This week in P1D

Here are Primary 1’s thoughts on the fantastic week we have been having:


What’s gone well?

  • We learned what syllables are and got to jump along the ladder to work out how many syllables there were in different words.
  • Recognising how many dots there are on dice patterns.
  • Playing the Bertha’s Bus alliteration game.

What do we need to do better?

  • Writing our numbers.
  • Showing good listening.
  • Colouring in pictures and staying in the lines.

What do we want to do more of?

  • Playing with the Numicon shapes.
  • Making things.
  • Spending time with our buddies.

Star moments

  • Buddy time – learning how to play pairs.
  • Visiting the library to change our books.
  • Making our Jonah and the Whale craft.