This week in P2/3W…

Literacy – Last week in writing we wrote a short story about an airplane unexpectedly crashing in the rainforest. This week, we have developed our stories further by writing about what happened next. Some of us were able to find help, source food and shelter,  but for others, it took years to find any help! Why don’t you ask me about my rainforest journey?

Numeracy – This week, we have been focusing on the topic of Measurement. We have used a variety of materials ranging from metre sticks, measuring tapes, rulers and cubes to estimate and measure the length and area of a given shape. Find me an object at home and I’ll help you estimate and measure it!

IDL – IDL this week involved making fact-files for animals that live in the rainforest. We worked in pairs to draw pictures of our animals, their diets, and their habitats. We P3’s even wrote an interesting fact and some details about our animals appearance! Ask me some questions about which animal I chose to complete my fact-file on.