This Week in P3A

Literacy- We were learning all about regular past tense verbs. We have been changing verbs into past tense verbs by following the rule we have learned.

This week our sound is a-e. We have been revising this sound and trying to sort out ‘ai’ ‘ay’ and ‘a-e’ words.

We have also been continuing to use adjectives and connectives. This have been making our writing more interesting and we will be working on this really hard up until the Christmas holidays.

Numeracy- This week we have been focusing on learning about symmetry. We know that to make something symmetrical it must be the same at both sides. We have been looking at creating our own symmetrical image and sharing it with our friends and finding symmetry in different shapes.

IDL- We have been learning all about the steps of mummification and have been creating our own Egyptian collars.

Miss Andrew and P3A