This week in Primary 6/7…

Hi everybody, we had quite a fun and busy week back.

Monday: On Monday we had P.E. In P.E. We were playing tennis. In our class we had Mrs-Divine-Watt. In maths we did mental maths questions, it was hard be we all through it in the end. We read our class novel called “The Explorer” and we took turns reading pages.  People found it really interesting. We did a Halloween quiz and found the answer. It was confusing at first but it got easier as we got it in the end! We had some of our classmates’ old teacher.


Tuesday: We did literacy reading for about 10 minutes and we enjoyed it. We had a break, after we had numeracy a.k.a mental maths we did a maths Halloween mosaic turns out it was a haunted mansion. We also did a job on amazon animals and made posters about them. The animals were sloths,snakes,birds,frogs and jaguar!  


Wednesday: On Wednesday morning we did some mental maths, usually we have adding questions and multiplying . After break we had our class novel. Our class novel is called “The Explorer” . I really enjoyed it because I got to read aloud to the class (Tyler).

Then later in the day we headed down stairs to our buddies class we watched a video called the day the colours mixed it was about the primary colours. Red was very angry, blue was too cool and yellow was bright. They ended up in an argument so they painted over their building with  blue, yellow, red but two fell in love and made new colours. 


Thursday : On Thursday we did literacy in the morning with Miss Gillon, and then we went to P.E. In P.E. We played a game where we had a cone and we would throw a ball to our partner who would catch it in their cone. After break we did mental maths, practised partitioning and then we had lunch. After lunch we did art using oil pastels. Our artwork was based on Lois Jones to recognise Black history Month.


Today we did maths rotations, with board games and iPad. We also looked at french fruits and vegetables in French and we did our weekly round up quiz.   


Highlights of the week

Pe – Innes, Callum  getting a storybook- Murray