This Week in P2W

What’s gone well?

  • We enjoyed making our own storybooks as a part of our writing stations activities. We were inspired by books such as, ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and ‘Gorilla’ to help us make our own books. We also wrote about a time we felt happy.
  • We started our new topic, The Egyptians. We cannot wait to find out more about mummies and pyramids.
  • For art, we made Autumn trees using warm colours.


What do we need to get better at?

  • We all agree that we need to be quieter during our stations, so that everyone can work without distractions. We agreed that it was tricky to get settled in after the holidays!
  • We also want to get better at counting in tens, and trying to do it without any of the numbers in front of us. We found a song on Youtube that helps us practice. Ask your children to show you the counting in tens song, it is space themed!

What do we want to do more of?

  • We enjoy art and want to do more of it. For example, we want to do more painting, exploring materials, cutting etc.
  • We also want to do more of listening to other people’s views and opinions as ‘everyone has the right to be heard’ is one of the rights in our class charter.
  • More information about the Egyptians was also a popular suggestion.

Star Moments

  • We thought we did really well in our counting to 100. We took turns to play a game on the interactive whiteboard where we sequenced numbers forwards and backwards within 100. Google ‘caterpillar sequencing to 100’ and ask your children to show off their skills!
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our IDL stations where we learning to locate Egypt on a map. We explored atlases for the first time and also got a chance to look at the real Pyramids on Google Earth.
  • Some of our class got their Bronze certificate at assembly and it was a great time to celebrate their effort and hard work (MKD, TP, OG).