This week in P2W


This week in literacy we learned the sound, ‘oa’. We used magnetic letters to blend sounds to make ‘oa’ words and also used our reading skills to match ‘oa’ words to corresponding pictures. Ask your children what ‘oa’ words they know! We also read the story, ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and built our comprehension skills by ordering the story’s sequence of events. We all loved the story and it reminded us of times we had been to the safari park and of our rainforest topic.


We learned how to tell the time using half past on an analogue and digital clock. We used playdough as part of an active maths station to form the clock hands and put them in the correct place. Maybe P2 can help you tell the time at home!

Health and Wellbeing

We looked at the SHANARRI indicator, ‘Active’. We explored why exercise is important and discussed the variety of things that we do to keep ourselves active and healthy.


Carrying on with our rainforest topic, we constructed our own food chains. We used living things from the rainforest such as, fruits, macaws, jaguars, sloths and snakes to create our food chain and learnt big words (producer, consumer, predator and prey) which helped us explain our creations.