This week in P2/3W…

Literacy – This week in Literacy, we wrote imaginative stories about Ancient Egypt. We had to pretend we were standing in an Ancient Egyptian marketplace, and use between 3 and 4 of our senses to describe our surroundings. To achieve our success criteria, we also had to include a connective. Here is an example of one of our stories “I can smell animals. I can touch pyramids. I can see people eating fish and bread. I can hear waves crashing from the River Nile.”

Numeracy – In Numeracy, we have began exploring Division as well as recapping Multiplication. We have used arrays and equal groups as strategies to help us solve the sums. We used unifix cubes and whiteboards to support our learning. Could I practise the strategies at home with you?

PE – In PE, we have been learning some ceilidh dances. We have been practising the movements and have been getting familiar with the types of songs we will be dancing to at our Christmas party in a couple of weeks. Could I teach you some of the moves at home?