This week in P2/3W…

Literacy – This week in Literacy, we have been exploring the a_e sound. We have been practising our spelling, writing and reading of words with the a_e sound. We had a new rotation station this week which involved matching a range of long ‘a’ sounds to the correct area of the poster. We now know three of the long ‘a’ sounds! We then had to write a sentence using one of the words we matched on the poster. An example that we created today was
“The boat can sail on the water and float”. Could I give you some examples of words with the a_e sound at home?

Numeracy – In Numeracy we have been developing our knowledge of multiplication. We used think-boards at our teaching station to help us break down our multiplication sums which included equal groups, arrays and repeated addition. This was our first time doing multiplication, so we found it a bit tricky. However, we are looking forward to exploring this topic further next week. Could I help you sort the washing into groups at home and find the total number of clothing?

IDL – In IDL, we were investigating the use of canopic jars in Ancient Egypt. We completed a writing task to explain what each jar represents and which organ it protects. Why don’t you ask me how many canopic jars were used in Ancient Egypt?