This week in P7S

This week in P7S we have had another busy and fast-paced week.

In Literacy

As a class we were focusing on the main character in our class novel The Explorer. We were learning to describe the main character. We also drew a picture and labelled what we thought the main character, Fred, would look like.

We also learned all about homophones and practised identifying their different meanings and spellings.

In Numeracy

The spicy group were learning to convert 24 hour time to 12 hour time and vice versa. We made mini clocks and that helped us to convert time. Some people liked doing the textbook work this week


We were practising our rugby skills. We were put in teams and played against each other to score in the hoop.

In Art

We were getting our Christmas card designs ready to send off. Some people enjoyed the diversity of the different designs we could choose.

We all loved this week’s Quiz of the Week.

(Our character descriptions of Fred).