in a bar chart using an appropriate scale (Charlie B).


This week in writing we continued to write imaginatively (Ross). We focused on finishing our stories about the magical room we created for the Nowhere Emporium (Bronik).

This week in grammar we have been learning to identify different types of nouns (Leah). We focused on countable and uncountable nouns (Leah). We know that countable nouns include: egg, apple and orange (Ross, Hayley and Andrew). We know that unaccountable nouns include:  jam, bread, and sugar (Charlie M).


This week in IDL we have been learning to carry out experiments safely (Alicia). This week we also created different models to monitor and record the weather, for example we made a barometer and an anemometer (Andrew T).

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Primary 7AG and Miss Gillon

This week in P7AG…

Welcome to our Blog!


This week we have been investigating 3D shapes and objects (Summer).

Neptune group – We identified the properties of 3D shapes, for example the number of vertices, edges, faces (Liam). We have also been learning to create nets for 3D shapes (Ross). Today, we were learning to draw 3D shapes and we even had a go at representing the sides you can’t see with dashed lines (Summer). We also practiced calculating the area of a cuboid and a triangular prism (Cameron).

Jupiter – This week we used precise measurements to make nets.  “To be successful I know I had to measure each side accurately before using a ruler to draw these” (Aaron).  We then cut our nets out and made the 3D shape (Andrew K). We also learned how to  calculate the area of a 3D shape (Alicia) – when each surface area was detailed in a drawing. To do this we added together the area of each face to find the answer (Bronik) or multiplied (Leah).

Venus – We have been learning to name 3D shapes. We have been identifying how many vertices, faces and edges a shape has (Corey). “I enjoyed the matching game when I was matching the name of the shape, with the picture and its net” (Hayley).



We have been learning to write imaginatively. This week our writing was based on the book the Nowhere Emporium (Hayley). The Nowhere Emporium has rooms created by magic (Mia). These rooms include a snow globe room, and a space room. “When the people go in they feel like they are there” (Alicia). We then designed our own rooms, by creating a plan before using this to help write our story.

  • “My room was a Candy Land, where everything was made of sweets, not chocolate” (Leah).
  • “My room took me to a race track with go karts and as soon as you enter the room, you end up in the race” (Andrew T).
  • “My room is a gaming room with lots of different game consoles and every game you can imagine” (Aaron).

We have been learning to answer questions related to the text the Nowhere Emporium (Dylan). We are beginning to develop our wondering skills whilst being read to.

We gave been learning to to find and select important information (Dylan). Our new IDL topic of Climate Change, and we have been reading factual reports . This week we used a weather climate change report and were answering questions about the impact of the climate change on the weather.


We have been investigating climate change and the impact these changes have on our weather systems (Addison). We carried out an experiment this week about the water cycle (Corey). We first watched a video which described the steps of the water cycle (Charlie B). The first part of the water cycle is when the heat from the sun warms up the water and it turns to gas (Bronik). This is called evaporation (Corey). Then the water gas gets colder it turns back into water again, this process is called condensation (Allana). Then water falls from the sky, as either snow, rain, hail or sleet (Charlie B). This is called precipitation (Cameron). The water is collected by the sea and rivers and then the cycle starts all over again. Then we created a mini water cycle inside a plastic food bag. These are on our windows and we will check these next week.

We have been decorating our door for World Book Day (Leah). We created designs for our door (Hayley) and voted for our favourite design. The winner was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (Corey). We used mixed media and worked collaboratively to create the book display. We created this with paint, card, pen, tin foil and tissue paper. Come along to our Sharing the Learning Meeting next week to see our wonderful display!

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Primary 7 and Miss Gillon.

This week in P7AG….

Literacy –

We have been learning to write imaginatively (Allana). We continued our 500 word challenge (Charlie M) and submitted these on Thursday. “You can win books if you are first, second or third” (Aaron and Alicia). We focused on editing and re-drafting our writing (Andrew T) to include more ambitious vocabulary by up-levelling and including figurative language (Allana).

We were also learning to find and select information from our class novel (Allana) called The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie (Corey).  It is an adventure, fantasy, and mystery book (Leah and Ross). In chapter 10, Daniel (the main character) went into a room and fell into space, where he was floating (Hayley). Daniel met Mr Silver’s Daughter and he learned that Ellie could not been seen by anyone outside for the emporium and was not magical (Alicia). We had to use inference, to help us to answer the questions (Addison). Inference is when something is implied by the words but not said (Charlie B).


Neptune Group – We have been learning to calculate percentages of an amount (Dylan). We first explored the link between fractions, percentages and decimals to help us. We know that:

  • 75% is the equivalent to the fraction 3 quarters (Ross). To work out 75% of 24 we first need to divide by 4 and then times our answer by three (Beth/Allana).
  • We know that 25% is the same as one quarter and can divide a number by 4 to work out the percentage of an amount (Charlie B).

Jupiter Group – We have been learning to explore the link between fractions, percentages and decimals (Aaron). To convert a decimal to a percentage we multiply the decimal by 100 (Ross). If the fraction is 50 over 100 then the fraction would be 50% which is the same as one half (Charlie M).

Venus Group – We used dienes materials to help calculate the fraction of a number (Hayley). To work out two thirds of 14 we split our counters into three groups first and add together the number of counters in 2 groups (Hayley).

Health and Wellbeing –

We learning about how babies are made, how they grow/develop and how they are born.

We have also been learning about contraception and the different types.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

P7AG and Miss Gillon