This week in P1D

Here are Primary 1’s thoughts on this week:


What’s gone well?

  • Learning the ‘h’ sound.
  • Drawing shapes in the environment e.g. the side of a swing is shaped like a triangle.
  • Blending sounds to make words.

What do we need to do better?

  • Reading our common words.
  • Labelling our pictures at the writing station.
  • Remembering our speaking parts for the Nativity.

What do we want to do more of?

  • Nativity practice.
  • Buddy time – we missed it due to the school closure.
  • Keep helping The Friendly Dragon to rebuild Fairyland.

Star moments

  • Christmas tree shape cutting skills activity.
  • Meeting with P1S to practice our Nativity speaking parts.
  • Learning big numbers e.g. 18.