This Week in P2W

What’s gone well?

  • We are getting better at our multiplication skills. We are becoming more confident in creating equal groups and writing an addition and multiplication sentence for it.
  • We have also been introduced to  division, where we collected a certain amount of cubes and then shared it equally between a group.
  • We are doing lots of practice of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and we are getting more confident.
  • We enjoy our writing station where we get to create our own books, inspired by our favourite stories in class.
  • We got to create our own story about ‘the time we went back in time to Ancient Egypt’, where we worked in groups to draw our story ideas and act it out. We even had some people dressing up as mummies with toilet paper! Ask us about our amazing Egyptian adventures!
  • We celebrated St. Andrews Day by listening to the story about how Saint Andrew became our Patron Saint. We also made our own Scotland flags by using layering and sticking a range of blue materials.

What could we get better at?

  • We think we could try and get better at just giving it a go with writing and not worrying about spelling mistakes too much.

What do we want to do more of?

  • We would like to do some Christmas art/craft on the run up to Christmas.
  • We would like more opportunities to do ‘free writing’ where we create and write stories about whatever we like.

Star Moments

  • Creating Egyptian stories in groups and acting it out.
  • Learning about St. Andrews Day and creating a Scottish flag.